Judge Jan Thompson Bio

Name: Jan Thompson
Address: 186 W. Mangrum Court, Pueblo West, CO 81007-1818
Phone: 719-547-4747
e-mail: iamjant@hotmail.com
Profession: Mortgage Banking

Size of Pond: 10,000 gals. Years in Hobby: Since 1996

Year entered AKCA Judging Program: 2006

Affiliated Club: ROCKY MOUNTAIN KOI CLUB, Denver, CO. Member since 1997. Also belong to Oklahoma City and Phoenix,AZ AKCA Clubs. Member of ZNA

Related Activities: She has traveled together with her husband to shows in California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Illinois and Florida taking koi to all but Florida and California. In 2003 traveled to Japan to learn koi culture in Niigata area. Traveled to England in 2004. Contributor to RMKC Newsletter. Has helped bench koi and has been a judging scribe at several koi shows around the country.

Accomplishments: 1997 RMKC Tategoi award, 2001 RMKC Baby Champion, Young Champion in 2004 at both the Valley of the Sun Koi Show and Midwest Pond and Koi Society Show in Chicago, Mature Champion at Valley of the Sun Koi Show in 2004, and Reserve Grand Champion 2005 RMKC Show.

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