2012 01 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of January 13, 2012

Officers Present                         Directors Present                                    Guests

Chair:  Kristine Peterson            Louie Hernandez                  Richele VoelklVice
Chair:  Mike Frady                       Burt Ballou
Secretary:  Carole Elliott            Harlan Glenn
CFO:  Doug Dahl                         Brenda Chandler
Joan Finnegan
Bob Finnegan
Charles Phelps
Don Chandler

Board Highlights:

  • 2012 AKCA Business Meeting/Banquet KHA Wet Lab to be held in Fresno June 30-July 1
  • Please let your AKCA rep/contact know of any concerns your club may have!


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kristine Peterson at 6:00 p.m.  She asked Don how he is doing after his recent back surgery.  He is in pain but will start therapy January 16th.


Richele Voelkl, Burt’s daughter, was introduced to the Board.  She has been asked to replace Connie Friehoff as bookstore manager as Connie has resigned from that position.  Motion:  To accept Richele Voelkl as bookstore manager upon finalization of her contract.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.


MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of November 18, 2011 with the following correction: Under new business a motion was passed to raise the annual dues of the Canadian clubs from $50 to $100 due to the added insurance benefit that they now have.  There was also the discussion that Doug brought to the board regarding the subscribers of Australian clubs allowing banner exchanges in recognizing AKCA Friendship Clubs.  Considering those motions addressed at the last meeting, and in order to address future recommendations, Kristine asked Don Chandler to head a bylaws committee assisted by Jerry Kyle and Mike Frady.   Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan .  Approved.


OCTOBER  FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Doug stated that the investment account lost $155 in November.  The Project KHV account interest was $10 in Nov. and $11 in Dec.  Doug sent data Express mail on 1/2/12 for our CPA to prepare three 1099s.  He verified delivery online of AKCA taxes, Trust Registry form and OSU check by certified mail.  He has an AKCA portable credit card machine at his home to run bookstore, seminar or Judges charges.  This is also a backup to the AKCA Bookstore credit card machine.  Bookstore inventory resulted in an increase of $801 in stock.  We only have 2 Kokugyo Vol. 1 books in stock.  Last time we ordered 10 for $70 each, plus $25 shipping, for a total of $725.  In 2010 we sold 20 of these books.  Do we want to continue to sell this book and order 10 more?  We have 9 of Kokugyo Vol. 2 left which should hold us for a while.  There was discussion with Doug checking his records for how many of Vol. 1 had been sold this past year.   Doug reported back that we sold 4.  It was decided not to reorder Vol. 1.


Scientific/KHA:   Don gave Jerry’s report:  With recent notification of the 2012 Annual meeting will be held in Fresno, CA at the Ramada Inn, the KHA will hold their 2012 Wet Lab at that location and time and notify students of the schedule.  In keeping with the mission of promoting good koi health husbandry, the KHA will open the lab session to all AKCA club members to observe.  Students only will have hands on experiences in the Wet Lab portion but all will benefit by attending the lectures and interacting in the question and answer segments.  2011 proved that opening lectures to non students broadened the scope and complexity of questions and subject matter to the benefit of all.  Any already currently Certified KHA who volunteers to assist in any

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v  way will receive a Reward of Merit pin for participating.  It is all about promoting good Koi health husbandry.  This is what we do!


AKCA-PROJECT KHV:  Burt gave Ray’s report:  The update on Oregon State University KHV latency gene expression research was received from Dr. Jin on January 5, 2012.  The remaining aim of the proposed study is on viral gene expression during latency.  This specific aim is still on going.  They have examined the expression of genes located in the terminal repeat region of the genome.  No active transcription (replication) was detected in the koi white blood cells at this time.  However, it is also possible that the level of transcription is too low to be detected when using total white blood cell samples that are composed of many different components.  To improve our detection sensitivity, KHV latency gene expression is going to be investigated in the B cell or T cell separately.  These are specific types of white blood cells.  B cell:  A type of white blood cell and, specifically, a type of lymphocyte.  Many B cells mature into what are called plasma cells that produce antibodies necessary to fight off infections while other B cells mature into memory B cells.  T cells are a different type of lymphocyte with a different function which is more of seeking out and destroying infected cells.  Ray’s report went into further details.  As far on an update on pending donated koi slate auctions, a new website has been built by Dale Gingerich and is being reviewed and tested by several koi hobbyists and members of the Project KHV Committee. It has had two mock auctions to test the auction software program and website capabilities.  He anticipates that the first auction of a koi slate will begin shortly.  He will be announcing the details to the board and asking for wide distribution of the auction information to benefit Project KHV funded research to our member clubs, AKCA, and KOI USA websites, and all major koi internet boards about one week before the auction will begin.  Dale will continue to make any needed adjustments to the website as we continue with subsequent auctions which will be held—monthly and the auctions will continue until all the donated slates have been sold.  The current web address for the beta auction site is http://auction.akca.org/Special thanks to Dale for his many, many hours of volunteer work to put this auction website together at no cost to AKCA or Project KHV.  Also, special thanks to the volunteers who have been kind enough to help test the site and offer suggestions for improvement.  He will keep everyone posted on the progress of the auction website and actual auction results.


PUBLICATION:  Joan reported that the magazines were just mailed out.  Doug went over his recommendatio9ns for potential KOI USA mailing savings with the board approving all 4 measures.  Larry Iles has replaced Joe White, who resigned, as editor.  He has been in the koi hobby for many years and is well regarded by koi hobbyists.  He also brings to the table marketing skills that will help KOI USA grow.   Motion:  To approve Larry Iles as editor of KOI USA.  Motion by don, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved, 1 abstain.  It was reported that there are 8 accounts 90 days overdue.  The board also discussed Ray Jordan’s suggestion about a finder’s fee for new advertisers.  Approved by the board was a $100 bookstore credit for any club or club member bringing in a full page color ad for at least 3 issues; $50 credit for a ½ page ad for 3 issues.  Also discussed at the KOI USA meeting was the website.  The KOI USA Board felt it needs a change to look more professional.  Due to financial constraints, costs to create a professional website and also monthly maintenance costs would need to be identified and approved before taking any action.


MEMBERSHIP:   Doug stated that there are 96 active clubs as of Jan. 1.  Debby said she has no inventory materials for the Club Kit which need to be reimbursed by AKCA; this is no longer an issue.  The Michigan club has requested a change in their AKCA Board person contact and Louie has agreed to let this club go.  The club has given Doug Dahl their proxy as their AKCA Board member contact.  This gives Doug a vote on the AKCA Board once again, representing this club.  Motion:  To accept the application of a new club – Tri State ZNA Koi Club, from New York.  They are about 1 ½ years old.    They have 8 family members with 5 members subscribing to KOI USA.  Motion by Doug, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.   Doug also stated that a lot of clubs have their annual elections of officers during Oct./Nov.  Only 27 out of 46 have replied giving Doug the new


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v  information.  There was also discussion about the fact that very few clubs advertise their koi show; can we discount club show ads?  Burt brought up this as an incentive, using a sliding scale based on the number who subscribe to KOI USA.


MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS:  The Koi Club of San Diego asked if the KOI USA Board can review costs to see if any consideration can be given on advertising rates for show ads.  Question will be sent to the KOI USA Board for discussion.


JUDGING:  Charles said that there isn’t much happening.  They have 3 new candidate judges; 30 judges now.  Galen Hansen status is now Emeritus.  They have developed 2 new forms: 1) Formal request for complaints against a judge that would not be anonymous; and, 2) Candidate judge activity report annually that, among other things, indicates shows attended and/or worked, judged, etc.





INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT:  The last payment was made to Philadelphia Insurance.  There are 24 clubs who have purchased the Premium Insurance so far.  Valley of the Sun KC is re-considering if they want to purchase the Premium Insurance due to the vendor waiver requirement.  AKCA CFO is holding their check until the club decides, per their request.  There is $3125 in the bank and $3594 total premium.  The Michigan club asked if we will have the same coverage next year; more than likely yes!  Don discussed John Ray’s question.  Don recommended that we pursue same coverage.  Brenda discussed the hold harmless waiver with Joanne.  She stated that if the vendor has insurance, this should not be a problem.  Joanne told Kristine that if the vendor is insured and supplies us with an additional insured certificate they will accept that.  Further discussion.


Nominating Committee:  Kristine recommended the following people to serve on the 2012 nominating committee:  Bob Finnegan, Doug Dahl and Louie Hernandez.  Motion:  to accept the nominating committee as presented.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.




2012 Seminar:  Carole reported that the original hotel we were going with is going through bankruptcy.  As a result, we are now scheduled at the Ramada University in Fresno with room rates of $78 + tax.  The Saturday night banquet cost will be $30 per person and the Saturday lunch cost will be $17.50 per person.  The luncheon includes ice tea/water/rolls/caesar salad and three entrées (beef lasagna, chicken teriyaki, and a vegetarian dish),  to choose from as well as a side dish and desert.  The registration form has been done and sent to Bob Payne for final tweeking as well as the color page ad.  We are also going to do a 50/50 raffle to help raise money for us as well as the host club.  The Central California Koi Club have been wonderful – especially Greg Mariano (who has been Carole’s right hand man).  Carole recommended that we ask Tom Holder to be our keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet.  Motion:  To ask Tom Holder to be the keynote speaker at the 2012 AKCA Business meeting/banquet.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.


2013 Seminar:  Tabled





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  • Your club MUST submit club news directly to Mike Frady, KOI USA Ass’t. Editor.
  • Does your club have any questions or concerns?
  • Is anyone in your club interested in writing an article for KOI USA?


Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for FEBRUARY:

  • Nominating Committee presents their recommended slate of officers for 2012-2013 for approval.




2010 Seminar – even if Doug credited the Seminar actuals with the $26,426.97 we have not paid the hotel, we would still have a loss of $17,603 for the Seminar so no money to go to the club.



Speaker’s Grant:  The Michigan club’s president voiced the opinion that it was improper of AKCA to suspend the Speaker’s Grant.  He felt that clubs should have had input.  He suggested that the grant structure be changed.  Don suggested that the club give us, in writing, a proposal(s) and then we will revisit this next month.  Doug did tell that club that we had to suspend the grants due to lack of funds.  Further discussion followed.


Written report submitted by Burt:  Rob Forbis, of Orlando Area K&PC, said they met for a Christmas Party (and club meeting) at the home of Chris & Iris Johnson.  The Holiday season weather in central Florida was ideal this year, sunny with temps in the mid 70s.  Chris explained to them how a series of ponds came to be interconnected and Iris explained how it was her job to make sure that there was still some ground in the backyard left for flowers!  A wonderful Hispanic style buffet was served pondside.  They re-elected Jose Salazar as OAK&PC President and began organizing teams for the upcoming highlight the Central Florida Koi Show in March.  Sonja Kahkola, of Rainbow River KC, said they had their Xmas party, voted on Koi Person of the Year and had the January meeting at their home; a joint meeting with Gainesville Club.  Henry Culpepper did a talk on longfin’s judging criteria.  Norbun Watson, of Middle Georgia KS, said they are planning the next koi show; had their Xmas party and Chinese Gift exchange.  It went well; already had a vendor wanting to sign up.  Their next meeting is on the 20th at a restaurant.  Joe White, of ZNA Southern KA, said they are working on the upcoming koi show and creating a new website for the show.  They have 4 or 5 speakers for the Saturday seminars.  They have waiting list for vendors; a large group of the members are going to the All Japan Koi Show.  Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, said they had a Christmas party on Dec. 3rd with a summary of the koi show in pictures.  Also, they had a short review of goals for the next team of officers.  One new idea is to give the memberships to the presidents of the other koi and water garden clubs in the Dallas area to forge closer ties.  Just before Christmas, they prepared a plaque to the manager of Bass Pro Shops, who provided the show site, banquet site and meet-and-greet.  They tried to persuade him to change the name to Koi Pro Shops, but he declined because he needs to sell fishing boats too.  Just Kidding!  No meetings until March, but several of them are joining San Antonio and Houston for a visit to Purdin Koi Farm in Louisiana on January 14.  Barb Flowers, of Rocky Mountain KC, said they had their Xmas party and Chinese Gift Exchange; a good time.  Their next meeting will be “Pond Disasters;” should be interesting, otherwise all is quiet.  Debby Young, of Southern Arizona KA, said they had a great Christmas party with over 30 members in attendance.  The Chinese raffle was a hoot, with several items being stolen, several times.  January’s meeting will be at the home of our President – Bob Panter.  They will be discussing their 2012 calendar of special events.  Several members are planning to attend the 25th Annual San

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q  Diego Koi Show this February.  Linda Montgomery, of Cascade K&GFC, said they will have their annual banquet this month, otherwise all is quiet.  Bill Edwards, of San Francisco Bay Area KC, said they had their Xmas luncheon at the treasurer’s home; very nice.  He’s not certain about the speaker for their next meeting; talking about energy conservation.  Got several new members last few months; they want to start up the newsletter again.  Larry Templeton, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, said they had a great Xmas party and dinner and special award for Ken & Barbara Snarr, otherwise all is quiet.  The club has only 5 meetings a year; next meeting is in March.  Karen Turtle, of ZNA Northern Calif. Chapter, said they had a fun and delicious Christmas party with a present exchange where you can steal another person’s present.  It was so much fun!  They are trying to nominate new officers for the next two years.  It is difficult to replace Larry Gill as President.  He brought their club back together with a lot of very hard work.  He has made big inroads in the growth of their club for the last four years.  They have moved their annual show to the spring starting in 2013.  It will take a lot of work but they are going to have some big name guests.  Dr. Jim Hooper, of Mendocino Coast K&WGS, said their 1st meeting will be in March; had a good Xmas party; potluck.  Weather is really cold, ice but no rain. Burt tried but was unable to reach K&WGC of North Texas.


Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier KC, reports they will be holding elections of officers at the Jan. meeting.  They have a guest speaker from the Army Corp of Engineers for the meeting.  They are starting to plan the Koi Show that will occur June 2012 at Masterson’s Garden Center.  They are also starting to look at dates in July for their club’s Pond Tour.  This will include the Southtowns’ members ponds this year.  They continue to check and clean the filters at the local Botanical Gardens.  Stephen Dumas, of the North Texas WGS, said they are starting off 2012 with a new meeting location.  The meeting will still be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, but until further notice will be held at the Community Meeting Room at Half Price Books located on NW Highway just east of 75 in Dallas.  They are still in the planning stages for a busy spring.  Their spring projects will include Dallas Zoo, Aquatic Plant potting workshop and Pond Cleanup at the Discovery Gardens and also planning for their 21st Annual Tour of Ponds coming up in June.  For more project information see their website at http://ntwgs.org/.  Gary & Debbie Floyd, of Amarillo KS, said they have not yet scheduled a meeting for the club for this year.  They are about three months from that point.  FYI: Carl Holtman lost his wife suddenly just a few days before Christmas.  He was the original promoter of the first pond club there in Amarillo and one of a few founding members of TAPS and AKS.  Lisa will be missed.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they don’t hold meetings during the months of Dec. and January, however, committees have been meeting and the club is beginning to put together their 2012 schedule.  Normally, Iowa and their ponds are under 3 feet of snow this time of the year, but so far with no snow at all, the ponds have even yet to freeze.  It has been a very strange winter to say the least.  They are all looking forward to Spring and their first meeting.  Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, reports they ended 2011 with a Christmas Party on Dec. 17th with Jackie as the outgoing president handing over the gavel to the 2012 president, Gene Koch.  Their first board meeting for 2012 will be Tuesday night, Jan. 10th to establish their meeting agendas for the year.  The outgoing president stays on the board for one year to ensure that there is a smooth transition and maintain some continuity.  This has worked well since day one with their club.  They will layout plans for their water garden tour, generally in June and their Koi Show for the 1st weekend in October.  The rest of the months will be set for meetings at members’ houses and a community club house as needed.  Bryan Bateman, of Midwest P&KS, said they are in their “off” season right now so there isn’t a lot of activity in their club.  They are, however, finalizing plans for a “full immersion” weekend with Taro and Mamoro Kodama, who will be coming to Chicago in May to present their “Kodama Koi Academy” to their club.  They are very excited about this opportunity to learn from Mr. Kodama.  He will also be bringing some excellent koi, to use in his demonstrations and talks and to offer for sale to their members at the conclusion of the class.  Other than that, their 2012 calendar is complete, and they are looking forward to an exciting, educational, and fulfilling year for MPKS!  Jan Jordan, of Mid-

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Columbia K&PC, reports that they don’t meet again until February.  Clark Shea, of Canada KC of British Columbia, sent Mike Frady his report.  Carole tried but was unable to reach:  Central Alabama K&WGS, KC of Middle Tennessee, Miami Valley WGS, Puget Sound KC (wrong email address), Southwest K&PA, and the Water Garden Club of South Texas.

Written report submitted by Phil Hunter:  Beth Barker, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that Rosemary Risdale is the new club VP and AKCA Rep.  The club is currently on winter hiatus.  Linda Kinney, of the Dayton KC, reports that the club held its Christmas party in December at the home of Linda & Keith Kinney, and a good time was had by all.  The club is on hiatus and will resume meetings towards the end of February.  David Hardcastle, of the Gainesville KC, reports that in November, club members Vicki Leonard & Steve Schade won Grand Champion, Grand Champion B, Young Champion B, the Judges Award, and the AKCA Award at the North Florida Koi Show.  Members of the club went on a field trip with the Rainbow River Koi Club to Legacy Koi owned by Jack & Austra York.  In December, the club held it’s Christmas Party, gift exchange and collection of items from all whom attended for the Ronald McDonald House in conjunction with the Hardcastle’s BBQ.  The Rainbow River Koi Club invited members to attend their meeting to hear guest speaker Henry Culpepper give his presentation on the new show standards for Long Fins.  The next club meeting will be in February at the home of Susan & Fred Chelf.  Laurie Turner, of the Shasta K&WGC, reports that January meeting will be held at the home of Ross & Connie Salazar, where the clubs new officers will be introduced.  Pat Ware, of the Springfield WGS, reports that everyone had a wonderful time at the Christmas party in November, hosted by Leonard Davenport and Laird Grubbs.  The January meeting will be held at the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park.  The Inland Empire WG&KS is on winter hiatus until February.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California KS, reports the club held their Holiday Party & potluck dinner last Dec. at Dale & Sandy Winn’s home.  They did not meet in Jan. but will be meeting in Feb.  Seng & Rosimeri Tran entered the ZNA NorCal show and won the President’s Award with their shiro utsuri!  The club will be hosting the AKCA’s Annual Business meeting, Banquet and KHA Wet Lab this June 30 & Jul 1.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.  Debbi Gillis, of Central Coast KC, reports they will hold their next meeting on Feb. 3rd.  James McAdams, of Deep South K&PS, reports they will be holding their first meeting of 2012 and planning their new year’s activities on Sun., Jan. 22nd at the home of Sandra Auck.  He sent emails to all their members suggesting they purchase KOI USA subscriptions as Xmas stocking stuffers.  Great idea, James!  Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org.  Rick Paul, of Macon Water Garden & KC, reports in Dec. the club held their Holiday Party & gift exchange.  The Jan meeting was at Georgia Bob’s in Byron.  Check out  their website at http://www.maconkoi.org.  Susan Boland, of Mid-Atlantic KC, reports their club’s Young Koi Show will be held at Nisei Koi Farm (Quality Koi) in June and their Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Mid-Atlantic Koi is now available to view exclusively online at their website.  Check it out at http://www.makc.com.  Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers, reports they will be hosting the Toshio Sakai West Cost Seminar Feb. 25th.  Check out the details on their website at http://www.northdahokoiclub.com is still under construction.  Dick Hadley, of Upper Midwest KC, reports that as usual they shut down for the winter but they’re still planning to put on a koi show in 2012 (stay tuned for more info).end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  Check their website at http://www.umkoiclub.org/htm/meetings.html.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:  Robert Lewis, of Charleston Showa KC, reports in March they will be picking their Koi of the Year and Koi Person of the Year.  Their 9th Annual Pond Tour will be held May 12th from 9am until 4pm, with tickets priced at $10 and proceeds to benefit the Charleston Animal Society.  Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org.  Joe

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q  White, of Florida East Coast K&PC, reports the Jan. meeting and brunch was held at the Deltona home of Steve & Dorothy Jasse.  Their club is one of five that gear up and pitch in to put on the Central Florida Koi Show, which will be held this year March 9/11 at the International Palms Resort in Orlando.  Check out their website at http://www.floridakoi.org.  Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports the Dec. Holiday Party and Gift Exchange was a huge success.  With 40 members attending, it was the largest turnout ever!  No meeting was held in Jan. and the location for the Feb. 4th meeting has yet to be determined.  Mike P. will be stepping down after 10 years as President and his shoes will certainly be hard to fill.  Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com.  Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki KC, reports the club didn’t meet in Dec. or Jan.  The next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 11th. At Mile & Pam Sarr’s home.  Members will be exhibiting/attending the upcoming San Diego (Feb.) and Gardena (Mar) koi shows and hope to see you there!  Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com.  Ron Kramer, of Prairieland K&PS, reports their first meeting of the year will be on Feb. 11th at 9 am at Luthy Botanical Gardens in Peoria.  For all of you that know him, Ron Kramer has recently stepped down as President and Newsletter Editor.  Many thanks for all you’ve done, Ron!  Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/.  Jan Thompson, of Southern Colorado KC, reports their first meeting of the year will be in Feb.  Their weather continues wild and wacky – but, hey, what’s new?  Stay tuned for a year filled with fun SoCoKoi events for all!  Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org.  David Yee, of Valley of the Sun KC, Inc., reports the Jan meeting was held at Lucy Ross’s home in Scottsdale.  Topping the agenda was ongoing planning for their koi show, which will be held April 13/15.  Check their website at http://www.vskc.netMary Oxman, of Ventura County KS, reports their last meeting of 2011 was at Virginia and Ronn Boll’s home.  Some highlights were Rick & Janet Shaw selected as club Koi Persons of the Year and Ned Mooslin’s appointment as an honorary club member.  The Jan. meeting was slated for Reva and Marvin Mallon’s home in West hills.  Check their website at httjp://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.


Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan:  Joan reports that the SoCal Koi Club had their January meeting at the home of Steve & Susie Brasch of Long Beach.  There won’t be a February meeting as the club is encouraging members to enter fish in the San Diego Koi Show or at least attend.


Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:  Charles Phelps, of Greater Louisville K&GFS, said the club had their last meeting at the Xmas party in Dec.  Their next meeting won’t be until February.  Sharon Dunk, of Northern Nev. PC, said they had their Xmas party in Jan. because everyone was too busy in December.  Their next meeting will be in February.  Michele Hurley, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said their club shut down in November and will not start up until February.  Jerry Hanes, of Olympic GF&WGC, said the club shut down in Dec. and will have its next meeting in March.  Jan Lockerman, of North Florida KC, said there was no meeting in Dec.; they had their Xmas party instead.  Faith Cook, of Indiana K&WGC, said the club has a new president, Dr. Ken Lau.  Jon Floden, of Gulf Coast KS, said that everything is going well.  Bob tried but was unable to reach Sierra KC, Tropical K&WGS, and Great Ponds & Koi Soc. of West Mich.


Written report submitted by Kristine PetersonHawaii GF&CA enjoyed a well-deserved break for the holidays.  For more information on joining their club, visit their website at www.hawaiigoldfishandkoi.orgMountain View KC, located in Canada, is a group of enthusiastic pond and koi owners who strive to educate and assist future hobbyists in maintaining a proper environment for their koi.  Monthly meetings are hosted at members homes for pondside koi topics.  Ponds are closed down for the winter as well as the club activities.  The AKCA insurance that was extended to the Canadian koi clubs will help in expanding more events for next year.  For more information on joining their club visit them at www.mountainviewkoiclub.com.  KC of San Diego is looking forward to celebrating their 25th Annual Koi Show which will be held Feb. 24-26th at the Del Mar Fairground.  The club usually schedules their show during President’s weekend but decided to move the show out one week.  This will allow the koi show to run the same weekend as the Silver Bay AKC Dog Show also at the fairgrounds.  Show information and registration forms are posted on the

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q  club’s website at www.koiclubsandiego.org along with the vendor and registration forms.  The December Christmas party was held at Free Flight in Del Mar.  Attendees enjoyed the beauty of the exotic birds followed by a potluck and a gift exchange.  Santa Clarita K&WGC members enjoyed the holidays.


Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez:  Louie, of Nishiki KC, reports there won’t be a meeting this month; the next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 11th at Mike & Pam Sarr’s home.  Please check out the Nishiki Koi Club website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com/.  The Yanez’s have put in a lot of effort into the site.  In addition, they have a live feed of a large pond under construction.  He was sorry to report that one of their members and friend, Riley Smith, has passed away.  Riley was a member of the ZNA Orange County Chapter and when that club dissolved he joined their club.  Riley had many years in the hobby and was very knowledgeable.  Louie, of ZNA Southern CA Chapter, reports their Christmas party was held at the home of Don Kobashigawa.  It was a catered event and fun was had by all.  They also had a show meeting for their March 17-18th Koi Show in Gardena, CA.   Malise Unruh, of Bakersfield WGS, reports they held their annual Holiday Dinner Party in lieu of a regular club meeting in December.  After a month of non-club related activity, the board returned to duty and held its first meeting of 2012.  The year’s plan was outlined and will be put before the general membership on January 14th.  Nominations will be held for a replacement AKCA Rep.  Upcoming events include an exhibit at the Bakersfield Home Show in February and a field trip to the San Diego Koi Show next month.  The board feels that the coming year will be fun and productive for all members participating.


Written report submitted by Doug Dahl:  John Rae, of Michigan K&PC-Southeast Chapter, reports their club is disappointed the AKCA Board did not ask for club feedback before suspending the Speakers Grant program for this year.  The club feels education is a primary focus of AKCA and the Speakers Grants to clubs helps fulfill that responsibility.  The club recommends the AKCA Board revisit the Speakers Grant program and modify the program to only include clubs who want and need the grant in the lottery even if the amount is only $50.  Actually have a club application process explaining what the grant is for to be reviewed and approved by the AKCA Board.  John also suggests an article on the club event be promised for the Speakers Grant approval.  John also requests the AKCA Risk Manager to pursue the AKCA Premium Insurance for the next fiscal year so the club Pond Tour in July will be covered and the club’s 1st Koi Show to be held Labor Day weekend with the help of the IKONA Koi Club.


Written report submitted by Harlan Glenn:  No report.


Written report submitted by Mike Frady:  Ray Jordan, of Texas K&Fancy GFS-ZNA, said they are planning a club field trip the weekend of Jan. 14-15 to Purdin Koi farm near Baton Rouge, Louisiana instead of their regular monthly meeting.  Scott, Bill, and Maureen do a great job hosting their group with a heavy emphasis on teaching about koi appreciation and development.  Their annual spring sale and seminars will be held the weekend of April 13-15 at Water Garden Gems near San Antonio, Texas.  Andy Moo will be bringing Japanese koi for the sale.  Mike and Catherine Christensen will be bringing American bred long fin koi to sell.  A educational line up of speakers and seminars on a variety of fish and pond related topics will be held on Saturday, April 14th.  Hope everyone will join them for a great weekend.



Motion:  To adjourn at 8:30 p.m.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Burt.  Approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elliott

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