Judge Norman Call Bio

Judge Norman Call BioName: Norman Call
Address: 28866 N Umpqua Hwy, Idleyld Park OR 974477
Phone/Fax: 541-496-3403
e-mail: dogwood@mcsi.net
Profession: graphics designer – retired

Size of Pond: 8740 gal.

Year Certified as Judge 2001

Years in Hobby: 35 years

Affiliated Club and how many years: Belonged to six koi clubds at one time, currently belong to two clubs.

Positions held in club – Club president, Show Chair, Newsletter Chair, AKCA Rep., PNKCA Vice Chair, PNKCA rep.

Other koi related Activities: wrote articles for Koi USA and club newsletters, Speaker on pond design, been to Japan eight times, participated in the ZNA at the All Japan Koi Show.

Accomplishments: won several Grand Champions, runner GC, AKCA Koi of the Year, Koi Person of the Year several times and Oregon Koi & Water Society’s Koi Person of the year

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