Judge Garry Chin Bio

Name: Garry Chin
Address: 5031 Monetta Lane Sacramento, CA. 95835-2029
Phone/Fax: (916) 922-2525
e-mail: scvkoi@yahoo.com
Profession: Hardware Vendor Coordinator

Size of Pond: 7000 US gallons

Year Certified as Judge: 2000 by AKCA

Years in Hobby: 16 years

Affiliated Club and how many years: He has been a member of the Camellia Koi Club since 1987, a member of the ZNA Sacramento Region Chapter between 1990-1993, and since 1996 a member of the ZNA Mid-Atlantic Koi Club Chapter.

Positions held in club: Current President and AKCA Rep of the Camellia Koi Club and has been since 2001. Was the President of the Camellia Koi Club in 1992. I have been the Chairperson of the following events: A Day with Koi Seminar in 1997, the All Northern California Open Koi Show and Exhibition in 1998. I was the Camellia Koi Club’s Executive Sponsor of the AKCA Seminar held in Concord, CA. in 2002. In 2003 I am serving the Camellia Koi Club as the Chairperson for their Koi Health Seminar and Young Koi Show.

Other koi related Activities: I have been the Guest Speaker for the Sacramento Aquarium Society and San Francisco Aquarium Society on a number of occasions. I was one of the featured Guest Speakers at the American MENSA, Ltd. Annual Gathering 2002 in Sacramento, CA. I have been a Speaker for local club events and panel discussions on koi related topics. I was a panelist at the 2003 AKCA Seminar in Atlanta, GA. My wife and I have attended the All Japan Koi Show sponsored by Shinkokai 1996, and 1998. I have attended a number of AKCA and ZNA Judging Seminar since the 1990s. I wrote an article that appeared in KOI USA, and has written several articles for Camellia Koi Club’s newsletter Koi Ahoy as well as the newsletters of the Sacramento Aquarium Society and San Francisco Aquarium Society.

Accomplishments: In 1996 one of his koi was AKCA Koi of the Year of the San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club. At the 13th Annual Koi Club of San Diego Koi Show a koi owned by he and his wife became the Best Mature. He and his wifehave shown at numerous koi shows in California and have attended and assisted koi shows throughout the US.He was voted Camellia Koi Club’s Koi Person in 2003.

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