Koi of the Year

The Koi of the Year contest was created by the AKCA for individual AKCA Member clubs to honor their best koi.

This entry should be a koi determined by the club to be their best of the best, not necessarily the same koi winning in a koi show – not necessarily even a koi that was entered in a koi show.

All AKCA Member clubs are entitled to one Koi Photo Entry, which will represent the club in the Koi of the Year photo contest. This koi could become the Koi of the Year and be featured on the cover of KOI USA Magazine.


Selecting your club’s best koi:

1) If your club hosts a Koi Show, you may select the koi from amongst the entries to represent your club. By selecting your club’s Koi of the Year entry at your Koi Show, you can request a free AKCA Koi of the Year Plaque to present to the koi owner provided your show support the AKCA Judging Program with at least one AKCA Judge, or AKCA Candidate Judge, representing AKCA (all ZNA member clubs qualify).

• Combined Koi Shows may order a plaque for each club participating, providing each club selects their entry at the show.

2) Have a photo contest to select your club’s best koi. At a club event club members bring in photos of their koi and voting takes place by club members.

• Send a photo of the Koi of the Year entry to the AKCA photo contest. Photos of all koi entered into the contest will be featured in a KOI USA magazine article and on the AKCA web-site.

• Only one entry per club per year.

• The Grand Champion of a Koi Show is not eligible.

• Previous AKCA Koi of the Year are not eligible.

• A koi can only be entered once per year.

• Koi Dealer/member should be excluded from consideration.

• Koi Photos become the property of AKCA & KOI USA and may be used only by AKCA & KOI USA as needed.

New Format

In the past voting for the AKCA Koi of the Year was done by attendees of the annual AKCA Seminar or annual AKCA Business meeting. The results were then announced at the evening banquet.

In 2013, the Koi of the Year voting is going 21st Century.  Subscribers to KOI USA and hobbyists will be able to vote for the Koi of the Year by going to AKCA.org and voting the koi they feel is the best. Hopefully this new format will result in increased participation in the voting. The winning koi and owner will be announced and award presented (if owner attends), at the AKCA Annual Business Meeting Banquet. If the owner, or a representative of the club, is not in attendance, the award will be mailed following the event.

Watch for the announcement of how you can vote for the AKCA Koi of the Year via the Internet in a future issue of KOI USA.


Current Koi of the Year entries

Previous Koi of the Year entries