Judge Pat Christensen Bio

Name: Pat Christensen
Address:16952 NW Bernietta Ct. Portland, OR 97229-7947
Phone: 503-531-3303
e-mail: Lrcconst@hevanet.com
Profession:Co-Owner of Christensen Construction NW – A custom home building business.

Size of Pond: New pond under construction. Currently have two temporary ponds: 600 gallons & 1,200 gallons

Year Certified: AKCA Certified Judge since 1997, ZNA Certified Judge since 1998, GFSA and AGA Certified Judge (Goldfish)

Years in Hobby: Since 1981

Affiliated Club and how many years: NW Koi & Goldfish Club (ZNA NW Chapter) since 1981

Positions held in club: President, Treasurer, AKCA Rep, PNKCA Rep, ZNA Rep, Show Chairman and active board member

Other koi related Activities: Contibuting writer of articles for KOI USA and club newsletter. Attended majority of AKCA and PNKCA Seminars. Have attended most of the ZNA judging Seminars in the US. Entered fish in numerous koi and goldfish shows since 1981. Involved with “Children’s Day” at the Portland Japanese Gardens each year to promote the koi hobby to our future koi keepers. Involved in putting on koi and goldfish educational programs, along with my husband Larry, for our local club as well as speaking at other clubs and events when requested.

Accomplishments: One of the original founders of Pacific Northwest Koi Club Association (PNKCA) in 1984. Past Treasurer of PNKCA. Awarded AKCA & PNKCA Koi Person of the year awards as well as the PNKCA Bronze Koi Award. Co Chair of 2001 PNKCA Seminar and Pond Tour in Portland, OR. Being able to share the knowledge I was so generously given by others over the years with other hobbyists while making such wonderful friendships thru koi.

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