Judge Chuck Poppe Bio

judge Chuck PoppeName: Charles (Chuck) Poppe
Address: 4502 Carlby Lane, Alexandria, VA 22309 Phone/Fax: 703-360-5918/ 703-780 1957
e-mail: marine.koi@verizon.net
Profession: USMC Retired

Size of Pond: Four ponds, 800, 1350, 5000 and 8500 gallons.

Year Certified as Judge: Certified as an AKCA Judge in 1995 and a ZNA Judge in 1996.

Years in Hobby: Became involved with Koi in 1982.

Affiliated Club and how many years: MAKC, 1986 to 2000, ZNA Potomac, 1991 to present, ZNA Lone Star, 1996 to present.

Positions held in club: Co-treasurer,MAKC, President, ZNA Potomac, AKCA Rep.,ZNA Potomac, Show Chairman,ZNA Potomac.

Other koi related Activities: Have written articles on several koi related subjects, Talked at Show seminars, visited Japan twice since becoming a koi person.

Accomplishments: Doris and I have won two Grand Champion awards for koi we purchased as two year olds and raised here. We have shared Koi Person of the Year and have attended all AKCA seminars except one since 1986. Judged in Australia as a head judge in 2002.

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