2012 04 AKCA Minutes

Officers Present:                        Directors Present:                       Guests:

Chair:  Kristine Peterson               Louie Hernandez
Vice Chair:                                       Burt Ballou
Secretary:  Carole Elliott              Don Chandler
CFO:  Doug Dahl                            Brenda Chandler
Joan Finnegan
Bob Finnegan
Charles Phelps
Jerry Kyle

Board Highlights:

  • Forms are due in June for clubs to be in on the Speaker’s Grant Lottery
  • 2012 AKCA Business Meeting/Banquet & KHA Wet Lab to be held in Fresno June 30-July 1
  • Please let your AKCA rep/contact know of any concerns your club may have!
  • Koi Person of the Year, Koi of the Year and Champion of Champions all due by May 1st
  • Ballots for the ongoing AKCA elections will be due & counted @ the June 8th Meeting!

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kristine Peterson at 6:01 p.m.

MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of March 9th.  Motion by Joan, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.

APRIL FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Doug reported that the investment account gained $84 in March; Project KHV account interest was $11 in March.  Bank of America will start charging $17 monthly fee for each of the AKCA and AKCA Project KHV accounts without a $5000 minimum daily balance, $10,000 avg. monthly balance or $10,000 combined minimum daily balance which he believes would cover the AKCA Project KHV account with CD.  Cheryl Childers sold $704 in Bookstore items at the Central Florida Koi Show and charged no commission or expenses for her efforts.  Cheryl also sold 1 KOI USA subscription.  Carl & Judy, Cheryl and Connie have spoiled AKCA by sitting at a Koi Show for 2 days for commission only.  That is not a reasonable expectation for most people so if AKCA wants the AKCA Bookstore represented at Koi Shows, other than the ones Cheryl attends, then we need to discuss paying for the person’s time for those 2 days.  Unless the AKCA Board & Officers want to take that task on themselves as Carole has done in the past at the San Diego Koi Show.  And no, “we will all pitch in to help” has not worked in the past.  There needs to be a person accountable for the event.  There was further discussion.  It was felt that there was no clear solution.  It was felt that it wasn’t worth the expense to ship supplies elsewhere and to pay someone to staff the bookstore booth.  It was discussed asking clubs holding koi shows if they would volunteer to staff an AKCA bookstore booth but then we would have to deal with lost & damaged items, sloppy record keeping, shipping costs, etc.  Calif. Sec. of State finally returned our check sent in October for Statement of Information stating they took that early submittal as an amendment so no payment was needed.  They also sent an announcement that they have changed their form as of Jan. 1, 2012 so he expects the check and old form he sent in January to be returned any time.  Doug sent the AKCA dues invoice email to Don to send to all club AKCA Dir/Reps by March 28th.  The AKCA By-laws already state dues are due within 90 days of the billing date which is March 28 so dues will be overdue on July 1, even if the recent By-Laws change does not pass.  Starting this year, he will only accept check or money order for AKCA dues payment.  Credit card dues payment opens AKCA up for later chargeback demands from a club to get a refund of dues.  This chargeback happens several times each year for KOI USA subscriptions or advertiser payments and there is no fighting the chargeback because he has tried.  The card companies and banks are always on the side of the consumer card holder.


Scientific/KHA:   Don presented Jerry’s written report:  Plans are being formulated to attend the Annual AKCA Business Meeting in June where the KHAs will use the opportunity to present a Lab, Lecture, Question & Answer session for KHA members and invite local area club members to attend to learn and appreciate what KHA is all about.

AKCA-PROJECT KHV:  Don presented Ray’s written report, an overview of the specific research project objectives and outcomes to date:

1)     Discover in which tissue(s) KHV becomes latent (completed).  Their studies have discovered that KHV becomes latent mostly in white blood cells.  However, KHV DNA can also be detected in various tissues during latency.  New:  they have extended their finding by investigating carps from various sources.  Their new nested-PCR method was able to detect KHV in white blood cells of wild carp and koi obtained from commercial retail stores.

2)     Discover which viral genes remain active during latency (ongoing).  They have examined the expression of genes in the terminal repeat region of the genome.  No active transcription was detected in the total white blood cells of koi at this time.  To improve their detection sensitivity, KHV latency gene expression is going to be investigated in the B cells or T cell separately.  They have been working on methods to separate the two populations from the rest of white blood cells.  Currently, they are able to separate B cells from the rest of white bloods cells by magnetic beads which can bind to B cells coated with mouse anti-carp IgM antibody.  They also made progress in improving the yield of B cell isolation.  KHV DNA was detected in the purified B cell population.  It suggests that KHV becomes latent in B cells, which is in agreement with their previous finding.  They will continue examining latency associated genes during latency.  Since surface mucus contains antibody secreting B cell, KHV DNA was examined in mucus scraped from koi that were tested positive for KHV latency.  KHV KNA was detected in mucus by the nested PCR method.  This is in agreement with their finding that KHV becomes latent in B cells.  This means that KHV screening can be done by testing a mucus scraping from koi.

3)     Study spontaneous reactivation from latency in KHV infected koi (completed).  It appears from this research that reactivation most often requires permissive temperatures (approximately 68F to 80F) and a stressor that lowers the immune system.

4)     Investigate stressors that can cause reactivation of latent KHV (completed).  Numerous stressors, such as overnight transportation/shipping, temperature changes, steroid injections, frequent handling, were investigated with koi that have been previously exposed to KHV.  All those factors are capable of inducing KHV latency reactivation.

Kristine mentioned that Ray has resigned effective June 30, thanked Ray for all his hard work on behalf of the hobby and said she was working on securing a replacement for him – not an easy task, to be sure.  Thank you, Ray!

PUBLICATION:  Joan reported that they are gearing up for the May/June issue.  She stated that Patti Gingerich, resigned last month and thanked her for all she’s done for the hobby.  Unless arrangements can be made the KOI USA website will be taken down effective May 8th.  We will need to look for a new webmaster and a new web host before then.  We have a new 4 color subscriber insert card in the magazines.  Connie came up with the idea of having no more than 2 pages devoted to business card ads ($450/year per card; 10 cards per page) as another way to generate revenue.  This could result in $4500 income before expenses per year per page.  Discussion of articles submitted for this issue.  Discussion of how the new Editorial Team is coming together.  Cheryl Childers and John Rae resigned as proofreaders; thank you Cheryl and John.  Paul Atkiss, of the San Diego Koi Club, and Rosimeri Tran, of the Central California Koi Society, have been selected to replace them.  Louie’s suggestion to return the Club Events Calendar to the magazine as a safeguard against our website possibly going down was well received and will be implemented; Brenda will handle calendaring.  It was reported that there are 6 accounts 90 days overdue for a total of $5410.  Doug discussed discovering of an error in his QuickBooks accounts; once corrected, the net profit as of 3/31/12 is a positive $20,824; after adjusting for the $ 24,125 in outstanding accounts receivable, the negative cash flow for FY to date is $3,301.

MEMBERSHIP:   Don stated that we currently have 97 active clubs and that 20 clubs have already paid their dues for FY 2012-2013.  1 club has had a name change (from First Coast Koi, Goldfish and Water Garden Club to First Coast Koi Club).  There was an inquiry from Blue Water Pond Club from Canada who might wish to return to AKCA; if so, they’ll need to pay the $100 membership dues as well as a $50 reinstatement fee (since they left in 2006).

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS:  Burt stated the SAKA club questioned him about 1. Whether our website has an interactive feature that allows them to change their club officers?  Answer: We won’t be able to do this until after we get a new webmaster.  2. In regards to Jerry Kyle’s “Where Do We Go,” it was suggested that he have a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter and that the KHA roster needs to be updated.  Answer: Jerry liked the suggestions, stated that he appreciates any ideas and hopes clubs will please continue to forward them to him.  The last question brought up by Burt was from the Rocky Mountain club asking how can a club participate in board meetings without being physically present at them?  Answer: Since the Board doesn’t have a system that can accommodate 100+ call ins, that’s not possible.

JUDGING:  Charles said there isn’t much to report.  He has been trying to get the menu from the Riverview Inn for the Quality Koi Judges’ Seminar.  Also, he doesn’t have a budget for the Judging Seminar, yet, but he thought it would be comparable to last year’s.  The 2nd Quarter Judges’ Newsletter was just sent out.  There are a few shows this quarter including the Louisville show May 26-27, the Oregon Show June 8-10, and the Northwest ZNA show June 16-17.

SPEAKER’S GRANT:  Burt stated there are 2 grant requests received and possibly a 3rd request coming.  He was concerned that we won’t have a website where clubs can respond to the grant requests.

BY-LAWS:  52 ballots were sent in and the votes counted.  For the 1st proposed By-law change (International Friendship Members) there were 43 yes votes and 9 no votes; it passed.  For the 2nd proposed By-law change (1. regarding raising Canadian club dues from $50 to $100 to reflect again being covered under our liability insurance and 2. codifying our dues billing date in the By-laws) there were 33 yes votes and 19 no votes; this was 2 votes short of the required 2/3rds required votes, so this measure failed.  Further discussion.  Don recommended that just like this FY, we again go with a special assessment of $50 for basic level liability insurance coverage for Canadian clubs (assuming that we’re getting the insurance renewed for next FY).  Motion:  To have a $50 special assessment fee to the Canadian clubs to cover basic level liability insurance coverage, assuming that our insurance will be renewed; and that if any club objects, we’ll get a formal opinion from our corporate attorney as to the propriety of said special assessment.  Motion by Brenda, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.  In regards to the 2nd part of the By-laws change, Doug stated that since it’s already part of the By-laws that clubs are required to pay their dues 90 days after billing, and that dues have always been due in July, there is no point in re-balloting this item.  Further discussion.  The Board was in total agreement with Doug’s position.

INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT:  Brenda reported that 26 clubs have signed up for the Premium Level Liability Insurance coverage for a total of $3250 in fees received.  Our total cost for the policy premium is $3594, which means we’ve almost completely paid for our liability insurance policy!  She stated that some vendors are unhappy with the hold harmless part of the insurance.  NOTE: We lost coverage from one company in 2009 because a vendor filed a claim for $36,000.  If we included vendors in our coverage, the vendors would be covered for all of their activities, both in conjunction with AKCA/shows as well as their independent activities, so it doesn’t make sense to insure private companies/vendors from AKCA funds.  This also puts AKCA at tremendous risk exposure.  Brenda referenced the email from our insurance broker discussing the pros and cons of covering vendors and the prohibitive costs involved with such an option.  Further discussion.

Koi Person of the Year:  Koi Person of the Year is due by May 1st; please email Burt at burtb@socal.rr.com with info.

Champion of Champions:  Contact Garry Chin at scvkoi@yahoo.com.  Entries are due by May 1st.  Only club AKCA Dir/Rep may submit Champion of Champions entry.

AKCA Koi of the Year:  Entrants must have been selected by the AKCA Club between April 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012 to be eligible for the Koi of the Year in 2012.  Since there was no 2011 AKCA Seminar, the entries for 2011 and for 2012 will be held for judging separately by the AKCA attendees at the 2012 AKCA Annual Meeting.  Only the AKCA club Rep of the sponsoring club may enter the digital photo or CD of the fish that won Koi of the Year.  Contact Garry Chin at scvkoi@yahoo.comEntries are due by May 1st.


2012 Seminar:  Carole reported that vendors she contacted at the San Diego Show have sent merchandise to Greg Mariano.  Burt suggested that we acknowledge those vendors who donate towards the 50/50 raffle.  So far, Star Milling Co., Up Right Trading Corp., Hikari, and Pandasia Koi & Gardens have donated raffle items for the upcoming event.  THANK YOU!  Planning continues for a mini-Pond Tour on Sunday afternoon.

2013 SeminarWe are actively seeking requests for a hosting site for 2013 and/or 2014 for our annual business meeting/banquet/KHA wet lab.  This can be combined with a club’s koi show.  If interested the club should contact Carole.


  • Does your club have any questions or concerns?
  • Is anyone in your club interested in writing an article for KOI USA?
  • Is your club interested in hosting an Annual Business Meeting/Banquet/Wet Lab in 2013?

Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for MAY:

  • Koi Person of the Year, Koi of the Year, Champion of Champions due May 1st!


Petitions:  Burt presented the Board with a few more petition emails regarding the upcoming officer election.  Kristine stated that she appreciates that clubs care and that any input received (whether by phone, letter, email or petition) would be factored into any eventual decisions the Board makes.  On the other hand, she pointed out that emails shouldn’t derail an ongoing election and that ballots, not emails, will be counted in June.  Discussion followed.


Resignation – Kristine informed the board that Dale Gingerich has submitted his resignation as webmaster, effective immediately.  And that unless arrangements can be made the AKCA website will be taken down effective May 8th.  We are looking for a new webmaster; if you’re interested in helping out, please contact a Board member.  She thanked Dale for all that he has done for the hobby.  Arrangements are being made for hosting accounts at Go Daddy.  The AKCA will be contacting Dale to proceed with transferring our hosting as well as uploading the website files to the new accounts.


Written report submitted by Burt:  Linda Montgomery, of Cascade KC, reports that they are currently discussing different educational display options for this year…hoping for one that will give them the best chance at some new members.  They are also discussing some different option for their annual banquet this year.  The club purchased koi food for both the Japanese and Chinese Gardens again this year.  They have not as yet voted on their AKCA Person or Koi of the Year.  They had so few members attend the last month’s meeting that they felt it best to hold the nominations for this month’s meeting.  Linda will be doing a program on Koi History for this meeting.  The club has sent in both its ballots for the AKCA Election and By-Laws.  Karen Turtle, of ZNA Northern Calif. Chapter, said they would like to thank Nathan for opening his beautiful home to host their monthly meeting.  Nathan’s home is perched on a hillside with an amazing 180 degree view—-really awesome!  His cascading pond is 40,000 gallons with beautiful gosanke

swimming near a very large waterfall.  He also has an extensive bonsai collection not to mention a very old olive bonsai.  A vote was also taken to approve to host the 2013 ZNA President’s meeting a day prior to their show.  They also voted for the club’s new two years officers including Larry Gill as President.  Sonja Kahkola, of Rainbow River KC, said the club helped in the Central Florida Koi Show and it was a success.  Their last meeting was at Sonja’s; their topic was on how to pick a sanke and used the Kodama CD.  Joe White, of ZNA Southern Koi Assoc., said they are meeting Saturday at the Culpepper’s home in Orlando to see their new koi that Henry selected on his February trip to Japan.  Mat McCann is coming down from Nisei Koi Farm to give a seminar to the group.  The meeting is open to both current and past members.  Norbun Watson, of Middle Georgia KS, said they had their koi show a week ago; 180 koi; had 5 vendors; a good show and fun banquet—everybody had fun!  Rob Forbis, of Orlando Area K&PC, said the club has nothing to report.  Debby Young, of Southern Arizona KA, asked about the online AKCA website for change of directors & officers; when will it be up so they can use it?  (Hopefully soon – as soon as we can get a new webmaster).  In response to Jerry’s “Where Do We Go Now with KHA?” the suggestion is to have a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter; also the KHA list on website needs to be updated.  The club has sent in Champion of Champions & Koi of the Year.  Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, said the tornadoes hit 2 blocks away but nobody hurt.  They are having a koi auction on April 28.  The club is going to talk about generators and what one would be best for the member’s ponds.  Sandi is going to do a demonstration of how to repair a split fin.  Fred Blundell, of K&WGC of North Texas, said the March meeting was held at the home of Gay Smyers in Plano and the theme for the meeting was “St. Patrick’s Day.”  The program was basically spring cleaning of their ponds and the products that their sponsors provide to help.  The guest speaker was Dan Martinez, from Sublime Water Gardens, who covered pond spring start up as well as the do’s and don’ts.  The club library book review for this month was “Frogs and Toads, an Owner’s Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet” by Steve Grenard.  The theme for their April meeting will be “April Showers.”  Barb Flowers, of Rocky Mountain KC, asked how the club can participate in an AKCA Board meeting without physically being at the meeting.  Their next meeting Bob Winkler & Jan Thompson will discuss how to choose quality koi.  They are preparing for their May koi auction.  Sanjiv Kapoor, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, said they are lining up volunteers for holding an information booth at the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom festival.  A show tank with a few koi in it is also planned to help educate the public.  Dr. James Hooper, of Mendocino Coast K&WGS, said there hasn’t been a meeting yet due to bad weather so all is quiet.  They will start meetings as soon as the weather improves.  Burt tried but was unable to reach San Francisco Bay Area KC.

Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Clark Shea, of Canada KC of British Columbia, said that at the March 11th meeting, it was decided that their BBQ this year will be held on Aug. 19th.  It was also suggested that we hold a wet lab and in this regard Ricky Leung said that he had a microscope that he would donate to the club.  The question of pond tours this summer came up and it turns out that we have two and possibly four options open to them.  It looks like another busy year on the koi scene.  Bryan Bateman, of Midwest P&KS, said the Kodama Koi Academy class is (“was” by the time this is published) almost full.  They have 26 students registered.  This is the first time their club has sponsored an event of this nature, so they are excited about it.  Next up is their bus trip to Koi Acres the weekend of May 12/13.  Mike and Devin Swanson have planned a weekend of koi education, hands-on activities, and friendship amongst fellow hobbyists.  They are also looking forward to a presentation by Gary Charneia at their May dinner meeting on the “Zen of Bonsai.”  It looks to be another exciting year for MPKS.  Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that last month they had Earl Robinson from Meadow View Growers talking about using containers around your pond.  This month they are having a speaker from Complete Aquatics giving a talk about gathering, storing, and using rainwater.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they have been busy planning both their field trip to St. Louis and their annual pond

tour.  Their next meeting will feature an area Master Gardener, who will show them all the new plants coming out in 2012.  The following meeting they will be doing a hands on project of constructing a piece of Kinetic yard art.  Their ponds are all up and running and everyone is feeding again.  The toads and frogs are moving in to do their Spring rituals as everyone welcomes the warmer weather.   Warren Yeow Chye Ng, of Central Alabama K&WGS, said they will begin their 2012 meeting season on April 14 at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Joyce & John Page.  Members are encouraged to call Joyce/John for directions or RSVP.  Jim Vaden, of the KC of Middle Tennessee,  said their club is totally opposed to the current election ballot.  No other news from the club.  Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said their club is planning to have the vote for Koi Person of the Year next Saturday, 4/21.  Their Pond Chairman has attained 12 ponds for their June pond tour.  Their monthly meetings have now moved outdoors due to the improved weather.  They ask members to volunteer their yards and ponds for the setting of their meetings as they get into the warm weather.  Carole tried but was unable to reach Amarillo KS, Mid-Columbia K&PC, Niagara Frontier K&PC, North Texas WGS, Puget Sound KC, Southwest K&PA, and the WGC of South Texas.

Written report submitted by Phil Hunter:  Vi Conn, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that the club had a booth at the Home & Garden Show at the MSU Pavilion in March.  The April meeting will be held at the Dewitt Community Center.  The club will be reactivating it’s website with Lind Fergason as web master.  The club will no longer publish a paper newsletter.  Diana Lynn Rehn, of the Inland Empire WG&KC, reports that club is reminding members that it is a new year and they need to renew their memberships.  The club is again participating in Japan Week with information booths during the week at different locations.  The club will have a joint koi show with NIKK in July.  Marilyn Swanson, of the Shasta KC, reports that the club had a great meeting in March.  The guest speaker, Dr. Scott Webber, who is Associate Professor of Aquatic Animal Health for the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine gave a power point presentation that was very interesting as well as informative and updated the club with the latest KHV information.  The April meeting will be held at Wyntour Gardens Nursery in Anderson, Ca.  The program will be given by Sherrie Weigel, formerly of Sherrie’s Water Gardens.  She will talk about bringing water plants out of winter.  The club is excited about its upcoming koi show on May 12-13 at the Mt. Shasta Mall in Redding.  Plans are underway for a great event.  Pat Ware, of the Springfield WGS, reports that the March meeting was held at the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park.  Dow Whiting, of Garden Adventures, spoke on his work in hybridizing plants.  Dow is well known in the industry for his work hybridizing dwarf Crepe Myrtles.  Phil was unable to contact the Dayton KC and Gainesville KC.

Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the Mar meeting was held at the home of Tony and Nancy Palazzo and was well attended.  Members enjoyed viewing their pond along with listening to Tony discuss his concrete filtration system.  Dale took over the reins of the meeting while Greg was away, discussing the upcoming Pond Tour in May along with the KHA Wet Lab in June.  The Pond Tour flyers were passed out and we encouraged members to pass them out to family and friends.  Tony gave us a history of the design of his pond and the changes that he made to improve the filtration system.  Our next meeting will be on April 14th at the home of Bob and Nina Garrison.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.  James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports the Deep South Koi and Pond Society participated in the annual LSU Garden Show, March 24th and 25th in lieu of the March meeting. Club members manned our booth where we sold Koi, Goldfish and plants donated by our members. Plans are also continuing for our Pond Tour to be held next month.  Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/.  Dennis Long, of Metro-Detroit Pond & Garden Club, reports several club members attended the Central Florida Koi Show; they had a wonderful time and have lots to share with members now that they’re home.  At the Mar meeting on the 18th members had a round table discussion on Spring feeding practices.  Check out their website at http://metrodetroitpondandgardenclub.org/.  Susan Boland, of Mid-Atlantic Koi Club, reports the Long Island Chapter meeting will be held Sunday April 15, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at Starkie Brothers Garden Center, 721 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY, 516-293-7158.  Agenda: They will go over opening your Koi Pond for the season.  Frank Iafrate will talk about adding beneficial bacteria to the Pond. He will also bring samples of his products. Frank represents Strata International.  Ben Watrous will also be at the meeting. He represents Novartis & Novartis is developing a KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) vaccine.  Any questions call Bruce’s cell at 516-477-1823.  Check out their website at http://www.makc.com.  Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers,reports their Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society and North Idaho Koi Keepers Koi Show & Workshop is scheduled for July 14, 2012 – stay tuned for more details.  In Aug everyone is looking forward to the PNKCA Convention in Silverdale, WA.  Check out their website at http://www.northidahokoikeepers.com/id8.html.  Dorothy Connors, of Rhode Island & Massachusetts Koi Club, reports club member Bill Story attended the Central Florida Koi Show and came home with lots of show & tell for club members who couldn’t go.  Check out their website at http://www.rimakc.org/joomla.  Lois Rosmarin, of Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club, reports the Jackson County Spring Fair is an annual event where we have the opportunity to educate the public about the hobby we love. Our booth at Jackson County Expo includes displays and a tank of koi for sale. Members are always busy answering questions people have about the koi and ponds in general. We invite the public to our Annual Free BBQ on the second Monday evening in May. Club members are encouraged to sign up to work at least one 2.5 hour session during the weekend. Sign up at the club meeting or volunteer by calling a club officer.  The monthly May Club Meeting is our Annual BBQ. In addition to great food we have schedule an outstanding program. This is an evening you do not want to miss. The Free BBQ begins at 6:00 P.M. The location is posted on Facebook or you can contact a club officer.  She was also proud to announce their website at http://www.siskiyoukoiclub.com  has been remodeled and is now back up; be sure to check it out.  Dick Hadley, of Upper Midwest Koi Club,reports the club met last week end. We formally introduced new officers and board members. We had a presentation on Spring and Fall koi health.  The new pond manager at a local nursery, Halla, was there and appeared excited about partnering with our club and may become a club sponsor as well. Our next month meeting may be held there.  Check their website at http://www.umkoiclub.org/htm/meetings.html.

Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Johnna Hansen, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports we had a great meeting today at the Leards. They have a beautiful home and pond on James Island and they are well stocked with koi! We enjoyed a presentation on spawning. We also voted for our Koi Person of the Year. Congratulations to Linda Lewis. Linda has always been willing to do for our club and at the moment she is working on our pond tour, she helps with the food at the grand finale and she also takes care of our newsletter!  Thanks Linda for all you do!  Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/.  Joe White, of Florida East Coast Koi & Pond Club, reports the Apr 22 meeting was at the home of John and Susanna Trittschuh in Deland.  Joe was elected President!  Congrats, Joe.  Check out their website at http://www.floridakoi.org.  Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports the club had their Apr meeting on Mar 31st due to the Easter holiday. It was a windy, chilly day but the troops arrived and we had a great turnout.  Karla Haggai gave an update on the Home and Garden Show and all agreed it was worth having the booth. The club signed up 3 old members (Jeannie & Gordon Trom, Mark Gilbert, & Mark Flores) and 3 new members (David & Becky Stanford, Sheri & Bill Felder and John Meadors). There was much response to our booth with people interested in ponds and also who have ponds and didn’t know there was a club to help them. Many thanks to all that participated and helped. Mike spoke about our Pondpalooza event in May and went over the activities for the day. The club has received approx. $650.00 in donation items and hopefully will receive much more. It is important that RSVP’s are received by 4/15 and the event will be closed to attend after the deadline. Karla continued to discuss plans for the club for this year. A raffle was held and the meeting ended.  Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com.  Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club didn’t meet in Mar; instead members were urged to attend the 38th Annual ZNA Southern California Chapter Koi Show in nearby Gardena, CA.  Club members Jane Morrison, Doug Wright, Louie Hernandez and Pam Spindola all helped to put on the show while club members Louie & Ginger Hernandez, Pam Spindola, Don & Brenda Chandler and Craig & Randee Chambers entered their koi into the friendly competition.  Although the rain was heavy on Saturday everyone had fun and most were dried off in time for the Awards Banquet, where a good time was had by all.  Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com.  Todd Bong, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports the Apr meeting will take place at Kull Scape in East Peoria.  Please remember parking for the meeting will be at the First Church of the Nazarene. It’s about four or five houses west of Kull Scape; also don’t forget your chairs as we plan to meet outside. Ray Kull will be the guest speaker.  I would like to take a moment to thank Karen Dickerson for the time she devoted to the Secretary’s position, Karen recently resigned her position for personnel reasons; she will be missed. At the same time I would like welcome Letriana Cantrell to the Secretary’s position, I know that she will continue to provide the club the valuable service that we all have grown accustom to.  Don’t forget to send your pond information to Brenda Smith since we will be showcasing ponds in the newsletter.  This is a great opportunity to show off all of your hard work. The board has discussed this year’s participation in the HOI Fair and we plan on downsizing the display from previous years; we plan once again to participate in the ICC days that take place in late summer.  Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/.  David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports that the club has unfortunately had to cancel their plans for a 2012 Koi Show.  Check their website at http://www.vskc.net .  Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the Apr meeting was held at the home of Carol and Doug Van Bogelen.  Their small 1000 gal formal pond and waterfall was built in the early 1990’s to compliment the tropically themed yard.  There are many varieties of palm trees, bamboo, bromeliads, hibiscus, ferns, etc.  A biological & mechanical filtration system with a 1/8 HP pump is used, plus Matala filter pads and a UV sterilizer.  Last month we visited long-time members, George and Nancy Brown.  George is a shining example of the kind of people we have in our club.  Back when I joined our club in 1992, George was one who befriended me and helped me get a good start in koi keeping by building barrel filters for my pond.  Whenever I needed help or have a question I could turn to George.  I thank you George and Nancy for your hospitality. As always, we had a marvelous time at your home and congratulations on your 25th anniversary in our club. The koi keeping hobby seems to attract the nicest people.  Our group continues to pick up more and more friendly and helpful people willing to share their knowledge and skills with all of us.  Election Results:  President: Mary Oxman;Vice-President: Eric Howes;Treasurer: Rosie Asbell;Secretary: Howard Oxman; Whistle Blower: Reva Mallon.  Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.

Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan:  Joan reports that the SoCal Koi Club had no regular meeting in April.  Instead, the club manned booths at the Hanamatsuri Festival in Anaheim the weekend of April 14-15 and will man a booth at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Monterey Park the weekend of April 21-21.  Next month the club will be meeting at McFadden Intermediate School where the club built a koi pond over 20 years ago.  This will be the first time to see the pond for many of our club’s members.

Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:  No report.

Written report submitted by Kristine Peterson:  No report.

Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez:  Jerry Kyle, of Camellia KC, reports they will travel to the South San Francisco Bay Area this month to take a tour of major importers of Japanese Koi.  Plans are also being completed for a private members and quests Pond Tour and Progressive Dinner to be held in May.  With the future promising new ponds, annual pot luck, koi auction, spaghetti cook off challenge, koi health presentation, and holiday buffet, it is obvious the CKC is seeing nice ponds, nicer koi, and eating well.  Glen Hubenthal, of Austin PS, said the Zilker Garden Festival brought spring to Austin again this year with help of some member volunteers.  Some members are going TKFGS Annual Fish Sale at Water Garden Gems near San Antonio.  The 18th Annual Austin PS Pond Tour is June 9 & 10th.  Neal Friedman, of Washington K&WGS, said they are gearing up for their annual koi show in Sept. which will be back at their old location in Country Village, as they are organizing their annual pond tour to be held on July 21st.  Administratively, they have focused much of their attention on the ongoing AKCA election and bylaw controversies.  Bart Thompson, of Bakersfield K&WGS, said their March club meeting was held at the home of Andrew & Kelsey Spradlin’s home.  Andrew raised some beautiful kohaku and put them up for sale.  His father, Roger, brought a few of his koi for sale also including a 19” kumonryu that he purchased.  The main topic people enjoyed was how not to loose any fish this spring.  Mike Przewonznik gave a great presentation on koi health, preventative care and after you lost control of your water quality.  Everyone expressed great interest in attending the KHA Wet Lab in Fresno, Ca.  The 25th SoCal Koi Show was great for the 5 people who took on the bad weather on the Grapevine.  Their next meeting will be held at the home of Mike and Randi Przewonik’s home, and a field trip from there to McDonald’s Aquatic Nursery.  Don Bayer, of Lone Star KC, said they held their March meeting at the home of Bruce Grunden on March 25th.  Bruce is a long time member.  The meeting was well attended and everyone enjoyed seeing Bruce’s home, koi and gardens located on the east side of Lake Houston.  One might say in the countryside.  The April meeting will be held at the home of Tom Garrison.  They are co-sponsoring, along with Dr. Nam Hoang, a Kodama Koi Sale in the Houston Area on April 7th at the country home of Dr. Hoang near Pearland, Texas.  This will be Taro Kodama’s first koi sale in Texas.  Alan Stein, of ZNA So Cal KC, said it is with great sadness that Bob Seigel passed away this week.  He doesn’t have any details or a date for the funeral.  He will pass them along if they become available.  Their condolences to Jackie and their family.  It is hard to believe that just last month at their show he was telling him stories of his youth and family.  They were fascinating and he asked him to write them down before the stories were lost.  There were no reports from the Las Vegas KC, Dai-ichi K& Japanese Garden Club of British Columbia, and Idaho WG&KS.

Written report submitted by Doug Dahl:  John Rae, of Michigan K&PC-Southeast Chapter, reports the March 17th club seminar on Pond Opening and Fish Protection attracted 30 club members and 22 customers of Barson’s Greenhouse where the seminar was held.  On Saturday, April 21, the club will fly guest speaker AKCA Certified Judge Ray Jordan, from San Antonio, TX, to speak on Koi Identification.  Club members are making plans for the Annual Pond Tour July 21 and a joint Koi Show with the IKONA club in August.  Ron Kardynski is Chair of the Pond Tour and Ray Alexander is the club Koi Show Chair.

Written report submitted by Harlan Glenn:  No report.

Written report submitted by Mike FradyAtlanta Koi Club: We are having our annual koi auction this coming Saturday. I am going to go to setup here in a couple of hours. Last year we had over 300 fish and this year it will top 400. Biggest fund raiser that we have for the club. Proceeds are 75-25 owner/club. We will raise between 3-4k for the club. Clubs that don’t do this are missing out on a great time as well as a great money maker. It is also great for koi buying addicts (such as myself) to move on the ones that did not turn out the way you want. Speaking of auctions, my wife and I are driving up to Ray Abell’s auction on May 5th. First Coast Koi Club:  We have had a very busy month. At our March membership meeting the club approved revised By Laws which includes a name change. The official name of our club is now First Coast Koi Club. The spring auction was held at a local nursery on a cloudy rainy day but certainly did not dampen the spirits and overall results of the auction. The auction was deemed an overwhelming success. This Saturday a group of members will be assisting the Jacksonville Zoo during their Earth Day Celebration. As in the past we will be set up adjacent to the Koi Pond.  Plans are underway for the club’s annual pond tour as well as the Fall Show.  Inland Koi Society:  Mac McClain reporting from sunny California: The Inland Koi Society’s March Meeting was held at Inland Koi located in Riverside, Ca. The rain really poured down, and although we had the meeting outside, this did not dissuade the enthusiasm displayed by our membership and guests. Thanks to the hard work of some of our Board members and staff, 4 pop up tents, sufficed to keep most of the rain off of us. Our hosts, Joe (owner of Inland Koi) and his brother Peter Cao, were great hosts and extremely accommodating to everyone.. Inland koi is located in a 2,500 sq. ft. building. The building contains a number of tanks including two new 3,400 gallon tanks and a number of 400 gallon show tanks. These tanks all run 24/7 with Sequence and Wave pumps. The owners recently returned from Japan where they got 3,000 beautiful new Koi.  Our Guest speaker was Jack Chapman who gave an outstanding talk on filters and how to use the size of your Koi, and the food you feed them, in a formula (seemed similar to the formula of relativity) to try to avoid overloading your filter. Jack, a 41 year Veteran of the United States Navy, gave a talk that was not only informative but very funny. His sense of delivery kept everyone’s attention. Even the distraction from the pouring rain took a back seat to Jack’s presentation. After Jack’s talk I told everyone his lecture was like listening to Rodney Dangerfield and Albert Einstein all combined.Our pond tour coordinator, Nick Milfield ,reminded all of our members and guests of the upcoming pond tour to be held in Redlands Ca, on June 3, 2012. Overall, it was a great day with good food, and camaraderie.  Piedmont Koi Club: We held our March meeting at the home of Elenor Urby in Gastonia N.C. We had a plant swap and a pond cleaning.  Elenor’s pond plants were a little out of control to say the least.  Brandon brought his chest waders and went into the pond to pull the plants out which was no easy task since the pond is lined with rocks and most of the plants had attached to the rocks along with increasing in size 10 fold since being placed in the pond. In the water the plants were fairly light but trying to raise them out was another matter. Brandon only had to change shirts once, seems he forgot how high his waders came, when he bent over to pick up a tub of plants he filled his waders with water that was still a little chilly here in March. It didn’t take long to learn that lesson. Brandon called last week and told me he thought all of the remaining tanks have been sold. Elenor put on a feast for the members: 2 different flavors of pork, several different vegetables, several different cakes and several different pies all of which were homemade The key lime pie was delicious, for those that didn’t get any “TOUGH” you’ll just have to move faster next time.  IKONA: Members are busy with many koi events. Check out our website www.ikonaonline.org.  ZNA Potomac: The club has been actively planning for the year’s events.  The April meeting will be held at the new location of one of our club sponsors Vienna Aquarium of Leesburg, Virginia.  The May meeting will be an Open House event where we hope to recruit new members for this year.  Also in May is our young koi auction on May 20 in the Mt Vernon, VA area.  The show in September is already drawing a lot of interest and questions.

Motion:  To adjourn at 8:26 p.m.  Motion by Joan, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elliott

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