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Kokugyo Volume, 3 SKU 10303 SKU10303 $275.00

KOKUGYO 3 – Learn the finer points of evaluating koi when buying for yourself, selling to your customers, or judging a competition. This is a big book (over 350 pages) chock-full of gorgeous koi images and info. It’s sure to be a mainstay in your koi library.

by Mamoru Kodama

Koishi-by-Mamoru-Kodama book sale SKU10302 $59.95

Koishi is written in an interview style by Mr. Kodama. Kodama personally visited each of these breeders in Niigata, Japan over a period of 20 years to gather this information. The topics covered in each interview include:

  • History of each Koi farm
  • Breeder’s policies
  • Breeders’ methods and practices
  • Size of operations
  • Best time to visit them
  • The most important points to remember when you purchase their Koi
  • Description of the breeders’ koi

pond builders special SKU1003 $30.00

POND BUILDERS SPECIAL -Nutrition Guide (1051), Pond Construction Guide (1052), Filters Guide (1053), Basic Koi Ponds Filters & Water Quality (10123), Judging and Buying Koi Guide (10191). (please note the image does not reflect the items listed in the special)

nutrition guide

SKU1051 $3.00
AKCA GUIDE TO KOI NUTRITION – Published by The Associated Koi Clubs of America

pond construction guide

SKU1052 $10.00
AKCA GUIDE TO POND CONSTRUCTION – Published by The Associated Koi Clubs of America

Guide to Pre - Filters and Filters

SKU1053 $10.00

GUIDE TO PRE-FILTERS AND FILTERS – Published by The Associated Koi Clubs of America

judging and buying koi

SKU10191 $13.00

JUDGING AND BUYING KOI – A compilation of select articles previously published in KOI USA Magazine.

Basic Koi Ponds, Filters & Water

SKU10123 $13.00

BASIC KOI PONDS, FILTERS & WATER – Published by The Associated Koi Clubs of America

“ADVANCED KOI CARE” by Nick Saint Erne DVM (spiral-bound)

SKU10201 $65.00
ADVANCED KOI CARE” For veterinarians and professional koi keepers by Nick Saint Erne DVM (spiral-bound)

Kokugyo 2 - Nishikigoi Development by Mamoru Kodama

SKU10301 $95.95
KOKUGYO vol 2” – Nishikigoi Development by Mamoru Kodama


SKU10501 $37.95
KOI HEALTH & DISEASE 2” – Beginner to advanced life-saving technology – updated 2015 version, by Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM