2012 08 AKCA Minutes

 Officers Present                               Directors Present                             Guests

Chair:  Kristine Peterson                    Bob Finnegan
Vice Chair:  Louie Hernandez          Brenda Chandler
Secretary:  Carole Elliott                    Don Chandler
CFO:  Joan Finnegan

Board Highlights:

  • Please let your AKCA rep/contact know of any concerns your club may have!

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kristine Peterson at 6:02 p.m.

MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of July 13th.  Motion by Brenda, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.

v AUGUST  FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Joan reported that she is in the process of working with Kristine to update and streamline procedures; some changes are being made to maximize the capabilities of QuickBooks.  She’ll have more information for us next month.  The annual budget was discussed.  It was stated that Doug has not done one the last several years.  It was stated that we need to discuss and go over an annual budget next month that we could then approve.  Motion:   To list Joan Finnegan, Brenda Chandler and Carole Elliot as the only authorized signers on the AKCA, Project KHV and KOI USA checking accounts.  Motion by Bob, 2nd by Don.  Approved.  Joan, Brenda and Carole will go to B of A and execute a new signature card.  Kristine would like to be able to download the bank account info to simplify her QB duties; Joan to resolve the issues.  It was stated that Doug had debit cards from B of A for both KOI USA and AKCA. As it stands now, Board members have to use their personal credit cards and seek reimbursement.  Motion:  To get debit cards for AKCA, with one for Joan and the other for Brenda.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.   It was felt that at this time we don’t need a debit card for KOI USA.



v Scientific/KHA:   Don presented Jerry’s report:  The KHA Program needs to determine what direction it can take to do the most good in the future. The original group of dedicated instructors did what was originally planned and encouraged approximately 250 members of AKCA affiliated clubs to enroll in the KHA Certification Program over the years to help make better Koi husbandry knowledge available to members of our hobby. The program was financed by AKCA at considerable cost at a time when there was stronger economic stability in the country. Some clubs picked up the tab for members to attend classes in order to acquire the knowledge to be better Koi keepers. Good information was scarce and the need was great and considered worth the cost.

Today is different. Information gleaned by the KHA Program has been widely distributed and is found on many websites. Original instructors, having completed their 250 student mission, have moved on to other pursuits. To continue KHA Certification requires finding knowledgeable hobbyists willing to step up and assist instructing. There is still a need. With continued progress we know the information that was the latest and greatest 10 years ago is no longer the best information today. De je vous all over again? Some old information is still erroneously being taught by others. Our Vet supporters tell us some meds that were widely recommended are no longer effective as pathogens evolve and adapt. Nitrates that are a natural result of the nitrification cycle (oxygen to nitrites to nitrates) and considered good food for plants have now been proven to depress the Koi natural immune system if allowed to build up too much in the pond. It does not kill the fish but lets something else that otherwise might not be a big problem kill the Koi and one might never know the real reason. Koi Herpes Virus was hardly known when we started. Now it wipes out whole ponds. The newest information is there is now a vaccine administered in a bath so no need to poke holes and inject. Others need to know this information. We need the KHA Program to keep up to date ourselves. A number of individuals have professed an interest in taking the class and there may be more. We have some graduates the last few years that are jumping in and being involved and writing interesting articles. We need ideas how to streamline the classes and we need those willing to help teach and/or correct test answers sent by email. Are there any takers out there? Our Koi babies need you. We need YOU!  Kristine reported that she’s been in contact with Dr. Nick Sainte-Erne re: linking a wet vet’s website with the AKCA KHA Program site.  The benefits of doing so were obvious to all and we look forward to further developments.


v AKCA-PROJECT KHV:  Jack received two boxes containing Project KHV documents plus files that Ray transferred to discs. Jack received the UPS shipping invoice for reimbursement, which was given to Joan to process payment of $42.05 from the AKCA checking account and to send to Ray. This is the same account used for the reimbursement of shipping the slates.  FYI: All AKCA monies expended on Project KHV (whether Admin, Research or Education) since the program’s inception in 2004 have been tabulated against our promised maximum of $50,000.  Kristine has set up an EBay account and is testing it out since she felt this might offer us the most visibility for selling the 8 Peter Enfield slates.  Louie also suggested reaching out to Asian countries whose hobbyists appreciate koi art and some of whom seem to have deep pockets.  The concern with overseas sales would be possible breakage during shipping/customs, &/etc.  Joan made a payment of $4205 to OSU on our grant.


v PUBLICATION:  Joan stated we got the dummy layout last weekend and we should begin proofing this weekend.  The magazine may be two weeks late or so.  Debbie, Bob Payne’s wife, asked on Bob’s behalf if we would put together a production schedule so that he’s ready to communicate with the printer and PCS.  Don is going to get together with him (but the real issue is having sufficient material in hand and we need a steady flow of articles).  Larry received several in the last several days.  We sold an ad in Michigan K&PC’s Pond Tour booklet; they sent a copy of their brochure and a nice Thank You note.  Don stated that we had 97 new added subscribers last month; this number has been increasing the last several months.  With the drops and new subscribers, we’re about even.  We have rented a new storage facility in Santa Ana that should save us close to $3,000 a year between KOI USA and AKCA.  There were 7 accounts 90 days overdue for a total of $5166.  Per Board Policy #15, our KOI USA corporate office is listed as Blueridge.  It was agreed upon to use our new P.O. Box as the address of our corporate office.  Don passed around a copy of the cover of the upcoming issue – a great one!

v MEMBERSHIP:   Don stated that First Coast KC of Florida has applied for reinstatement and they have paid the required fees.  Motion:  To readmit the First Coast KC of Florida.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.  Don has received a nice letter from V. Young McQueen (Treasurer of their club).  Doug Stuber, their Vice President, will act as their AKCA Dir/Rep (replacing Nellie Hawley) until club elections are held this fall.   Don received an email from Fred Blundell (AKCA Dir/Rep) of K&WGC of No. Texas.  Apparently, in the last email from their AKCA Board contact, Fred learned that the club’s membership had expired.  He contacted Don and stated that this was done in error as the club never intended to quit – they’d just never received the March invoices sent to him and the club president, Laura Adams.  The club requested a waiver of the $50 reinstatement fee.  Discussion.  Unfortunately as per our By-laws, a club must pay the $50 reinstatement fee in order to rejoin AKCA. Don will send the club a letter recapping the discussion.  Since both Mike and Burt have resigned, their clubs were left without local Board member contacts.  The next several minutes were spent going over the various clubs in question and reassigning them.  Don will provide the Board contacts with new lists and they will be contacting the clubs in question.  To recap, there are 85 active clubs with 4 of them being reinstated since July 1st.



v JUDGING:  Bob stated that the committee is pretty much on hold until all the dust settles.  He did state that there are a number of judges still with the AKCA judging committee but that Mike Frady had resigned.  Motion:  To accept Mike’s resignation from the Judging Committee.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved.  Bob questioned what insurance coverage Judges might have through the AKCA’s liability and D & O policies?  Brenda will check with our Broker and report back to the Board.


v SPEAKER’S GRANT:  Kristine is sending out a letter to the two clubs that won the Speaker’s Grant last month laying out the grant guidelines.

v GUIDES:  No report.


v INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT:  Brenda stated that 11 clubs have already enrolled for the Premium level insurance this FY.  She is in the middle of getting our Bookstore liability insurance transferred from Blue Ridge to the Santa Ana storage facility.


v BOOKSTORE COMMITTEE:  Brenda stated that Cheryl wrote Richele that she has finally finished shipping the last of her AKCA Bookstore inventory back to Richele; so far Richele has received 7 boxes, with 5 boxes remaining to arrive.  Richele will have to inventory the lot since Cheryl advised she lost her inventory list.  Kristine has set up an account with USPS for Richele to mail out orders which will not only reduce costs but will also provide free tracking of packages.  We plan on eliminating all our postal meters, which will save over a thousand dollars a year in rental fees between the two organizations.


v BY-LAWS:  Kristine advised that she sent our corporate attorney our Parliamentarian’s report but has not yet received his recommendations back.  The Board discussed the importance of holding a new round of elections as soon as possible on the one hand but that we also realize the danger of rushing into another election cycle before we get his advice and only end up making things worse.  Unfortunately, things are what they are – and what we need to do most is proceed with utmost caution.



 v 2012 Seminar:  There will be a final accounting figure next month for the Seminar and KHA Wet Lab with all expenses and income broken out by function.


v 2013 Seminar:  Kristine asked Carole to contact the Northwest K&GFC-ZNA Chapter to see if they would be willing to host the 2013 Annual Business Meeting/Wet Lab.  Their club discussed this at their last meeting and felt that they needed to wait until their new board was elected as they would be the ones working with AKCA.  Carole also contacted Bonnie Nakahara of the Hawaii GF&CA to see about having the Wet Lab/Judging program/Business meeting in Hawaii.  She felt this would be a great location, especially if we could have a judging program at Kodama’s.  This would probably be around the last weekend in June, 2013.  Bonnie said she would check into meeting places for the wet lab and get back to us.




  • Does your club have any questions or concerns?
  • Is anyone in your club interested in writing an article for KOI USA?
  • Is your club interested in hosting an Annual Business Meeting/Banquet/Wet Lab in 2013?


Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for SEPTEMBER:

  • None




Letter of Resignation:  Mike Frady submitted a letter of resignation from the Board and as Vice Chairperson.  Motion:  To accept the letter of resignation from Mike Frady, effective immediately, from the Board and as Vice Chairperson.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Bob.  Approved.

Letter of Resignation:  Burt Ballou submitted a letter of resignation, effective immediately, from the Board and all attendant duties.  Motion:  To accept the letter of resignation from Burt Ballou, effective immediately, from the Board and all attendant duties.  Motion by Bob, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.  We are all grateful to Mike and Burt for the years they spent on the Board and all their valued contributions.

Vice-Chair Position:  Due to the resignation of Mike Frady, Kristine appointed Louie Hernandez to fill the position.  Motion:  To approve the appointment of Louie Hernandez as Vice Chairperson.  Motion by Joan, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved.

AKCA Koi of the Year:  It was stated that each AKCA Koi of the Year plaque costs AKCA $70 plus shipping for live koi shows of AKCA member clubs in good standing.  It was further felt that in order to qualify the show must be judged by a minimum of one AKCA judge or AKCA candidate judge (AKCA sanctioned ZNA Chapter clubs with ZNA judging teams likewise qualify).  It was felt this will encourage our AKCA clubs to use our AKCA Judges to receive our AKCA trophy. Motion:  Effective January, 2013, in order to qualify for a free AKCA Koi of the Year plaque, AKCA club’s live koi shows must be judged by at least one AKCA judge or candidate judge (AKCA sanctioned ZNA Chapter clubs with ZNA judging teams likewise qualify) unless they’re unable to get one, in which case they’ll be eligible for a due diligence waiver from the AKCA Judging Committee.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved.



Meeting Location:  Since we’ve vacated the Blueridge location, we’ll try holding our next meeting at Marie Calendar’s (on Brookhurst St. in Fountain Valley), with the meeting time still being 6 p.m.




Written report submitted by Burt:  Linda Montgomery, of Cascade K&GFC, said the club had a booth at the Hughes Water Lily Fair; there was a good turnout.  The next meeting will be at the Smith’s home which will be the club’s annual picnic; their gardens are very beautiful.  Norbun Watson, of Middle Georgia KS, said their last meeting was at a new member’s home, Tommie & Joan Couch.  Bart Atkinson did a koi identification talk for the members with photos for them to identify the specific variety.  They also discussed possibly moving their koi show date so it wouldn’t be so close to other shows in their area.  Sonja Kahkola, of the Rainbow River KC, said the club does not have meetings in July or August due to extreme heat, but they did have a brief meeting to decide on which of three choices for their club’s friendship award.  Barb Flowers, of Rocky Mountain KC, said they are getting ready for their koi show which is August 18 & 19th and that was all they could concentrate on at this time.  Dinh Nguyen, of ZNA Northern Calif. Chapter, said there was no meeting the last month as most of their members attended an event that a local koi vendor put on.  Sanjiv Kapoor, of the Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, said they had their pond tour and it only had half the attendance from last year, which was down from that prior year.  They attribute this to the ongoing economic downturn as they have a very good marketing strategy with help from many of the local newspapers featuring the event.  One positive from the tour was there were a large number of questions about building a pond by the attendees.  Debby Young, of Southern Arizona KA, said they had over 3 inches of rain in less than 3 hours which represents about a third of their total rain for the year, electricity was down in many areas and a lot of flooded areas.  Their last meeting was their annual picnic and Debby did a short talk on the proper use of pvc pipe, and not to use the thinwall type. Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, said that due to the heat they only had a koi show planning meeting.


Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that they had a successful pond tour and were able to not only show off their beautiful ponds but were able to sign up some new members who were not aware that the club even existed.  Now they have just 3 more meetings left this year.  They are planning on going to Jones Fish Hatchery on August 11th.  They are also having their club picnic on Sept. 15.  Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said their July meeting was heavily attended at the home of Bernard & Jean Hall.  Their beautiful home and large yard were available to all.  They all brought goodies to eat and the Halls had a special treat of homemade peach ice cream.  Their president, Gene Koch, had many items on his agenda for the July meeting.  They voted to buy a new printer and projector for their koi show instead of borrowing from their members.  They are also investigating new location for their Christmas Party.  They will have a Koi & Goldfish show Oct. 4-7th.  They have already filled the quota of koi vendors and are close to filling out the rest of the dry vendor booths.  All the info for the show can be found on their web site at www.sckwgs.com.  They are preparing for their August meeting to be at their president’s house and their special topic this month will be on home safety.  They have invited a city policeman to give a talk about home safety and security.  Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, would like to thank their guest speaker, Steve Coop, of NOVARTIS Animal Health, who talked on the new CAVOY Vaccination for KHV at the home of Jaime & Margaret Carrillo.  Their club Vet., Dr. Tom McCabe, has been invited and has accepted a spot in the Novartis Charleston, SC lab.  A great time was had by all as they celebrated their KHA Don Harrawood’s birthday and being voted “SKAPA’s 2012 Koi Person of the Year.”  Their August meeting will be held on two days at the home of Ken & Susie Austin.  Their featured speaker is Karen Pattist, Director of KOI.  Karen will conduct a training session and will demonstrate how to safely net and capture koi.  On the 2nd day, Karen will conduct on “Being a Better Observer – Diagnosing Koi problems through their Behavior.”  Bryan Bateman, of Midwest P&KS, said their 20th Annual Koi show was a success.  They invited Toen Feyen, from Holland, to be their special guest judge.  He was assisted by Steve Childers and Jason Guevara.  They had a record 174 koi entered in their show this year.  Immediately following their show, they had their pond tour – over 60 member ponds on display over a two weekend period.  In spite of record heat and drought in the Chicago-land area, the turnout for this event was impressive.  Next up is their Fall Koi Auction.  This event provides an opportunity for members to thin their ponds prior to the winter season, and also provides a little revenue for their club from the proceeds.  After that, they move on to their Appreciation dinner in October, and that’s about it for another MPKS season.  Jan Jordan, of Mid Columbia K&PC, said they have an out-of-town function this weekend (8/4) at a member’s pond that lives in Hermiston (Gene & Luann Garner).  Otherwise gearing up for the pond tour Sept. 8th.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they they, along with members from the Northern Iowa P&KC, just returned from an absolutely wonderful pond tour in St. Louis.  The St. Louis WGS was kind enough to host their visit.  They shared their ponds and some great food with them.  Which, just goes to show you, that the “ponding” community is so friendly and willing to share ideas and conversation.  What a great time they all had.  July was their 16th annual pond tour, which turned out to be a great success, too!  In August they’ll return to their normal meetings and thus begin talking about fall and winter pond care.  Monte McQuade, of Puget Sound KC, said their Young Koi Show is this weekend (Aug. 4th).  He will do a write up for KOI USA of the PNKCA convention (Aug. 10-12th).  Gary Floyd, of Amarillo KS, said they are managing with the heat and drought.  Carole tried but was unable to each Central Alabama K&WGS, KC of Middle Tennessee, Niagara Frontier K&PC, and WGC of South Texas.


Written report submitted by Phil Hunter:   Vi Conn, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that the members had a wonderful time at the July meeting which was a mini pond tour and progressive dinner.  The first stop was at the home of John and Connie Bartkowiak where appetizers were served.  While members ate, John discussed his use of potassium permanganate on a regular basis to combat parasites and algae.  The second stop was the home of Jeff Venn and Mike Wendorf, where members enjoyed the main course of the meal.  Their pond contains a 4 foot deep bog which is used as part of the filter system.  Jeff explained that he uses no chemicals in the pond other than salt to maintain water clarity.  The final stop was at the pond of Al & Vi Conn where dessert was served.  After dessert, Al & Vi discussed how they converted their 16 x 32’ swimming pool into a pond.  Members noticed an alligator hovering in the pond.  Al explained that it was effective in keeping the blue herons away.  The August meeting will be at the home of Mike Masternak.  The guest speaker will be Bruce from Bruce’s Pond Shop.  In addition, there will be discussion about filling three open positions on the board; Vice president, marketing director and membership secretary. Linda Kinney, of the Dayton KC, reports that the club held its annual picnic at the home of Todd and Amy Elliott in July.  The weather was great and the potluck fare was a winner as well.  The koi pond looked great and Todd’s new quarantine system was in full operation.  Several members made the trip around the adjacent lake to get another koi fix at Steve and Becky Gainer’s pond too.  August’s meeting will be at the Kinney home.  The meeting topic will be koi varieties.  Laurie Turner, of the Shasta K&WGC, reports that the July meeting was held in the evening at the home of Gary Desmond and Armondo Mejorado.  Members were treated to beautiful koi and unique landscaping dotted with many fine metal sculptures.  The August meeting will be at the home of Terry and Marilyn Swnson.  The program will be about Anoxic Filtration.  In September, the club will hold its annual BBQ at the home of Bob & Penny Hart.  Pat Ware, of the Springfield WGS, reports that the July meeting was held at the home of Jim and Carol Lersch.  In addition to viewing the Lersch’s pond, members were allowed to visit the neighbor’s fountain and lake.  Also in July, members went on a mini tour, visiting the ponds of Peter Longley and Joe & Anita Peterman.  There is no formal club meeting in August, but there is an event for the members.  It is another mini pond tour.  This mini tour will feature the ponds of Mark & Debbie Putman and Ken & Mimi Grozinger.  In September, a Farwell Fiesta will be held for Ian & Phyllis Donelly who are moving to Florida.  The Donelly’s are charter members of the club and will be missed by all.  Phil was unable to contact the Inland Empire WG&KS.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the July meeting was held on Jul 17 at the home of Dale and Sandy Winn; the meeting was very well attended.  Members enjoyed viewing both ponds the Winn’s have: A mini pond in the front along with a bigger pond in their backyard.  Greg discussed the success of the KHA wet lab and AKCA banquet; he also presented the AKCA Koi Person of the year award to Rosimeri Tran.  Dale discussed the pond history and his koi.  Rosimeri and Seng discussed their KHA calls for July and Seng presented the new tank covers that he designed for our koi show tanks with the help of Mrs. Vo.  Rosimeri brought us up to date on koi show information.  Everything is falling into place and we expect a sellout of show tanks this year. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com. Debbi Gillis, of Central Coast Koi Club, reports their next meeting is Thursday, Sep 1, 2011 from 6:00p.m. – 8:30p.m.  Meetings are typically held at a member’s home or business on the first Thursday of every month.   If you own a pond, or are an aspiring pond owner, this group can enlighten you with all their experiences; the good, bad, and even the ugly. For more information, and for locations, email Debi (director and certified Koi Health Advisor) at centralcoastkoiclub@charter.net.  James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports they held their July meeting at the home of Linda and James McAdams. The club discussed the possibility of donating proceeds of its Pond Tour to more than one charity next year. It was agreed that this will merit further discussion when the next Tour committee is formed. Ray Jordan has accepted the club’s invitation to come speak to the club on December 8th of this year on “How to Do a Koi Show”. It was decided to combine Ray’s presentation with our annual Christmas Party. It was also announced that our club is one of the two recipients of this year’s AKCA Speaker’s Grants of up to $250.00. Our thanks to the AKCA!  Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/.  Dennis Long, of Metro-Detroit Pond & Garden Club, reports they presented Gary & Shirley Madden with their club’s Koi Person of the Year Award. They were very happy. The Club celebrated its 10 year anniversary Pond Tour this July and looks forward to many more exciting years. We are also looking forwarded to the first Koi Show in Michigan. Let’s all support IKONA & MKPC this Labor Day weekend.  Check out their website at http://metrodetroitpondandgardenclub.org/.  Philip Gray, of Mid-Atlantic Koi Club, reports the July & August 2012 issue of Mid-Atlantic Koi is available only on-line at the MAKC website.  Check out their website at http://www.makc.com.  Dot Wilbanks, Moto-Kara Koi Kai ZNA Chapter Koi Club, reports they did not meet last month due to the heat. Check their website at http://www.mkk-zna.org/.  Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers,reports Jul 14th was the combined koi show of Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society (IEWGKS) and North Idaho Koi Keepers (NIKK). It was a private show held at John & Linda Seifert’s backyard. Though the show was a one day event, there were a lot of koi entered. As for the judging panel, they had Larry Gill and Dick Benbow. Check out their website at http://www.northidahokoikeepers.com/id8.html.  Lois Rosmarin, of Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club,reports they held a Koi Auction on July 21st. All the auction koi sold and went to new homes. We feel we had a very successful day. Thank you to the club members who helped!  Their website at http://www.siskiyoukoiclub.com has been remodeled is now back up, so be sure to check it out. Michelle Gravenish Reilly, of Upper Midwest Koi Club, reports they had a board meeting on July 22 to review preparations for their upcoming koi show on August 3-5. They had a general membership meeting on Sat July 28 to review work lists and some other topics regarding koi handling.  They began set up for the show at Bachman’s garden center on Tuesday the 31st and benched fish on Friday Aug 3.  The show was a big success and they benched over 150 fish, nearly all from the Minneapolis and Chicago areas. Joe White was the head judge and John Spangler (?) was the candidate judge. The show committee was pleased with how it came off. Details will be provided in correspondence with Koi USA to follow.  Check their website at http://www.umkoiclub.org/htm/meetings.html.  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  MACON WATER GARDEN & KOI CLUB, NASHVILLE POND SOCIETY, NORTHERN MIDWEST ZNA KOI CLUB, and RHODE ISLAND & MASSACHUSETTS KOI CLUB.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:  Johnna Hansen, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports their club was pleased to be able to offer the Kodama Class II on August 11/12 at the Holiday Inn Express in North Charleston, featuring Goshiki/Koromo, Asagi/Shusui, Hikarimono and Kawarimono.  This was a unique opportunity to be taught by one of the most well known dealers in the US – and the father son combination gave an entertaining and informative presentation. Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/.  Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports once again we had a great meeting and raffle. It was very hot but everyone had a shady spot. Thank you to all the people who donated so many great items to the raffle. We discussed quarantining fish before introducing them to our ponds. This is something we all know, but we have become complacent and this spring quite a few of us have paid the price in sick/dead fish. Thank you to the Hoppers for hosting the meeting; we enjoyed seeing your pond and beautiful fish. Karla, Joe and Kristin did the raffle; Joe is one of our founding members and still very involved.  Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com.  Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports they held a joint koi meeting with the SoCal Koi Club where the guest speaker was Chris Clemens from Operation Rebound.  The club donated $500 to the organization that assists our wounded vets after rehab and sends some to the Paralympics.  In fact, Chris will be one of the athletes going to London to participate in the Paralympics!  Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com.  Todd Bong, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports the Jul meeting was held at Greg & Letriana Cantrell’s home. President Todd Bong called the meeting to order and there were 46 members in attendance.  Vice President, Larry Zehr, gave a presentation on Koi fish and the wide array of colors to choose from.  The next meeting will be Sept. 8th at ICC in East Peoria. Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/.  Sarah Garrison, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports their club will be having a Members Only Pond Tour on 09/22/2012  at 10:00 a.m. in the NE part of Colorado Springs.  Members and their guests are invited to tour 7 ponds.  We have a bus reserved, which will depart from Badger Koi Gardens at 10 am, and return about 5 pm.  Cost of the bus will be $10 each, with the club picking up the balance.  You DO NOT have to ride on the bus to participate!  Maps and times will be provided soon.  Lunch will be enjoyed at a longer stay at the second pond on the tour.  The club will provide box lunches for $5 each for those who reserve it in advance.  The next event will be the President’s Party on Fri Aug 31st at 6 PM at Jerry and Carol Hunter’s Home – 5458 Escondido Drive (80918) – to start your Labor Day Weekend off right. Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org.  David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the club did not meet in Aug due to the heat.  Next meeting will be on Sep 16.  Check their website at http://www.vskc.net.  Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports last month’s meeting at the home of Gary & Denice Stouffer was a most delightful garden party.  Both Gary and Denice have lavished much time and love into their garden.  I am amazed at what they have done with their property.  The steep slope and large oak trees would have caused most people to give up on having a garden.  Multiple levels of garden paths have been created by terracing the land with stacked rocks.  Since my first visit about six years ago Gary has made many changes to his pond to make it a better home for their koi and goldfishes.  Removing the rocks from inside the pond has done wonders.  As a result, the fishes have more swim space, fewer surfaces to hurt themselves on, and cleaner and healthier water without all the toxic muck collecting under the rocks.  Well done Gary!  You have done an excellent job of improving living conditions for your fishes.  I know it was very disheartening to learn that your newly built pond was not a safe and appropriate home for koi, but you have successfully met the challenge.  You have learned much from attending our club meetings. The Aug meeting will be held on the 11th at the home of Bruce and Jan Hunter.  Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.


Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan:  Joan reports that the SoCal Koi Club held a joint koi meeting with the Nishiki Koi Club where the guest speaker was Chris Clemens from Operation Rebound Organization.  The club donated $500 to the organization that assists vets after rehab and sends some to the Paralympics.  Chris will be going to London to participate in the Paralympics.  Bob & Joan Finnegan attended the PNKCA convention and saw many old and new koi friends.  Norm Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said that he has resigned as editor of his club newsletter after 15 years.  Good job Norman!  They are having a meeting next weekend with an outdoor picnic.  Quite a few of their members, along with Norman, attended PNKCA.  They will be holding a meeting for their next koi show and possibly holding an auction in the future for fun and fundraising event.  Virginia Hokkkanen, of Northwest K&GFC-ZNA Northwest Chapter, said their club held their annual picnic.  They gained some new members.  Elections are next month.  They held a koi show committee meeting; had all ZNA Judges.  Vendors were happy and though all was very organized but show was not profitable this year.  They had a good attendance at PNKCA at Silverdale, WA.  Joan was unable to contact St. Louis WGS.


Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:   Ken Hautman, of Great Ponds & KS of West Michigan, said that everything is fine; they are taking advantage of the good weather.  Jon Floden, of Gulf Coast KS, said they have had only a few meetings this year.  Steve Ramsey, of North Florida KC, said everything is OK; they talked about AKCA business.  Mona Coleman, of Northern Nevada PC, said they had a pond tour the last part of July.  They had a picnic Aug. 18th.  Bruce Lott, of Olympic K,GF&WGC, said they hosted the PNKCA Convention in Silverdale, WA.  It was well attended.  They had 3 guest speakers and will have an article for KOI USA.  Bob tried but was unable to reach Sierra KC; Northern Iowa P&KC, and Indiana K&WGC.


Written report submitted by Kristine Peterson:  Mac McClain, Inland Koi Society, reported meeting in the month of August was hosted by Koi judge Pam Spindola. Pam was certified by the Associated Koi Club of America, in 2004, and equaled the highest test score ever achieved for certification. Pam is not only a judge but is a former editor in chief of KOI USA Magazine. We were extremely pleased when Pam agreed to host our meeting. We had 56 members and guests that attended our meeting, including Koi expert Jack Chapman, from the San Diego club, who donated a koi for our raffle.  Pam’s beautiful home has a yard that places you in a lavish tropical setting that is both peaceful and radiant. She has two ponds. The one in the front is called the Varsity pond, which is a concrete pond with a 5000 gallon capacity. The second pond in the back is the JV pond which is a liner pond, with a 2500 gallon capacity. As would be expected, both ponds contain absolutely beautiful Koi, that reflect the skillful eye of an elite Koi judge.  Pam started out by giving us a brief history of how the Koi hobby came to be. She then proceeded to delight us all with her slide presentation, of her trip to Japan, visiting Koi farms. At my first introduction to Pam, she struck me as being a very shy and reserved. All of that shyness went out the window when she began to narrate the slide show. Her narration of her trip was of a “down home folksy” eloquence, that was well received by our members and guests. Her enthusiastic talk was reflective of a person who loves the Koi hobby and has made it a big part of her life.   Although some of our attendees were able to view the slide show from inside of Pam’s home, the majority of our members watched the slide show outside on laptop computers. This by no means was a perfect science, but thanks to our “tech expert” Orville Hanson, we were able to get through it. Pam was an excellent hostess and speaker, and made all of us feel like family.  We had the honor of presenting the AKCA award for Inland Koi Society’s 2011 Koi Person of the Year to board member Bob Henry. We also acknowledged the 2012 Inland Koi Society persons of the year, Sandy and Orville Hanson.  Thought of the Month: “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan.  The August general meeting of the Koi Club of San Diegowas held in the beautiful garden of Carl & Shirley Elswick. Orville Hanson, a Riverside resident and member of the Inland Koi Society presented Part II of a lecture series on filtration and provided several tested methods providing efficient and practical forms of filtration to fit our needs. Timing could not be better on this lecture series, our systems are in full swing and discussion on problem solving gave many ideas on improvements for next year. For more information on Orville’s presentation please visit our website at http://www.koiclubsandiego.org/ Thank you Orville! The September general meeting will be at Dean Strasser’s home in Lakeside. Tom Holder of Koi Care Kennel, Inc will be the guest speaker and will provide us with a program on koi health and how to provide the best care for our koi. Our general meetings are an excellent source for learning and sharing our interests of koi and pond care, to join us please visit http://www.koiclubsandiego.com/.  Santa Clarita Koi & WG:The July 21st meeting was held at the home of our AKCA Koi Health Advisor Todd Boswell. He began by asking how many members owned and regularly used water quality testing kits on their pond system. He displayed charts showing the chemical cycles that can occur in ponds and other factors that can affect water quality. About a month ago, he noticed a problem in his main pond and decided that he probably had a koi with a parasite or disease. Instead of first checking his water quality, something that he had recently failed to do, he began looking for a sick koi. This included netting koi and scraping scales and using chemical pond treatments. In the end, he found no parasite or disease and ended up with a pond of very stressed fish. A quick check of his pond water indicated very unbalanced water that required immediate remedies. His pond is now balanced and the koi survived. A Club-only mini-pond tour in September had no volunteers and there will be a regular meeting instead. The Club Board has expanded to include a member who has taken over our website. The website is definitely improving and for more information on the club please visit scvkoiandwatergardenclub.com .


Written report submitted by Louie HernandezZNA So. CA Chapter, met at the home of Doug Wright.  As always Doug & Pam had a beautiful setting and great food.  Their topics were monthly meetings and speakers.  Don Kobashigawa has stepped down but Judy Walker, the new club President, chaired the meeting with aplomb.  Neal Friedman, of Washington K&WGS, said they held the August club meeting at Russell Water Gardens in Redmond, WA.  This was their annual dessert potluck meeting.  Members could stroll the grounds to admire the plants, plantings and of course koi.  Then Jared Hole led them on an instructional tour of the inside of a Russell Water Gardens bead filter, with tips on how to maintain and use bead filters.  Club members continue to rack up honors at Koi shows around the region, bringing home awards from Portland and Spokane.  Club member, Chris Charbonneau, put her SCUBA skills to use helping repair a drain fitting and a broken air diffuser at the Luna Park Koi facility owned by Nancy Moore and Lucy MacNeil.  Their annual koi show is coming up the weekend of Sept. 8 & 9th; this year they are back at County Village in Bothell, WA. Glen Hubenthal, of Austin PS, said their July monthly meeting club members Karl Tinsley presented a show and tell about products and equipment that help maintain their ponds.  Darren Bayhi presented a program on different fertilizers for pond plants.  They are looking forward to TKFGS Koi Show.  Jerry Kyle, of Camellia KC, said that July witnessed their annual potluck.  Anthony Quintero, of Koi Enterprise, invited Dr. Scott Webber, DVM, from the University of California, to talk of news of KHV.  His extremely interesting attention grabbing presentation showed there still is no cure for KHV but, there is now a vaccine administered in a bath so needles and injections are not needed.  They feel fortunate and pleased to have Dr. Webber and the UC Davis Vet Program available to support them.  Plans for August are to have their Annual Club Auction where newer members along with the rest of them are able to get some very nice koi at reasonable costs as other members reduce fish load in their pond to make way for the excitement of growing even better koi.  They make an “Annual” affair out of those activities they love most like “Potluck” and “Koi Auction” as well as other things they join this club for.  Irene Dunic, of Dai Ichi K&Japanese GC of BC, said there was no meeting held in July; have a few members going to the PNKCA convention in Silverdale, WA.  Members have been invited to the Canada KC annual BBQ August 19th.  Don Bayer, of Lone Star KC, said their July meeting was held at the home of Don Bayer, in Houston.  This was a well attended meeting.  Ray Jordan, from TKFGS KC in San Antonio, was invited to lecture and spoke on water quality.  As usual, Ray’s lecture was informative and entertaining.  Ray is a very knowledgeable koi keeper/judge who understands the intricacies of water quality and how to share that knowledge.  Thanks again to Ray and his wife Martha for making the trip over to Houston from San Antonio.  Charles Phelps, of Greater Louisville Koi Club, report a fun meeting and a gathering of friends enjoyed a B- B-Q with about 30- 40 members attending. Good food, friends and koi talk lasted the afternoon.


Written report submitted by Harlan Glenn:  Dave Peebler, of the Koi  Club of Kansas, reports they are taking the month of August off from a club meeting. The 102-110 degree heat is too much to even think about an outside meeting. Hopefully it will cool off and we will get something scheduled for Sept and Oct.  Dave will be hosting a Koi Adoption event in September. For those interested in attending or volunteering, please contact Dave at dpeebler@att.net.  Refreshments and live koi will be served! LOL


Written report submitted by Mike Frady:  None.


Motion:  To adjourn at 8:45.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elliott

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