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KOI SHOW: Education wrapped in camaraderie inside a competition

KOI: Hooked on the Wonder

KOI: A glimpse into Japanese culture

KOI HEALTH: Learn responsible husbandry practices and best treatment options

NISHIKIGOI: Our precious Living Jewels

CLUB OUTREACH: Educate the public, recruit new members and HAVE FUN doing it


  • Location for the KHA Class of 2017

    2020 AKCA Business Meeting, Banquet and Wet Lab – click to read more

      AKCA Wet Lab Seminar & Banquet Fees  ” You will be able to adjust the quantity in your Cart “ Lab KHAs/KHA Students No Charge TKFGFS Members  $25 AKCA Members  $35 General Public $50...
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  • AKCA Membership


    By publishing this Club Kit, the Associated Koi Clubs of America is attempting to provide some basic information for the new koi club in order to aid them in getting...
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  • by-laws


    BY-LAWS of the ASSOCIATED KOI CLUBS OF AMERICAThe purpose of the corporation is: To promote, create and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating and exhibiting Koi; to disseminate...
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  • Finance


    AKCA Financial Committee Policies May 2012 Fin 1 - The AKCA CFO is authorized to open bank accounts and to manage all funds for AKCA. The...
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  • liability-insurance

    Insurance/Risk Management

    Included with your club’s AKCA annual dues of $150.00 is automatic basic Liability Insurance which now covers all clubs in the US and Puerto Rico. It covers all member...
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  • KHA Program (Koi Health)

    KHA Program (Koi Health)

    The Koi Health Adviser program is a hobbyist to hobbyist support group. It puts more experienced Koi keepers in touch with those learning about the hobby....
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  • Project KHV

    Project KHV

    New AKCA Project KHV Chair Announced:  Jack is a retired Navy Captain Medical Service Corp Officer with 42 years of service.  Jack has been involved with fish since a small...
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  • Seminar Program - Koi of the Year

    Seminar Program – Koi of the Year

    The Koi of the Year contest was created by the AKCA for individual AKCA Member clubs to honor their best koi. This entry should be a koi determined by the...
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