Judge Peter Ponzio Bio

judge Peter PonzioName: Peter Ponzio
Address: 3 Shearwater Court,
Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047
Phone: 847-726-0933
E-mail: ponziop@sprynet.com
Profession: Retired, financial executive

Size of pond: outdoor pond 5,000 gallons; indoor (winter) pond 1,200 gallons

Years in Hobby: since 1988

Affiliated clubs: Northern Midwest ZNA 3 years; Midwest Pond & Koi Society 15 years; Mid-Atlantic Koi Club 10 years

Positions in Club: Northern Midwest ZNA Secretary and Co Chairman 2004 show; Midwest Pond & Koi Society, Director

Other Related Activities: I have been a goldfish judge for the past 12 years, and led a committee which wrote the standards on judging goldfish in the U.S. and were adopted by the GFSA in 1995. In addition, I have been past Chairman, Membership Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and frequent contributor of articles to the GFSA. Articles on goldfish have appeared in the Midwest Pond & Koi Society, Louisville Koi and Goldfish Society, the Northwest Koi & Goldfish Society, the Goldfish Report, and MAKC Report

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