Judge Pam Spindola Bio

judge Pam SpindolaName: Pam Spindola
Address: 2112 Omega Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone/Fax:(714) 544-6588, cell (714) 335-9695
Profession: educator

Size of Pond: 5,000 gallon concrete pond, 2,500 liner pond

Year Certified: 2004

Years in Hobby: 30 years

Affiliated Club and how many years: Nishiki Koi Club (30 years), Zen Nippon Airinkai SoCal (27 years)

Positions held in club: Has been President, Show chairperson, AKCA rep of Nishiki Koi Club

Other koi related Activities:formative member of AKCA Board (Secretary Treasurer), past Editor in Chief of KOI USA, author of magazine articles for KOI USA and other gardening magazines, Contributing-author of book on koi published in the U.K. Ultimate Koi, past President (several terms) and show chairperson for Nishiki Koi Club, contributor for Watergardening International WGI

Accomplishments: I have entered koi shows since 1976, was Koi Person of the Year from Nishiki Koi Club. When she is not at home caring for her koi with her 5 year old black Labrador Retriever, Samurai, she is busy teaching Spanish at the high school and community college. Koi Person of the Year representing Nishiki Koi Club

Personal: Pam is a retired high school Spanish Teacher, but still teaches at the community college level. She is an active member of the koi clubs and is currently working on a koi classification website. She cares for her two koi ponds with the help of her black Lbrador Retriever, Samuarai.

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