2013 04 AKCA Minutes

 AKCA Minutes of April 12, 2013

Officers Present                               Directors Present                 Guests

Chair:  Kristine Peterson                    Bob Finnegan                          Ally Cunningham

Vice Chair:  Don Chandler                  Brenda Chandler                     Paul Cunningham

Secretary:  Carole Elliott

CFO:  Joan Finnegan

2013 AKCA Banquet – Wet Lab – Judging Seminar

June 29-30th in Hawaii

KHAs are encouraged to attend (free) to refresh their knowledge!

For travel from the mainland – we recommend going through

Pleasant Holidays Package (airfare/hotel) – Staying at the Miramar @ Waikiki

Board Highlights:


  • If your club is having a koi show, koi pond tour or auction and need liability  insurance coverage, please contact Brenda ASAP
  • Club Koi Person of the Year, Koi of the Year & Champion of Champions nominations are all due by May 1st!
  • KOI USA magazine is in need of articles from individuals & clubs re: koi shows, pond tours, pond builds, koi health issues, etc.  And the Hobbyist Spotlight feature wants to represent one of your member’s ponds!
  • Don’t forget to vote your club’s AKCA Officers ballot and return it for counting at the May AKCA Board meeting.


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Kristine Peterson at 6:50 p.m.


MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of March 8, 2013 with the following correction:  Jack Dunlap (last name was originally misspelled).  Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.


v MARCH  FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Joan reported that we had total receipts for the month of $2,459.16 and expenditures of $797.67 with an ending bank balance of $10,374.11.



v Scientific/KHA:   No report.


v AKCA-PROJECT KHV:  No report.


v PUBLICATION:  Don reported that the magazine has been sent out and should have been received by now.  He is waiting for photos for an article on the All Japan Shinkokai Koi Show from Mike Hernandez.  Brenda will maintain the KOI USA Article Index in the future.  Larry sent an article on the Aloha Koi Show; he also had a great column in the current issue complimenting James Reilly as did Kristine (James Reilly really deserves kudos!).  Don stated that we are a week out from uploading the “dirty copy” for the next issue.  We have ironed out a contract for Debye Payne who will be taking over from Connie (who resigned as Accounts Receivable Manager).  April 5th was Connie’s official last day after 10 years with KOI USA; Thank you, Connie!  She handed a number of items off to Debye but we still need a few items (the insertion orders, postage meter, etc).  Debye is working with Kristine who will help us out on the QuickBooks handover.  Don also reported that KOI USA had an Executive Meeting prior to the AKCA meeting to finalize Debye Payne’s contract.  Her contract will be based on a sliding scale for retrieving past due billings from accounts that Connie did not collect.  However, we still want Debye’s priority to be on billing/collecting for current issues.  Joan will send Connie 10 self addressed stamped envelopes for her to send us any checks mistakenly sent to her.  Kristine went over the Quickbook files retrieved from Connie’s computer and said that Debye is ready to go.

v MEMBERSHIP:  Don stated that he sent out an AKCA Dir/Rep tool kit to all club reps with 12 updated forms and logos so they don’t have to chase them down individually. There was a request to join the AKCA from a group in Charleston, South Carolina: the Low Country Koi Club.  They have 6 families, 3 of whom already subscribe to KOI USA magazine.  They’re planning their first koi show!  Motion:  To conditionally accept the application from the Low Country Koi Club pending receipt of their $100 dues check.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.  Don received an email from the Land of Lincoln Water Gardening Association inquiring about joining the AKCA; they were very interested in our Premium level insurance (but “koi” was not included in their title as well as their mission statement, as required).  Don will follow through with them.  Kristine would like to have her clubs reassigned as she is on overload with her work.  Carole will take over the Hawaii club; Santa Clarita, Mountain View and the Michigan K&PC clubs will need new Local Board Member contacts.  Don went over an email from a club member (who was not an AKCA Dir/Rep) regarding the AKCA ballot.  Discussion followed re: them asking a candidate to stake out political agendas in order to solicit a club’s vote.



v JUDGING:  Bob discussed the status of the Judging Committee.


v SPEAKER LOTTERY GRANTS:  Kristine stated that the two clubs (Central Cal & Deep South) have until Sep 1st to use their grants.  Motion:  To extend the Speaker Grant program for another year.  Motion by Ally, 2nd by Joan.  Approved, with 2 opposed.

v GUIDES:  No report.


v INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT:   Brenda stated that 17 clubs have paid for a total of $2125.  She has received a lot of inquiries re: next year (which she is checking on with our broker).  Brenda reported that a club asked whether carpooling for club events was covered by our liability insurance; she checked with our carrier and the answer was “no.”  If you have a question re: our coverage, please contact Brenda.


v BOOKSTORE COMMITTEE:   Brenda reported that total bookstore sales for February were $544 and for April $133.  However, Connie has not turned in a full report for sales at the San Diego Koi Show so we are still waiting on this to finalize February’s report.


v By-Laws:  No report.


v Koi Person of the Year:  Clubs should be voting on Koi Person of the Year and submit by May 1st to Paul Cunningham (including name, club, their home address and email address).  Mail to:  3201 S. Artesia Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704 or email to fly-by@pacbell.net


v Koi of the Year:  Clubs should submit picture with owners name and home address and email address by May 1st to Garry Chin at: scvkoi@yahoo.com


v Champion of Champions:  Clubs should submit picture with owners name and home address and email address by May 1st to Garry Chin at: scvkoi@yahoo.com




v 2013 Seminar:   Carole reported the restaurant that was scheduled for the Saturday night banquet lost their lease.  Bonnie is working on two other options at the same cost and we should have this finalized soon.


v 2014 SeminarThe Lone Star KC in Houston, Texas wants to host the 2014 Wet Lab.  Thank you, Houston!  If any other clubs are interested in hosting the Wet Lab/AKCA Annual Business Meeting, please contact Carole Elliott.




  • Is anyone in your club interested in writing an article for KOI USA?
  • Is your club interested in hosting an Annual Business Meeting/Banquet/Wet Lab in 2014?
  • Is anyone in your club planning on attending the AKCA Annual meeting/Wet lab in Hawaii?
  • Be sure to vote and submit Koi Person of the Year, Koi of the Year (with photo), and Champion of Champions (with photo).
  • Be sure to vote and submit your AKCA Officers ballot.


Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for MAY:


  • Notify Bookstore of materials to ship to Seminar/Wet Lab in Hawaii.




q  None


New Business


Brenda Atwell:  Kristine received a letter from Brenda who sent info on the plaques for Koi of the Year.  She stated that Charlie is still in intensive care and not doing very well.  We all send him our best wishes on a speedy recovery.  Kristine thanked both Charlie and Brenda for all they have done on behalf of KOI USA and AKCA.  Kristine will continue to handle plaque requests until further notice.


Assigning Club Rep Contacts:  In response to a question, Don reviewed the By-Laws and Membership Committee policies which specify that only Board Members (i.e., someone who already has a club’s vote as Dir/Rep) can be assigned as Local Board Member Contacts for other clubs (which would allow them to seek proxy votes from those other clubs).



Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, would like to Thank Lin & Ray Wadle for being the perfect host at their last meeting.  Also, thanks to their guest speaker, Jennifer Hickey, on her talk.  Congratulations to member Oscar Leeser on his new endeavor as an El Paso mayoral candidate.  Their next meeting will be held at the 150 Sunset Nursery with guest speakers Nathan and Sherri Andrews; topic will be on pond plants.  Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier K&PC, said the month of April will be their Photo contest.  They are working on plans for their Koi Show in June.  Their Pond Tour is set for July.  The next several months they will have various gardens to dress up their ponds and gardens.  Gary Lee, of the Atlanta KC, said there are no changes since last we spoke, except to add that the venue for their Fall Show has been set at Coastal Pond Supply in Tucker, GA.  Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said they finally woke up in South Central Washington State.  They had their first meeting on March 24th, and they gained 3 new members and lots of renewals.  They enjoyed viewing President Treah Pierce and her husband Scott’s pond.  Their next meeting will be April 21st and one of the new members volunteered to host.  Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said their April meeting will be about turtles presented by Al Scholp.  They have been able to get a date for a private tour of Schnormeier Gardens for June 15th.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they are just beginning to start their ponding season.  The Iowa temps have finally reached the 50’s, so many members are finding themselves outside cleaning and opening ponds.  Their last meeting was mainly a planning meeting and discussion on upcoming 2013 events.  In April, they move to 2 meetings a month, which means spring is finally here.   Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said they started their ponding year with guest speaker Jack Meyers.  He spoke to the group about how to trim their trees and bushes.  Club member, Bernd Wittenben, talked to the group on “opening your pond” after the long winter they had.  It was great to see everyone again and members seem anxious to get out there and turn those waterfalls back on.  Stephen Dumas, of North Texas WGS, said they have lots of fun projects planned for this spring.  They will again be doing their spring community projects.  Come join them at their Free Aquatic Plant Potting Workshop at the pond in Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park, Dallas, on Saturday, April 13th from 9am to noon.  Also, look for their Annual Tour of Ponds coming June 8 & 9th.  For more information about North Texas WGS and any upcoming events or meeting topics, please see their website at http://ntwgs.org/.    Puget Sound will have their Spring Fair April 18-21 at the Puyallup Fair Grounds.  Carole tried but was unable to reach:  Amarillo KS; Central Alabama K&WGS; KC of Middle Tennessee; Midwest P&KS; South Carolina K&WGS; WGC of South Texas; East Tennessee KC; Middle Georgia KS; and Piedmont K&WGS.


Written report submitted by Phil Hunter:   Vi Conn, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that the clubs’ booth at the annual Michigan State University Home & Garden Show was a great success, with 64 people expressing interest in joining the club.  Preuss Pets provided a beautiful aquarium stocked with koi and goldfish, which was a great draw for the booth.  The club will follow up with those individuals and invite them to the April meeting.  The April meeting will be held indoors at the DeWitt Charter Community Center.  The topic of the meeting will be the need to fill open officer positions, the clubs redesigned web page and future meeting locations and topics.  The Inland Empire WG&KS, reports that the March meeting was held at the Spokane Valley Library.  Robert Fischbach gave a presentation on things to think about when connecting different equipment to your ponds.  He was a great resource to learn all aspects of setting up equipment to look at.  Gary Desmond, of the Shasta K&WGC, reports that the club did not hold a meeting in March, but the April meeting will be held at Sunset Koi.  The meeting topic will be tips on getting your pond ready for spring and keeping both pond and koi healthy.  In June, the club will have a pond tour.  Pat Ware, of the Springfield WGS, reports that the March meeting was held indoors at the Botanical Center.  Tom DeGeere, President of the Ozark Garden Railway Society, gave a great talk and slide show on how to incorporate a garden railway into your garden.  The April meeting will again be at the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park.  Club member Katie Steinhoff will be the speaker.  Katie’s topic will be “Pretty Good Public Gardens, Pretty Close to Springfield.”  She will share a slide show of public gardens within one tank of gas of Springfield.  Among those are, the Xeriscape Garden on National, the Lovett Pinetum in Springfield, the St. Louis Botanical Garden, Powell Gardens in Kansas City, and the Tulsa Garden Center.  Also in April will be the plant sale.  Phil was unable to contact the Dayton KC this month.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Jennifer Rush, of Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club, reports the club’s Annual Banquet was to be held at High Rocks in Gladstone, OR, on Apr 13 at 5 p.m.  Menu includes Prime Rib and a No-host bar; there will be a Raffle table, Door Prizes, a Chinese Gift Exchange and a Dry & Canned Food Drive.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cascadekoiandgoldfish.org/news.php.  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the Mar meeting was held at the home of Dale and Sandy Winn and was well attended. Rosimeri discussed upcoming events that members would be interested in attending such as the ZNA So Cal Koi Show in Gardena the weekend of March 16-17.  Also our club was invited to participate in the Shinzen Gardens Spring Blossom Festival. 12 members will be traveling together on a road trip to the ZNA NorCal Koi Show on Sat Apr 27th.  Rosimeri made a presentation on barley bales, as we received a donation in October from Sumner Avenue Water Gardens, and many members were not aware of the use of barley to ward off algae. Later on after the raffle, many members walked away with a bale or two and some knowledge on their usage. Our VP, Lou Weaver, did a presentation on spring pond care, discussing the importance of cleaning the pond, filters and observing the koi for any sores.  There was discussion on spring feeding. There will be no Apr meeting as we will be heading to San Jose for the ZNA NorCal show.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.  James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports the Society held its Mar meeting at the home of Paul and Shirley Charbonnet.  Discussions included a recap of the club’s successful participation in the LSU Garden Show, continued plans for our May pond tour and our 20th Birthday Celebration in June. Following the meeting, everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather while admiring the Charbonnet’s pond and their collection of blooming irises.  Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/.  Doug Stuber, of the First Coast Koi Club, reports the club has a busy couple of months planned for Apr and May.  We have a club field trip to Seven Trees Nursery, a local greenhouse specializing in exotic plants for pond-scaping.  Then later in Apr the club travels to see Legacy Koi, a fish importing business where we will make our selections of Kohaku tosai for a Club sponsored grow-out contest to be held over the next couple of seasons.  Check out their website at http://www.firstcoastkoiclub.com/.  Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports their Mar meeting was held at the home of Nick and Peggy Milfeld.  The back yard is like a touch of the Northwest, with giant trees, beautiful plants and a gorgeous pond.  Our guest speaker was Mark Whalen who gave an outstanding presentation on how to photograph koi fish.  This was right in line with our Apr meeting where we will be asking our members to bring photos of their best fish for entry into our Koi of the Year contest.   Larry Leverett gave an informative talk on the Kujaku koi.  Nick Milfeld spoke on both the construction of his pond and our upcoming koi and equipment auction in Jun.  All and all, a great time was had by everyone. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org/.   Philip Gray, of Mid-Atlantic Koi Club, shared a letter from Nicole Lembke informing members that “MAKC will no longer have a ZNA Chapter. Membership has been shrinking over the last few years. Our membership is so spread out that we cannot have meetings to share Koi knowledge and learn about Koi, which is the mission of ZNA.  I would encourage you all to maintain your ZNA membership through one of the other clubs in the U.S. that is close to you or to join directly through Japan. Your NICHIRIN magazine has a listing of all the clubs and also has a membership form that you can use to join directly with Japan. It has been my pleasure to serve you all as the MAKC-ZNA representative. It is my hope that you will all continue to be ZNA members and continue to learn about your Koi. Please contact me if you have any questions.”  Check out their website at http://www.makc.com.  Don Chamberlain, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, reports their Mar meeting was held at the Willow Glen Public Library with a good turnout of 21 attendees. Our President, Frank Mullaney, sprang a surprise and introduced the Koi Person of the Month Award retroactively back to Oct 2012. Our speaker was Jack Christiansen, who has been deeply involved with bonsai for five years and is currently the Vice President of the Midori Bonsai Club in San Jose. During that time he has transformed his back yard into an oriental paradise with more than 50 bonsai, 25 tons of stone, a koi pond and stream forming a lovely, compact Japanese style garden.  After the presentation we asked for volunteers for the final Cherry Blossom position we needed to fill & Dave Shelley volunteered. The ZNA NorCal Koi Show is that same weekend and we offered to assist them with any equipment we have available; also we will run an Ad for the show in our Apr newsletter.  The Fresno club is planning to visit the Koi Show and dealers in the area. We’re trying to arrange a brief meeting to get better acquainted and see if there are any ways we can cooperate.  Dave reported that he now has 4 or 5 more ponds to consider for the Annual Pond Tour so we are hopeful to have selection complete by next month.  Check out their website at http://www.sckoi.com/.  Philip Gray, of Tri-State ZNA Koi Club, reports the club is eager to produce an impressive koi show and to attract koi hobbyists from across the tri-state and beyond. To ensure that we reach the largest number of hobbyists we are reaching out to our extensive network of supporters. As an important and valued member of that network, we hope that you will put these dates on your calendar and get involved either by volunteering or by participating as an exhibitor May 31 – Jun 2, 2013.  Check out their website at http://www.tristateznakoiclub.com/tristateznakoiclub/Home.html.  Michelle Gravenish Reilly, of Upper Midwest Koi Club,reports their next koi show has been scheduled for Aug 2nd-4th at Bachman’s Garden Center in Minneapolis, MN.  Last month the club met at the Southdale Library to discuss Pond Filtration and Pond Design.  The presentation was given by Bryant Bechtholdt of Koi and Pond Systems.  We’ve selected a new treasurer: Michael Chang who can be reached at michael@uppermidwestkoiclub.org.  Our new website is www.uppermidwestkoiclub.org.  Dave Peebler, of Koi Club of Kansas, reports the club did not meet.  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:    The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  Central Coast KC, Macon WaterGarden & KC, Metro-Detroit P&GC, Moto-Kara KoiKai ZNA Chapter KC, Nashville PS, North Idaho KK, Northern Midwest ZNA KC, Rhode Island & Massachusetts KC & Siskiyou K&PC.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:  Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, reports the club will be holding a Fish, Equipment and Supplies Auction on Sat, Apr 20th at Whiz-Q Stone, loop 4501 E. 820 S, Fort Worth, TX.  Viewing and Registration for Auction will be on Saturday: 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.  Auction starts at 1:30 p.m. This is your opportunity to get beautiful Koi and Goldfish and support a local organization. Also choose from new and used equipment and supplies at a fraction of the cost. For more information contact: Vicki Patsdauter koicrazy@gmail.​com.  If you are interested in selling fish, equipment or supplies, please contact Vicki through email, or visit our website at: www.dallaskoiki​chi.org. Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports the club selected Richard and Diana Bison as Koi Persons of the Year for 2013.  Congrats!  The Apr meeting will feature Neil Cutsinger (from Cavoy), who will speak on KHV prevention through vaccination.  Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com.  Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club is not currently meeting.  Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com.  Todd Bong, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports they chose Vince and Brenda Smith as their club’s Koi Persons of the Year for 2013.  Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/.  Sonja Kahkola, of Rainbow River Koi Club, reports they had a super meeting at our newest members’ home in Tampa. We now have 3 families in that area so we do a bit more commuting. Nam & Kelly have a lovely home with a pond in the front yard and one in the back yard. See our Facebook page for a few photos. One of the big topics of discussion was ideas for holding a Koi Show next Apr. We have new and enthusiastic people, so I think we’re up to the task. David & Lora brought many different bromeliads for all of us to take home and Kelly pulled up a bunch of walking iris for us, too. Our Cinco de Mayo meeting will be at Jeanette and Andy’s home next door to the Rainbow River State Park.  Check out their website at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainbow-River-Koi-Club/374036155457.  Laura Lunsford, of Rocky Mountain Koi Club, reports the Mar meeting was at Ron and Sheryl Calvert’s home.  The Calvert’s have a lovely pond with Japanese landscaping and beautiful koi that they have acquired over many years. Ron and Sheryl have been on several buying trips to Japan. They shared their experiences visiting koi dealers and showed their newest koi friends purchased last fall! The Calvert’s provided BBQ, slaw and drinks for the meeting. Check out their website at http://www.rmkc.net/.  Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports the club received its Japanese tosai for the contest this week and have them in quarantine. We will distribute them at our May meeting. Our group food purchase also came in this week and was distributed to the members. At our recent meeting we talked about ways of saving water and money with the start of water rationing and rate increases based on use. We will have our fish auction in Jun and pond tour in late Aug.  Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org.  David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the Mar meeting featured a Koi Education Session and was held at the Yee-Fung-Toy Association on North 16th Street; David Yee was the host.  Check their website at http://www.vskc.net.  Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the Apr meeting will be at the Luna – Rivera pond, which was designed and installed by Marcial Barayuga of California Rocks & Waterfalls (with wonderful input from our very own Eric Howes); the pond is 7,500 gallons and natural in design.  Last month we visited a very unique pond.  For some newer members this was their first experience walking on water.  The Walshe koi pond is at the entrance to their house and one must walk across concrete stepping pads to get to the front door.  The koi played it safe and hid when people approached.  During the course of the meeting we heard from Richard Victor about his desire to turn his unused swimming pool into a pond.  Since meeting our vice-president, Eric Howes, Richard is consulting with Eric about the plumbing.  Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond: Charleston Showa KC & North East Iowa KA, Inc.


Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan:  Joan reports that So Cal Koi Club will be holding their April meeting at new members Narendra & Anita Gupta of Corona del Mar.  In May, the club will have an outing at Tippi’s Hedren’s Wildlife Preserve.  The club has helped out with their koi pond in the past as well as taking rescue koi there for a home.  On Saturday, April 13th, the club had a koi display at the Hanamatsuri Festival in Anaheim.  We have done this the past 35 years; great exhibits of Japanese culture and excellent food.  Larry Christensen, of Northwest K&GFC – ZNA Northwest Chapter, said their name was not changed in the AKCA members listing in KOI USA.  They are working on a koi show.  At next months meeting, Russ Peters & Aaron Santos will present the program on koi.  Club will have a display at the Japanese Gardens in June.  Norman Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said their last months’ club meeting is Saturday April 13th; there will be a show koi meeting.  They originally were not going to have a koi show.


Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:   Don Stump, of Great Ponds & KS of West Michigan, said the club will have its first meeting April 20th.  Jon Floden, of Gulf Coast KS, said the club is canceling their pond tour this year but the club will make efforts to show members of some of the members’ ponds on request.  Mona Coleman, of Northern Nevada, said they will have a field trip in May to Sacramento to buy koi.  Their pond tour will be in July.  Jon Lockerman, of North Florida KC, said the club rescues koi all year and once a year they auction off the rescued koi.  On April 7th they held their auction and made $1500.  They also recouped several new members.  Bruce Lott, of Olympic K,GF&WGC, said activities are slow but the club has a field trip this month.  David Muraoka, of Sierra KC, said that the club is up and running.  Chuck Poppe, of ZNA Potomac Chapter KC, said everything is OK.  They did not receive their ballot; another one is being sent out.  Bob tried but was unable to reach North Carolina K&WGS and Indiana K&WGS.


Written report submitted by Kristine Peterson:  The Koi Club of San Diego is preparing for the annual Friends of Koi Auction on Saturday May 4th at California Koi Farm 3360 Gird Road in Fallbrook. A Google map to the event is available on the AKCA calendar of events (www.akca.org). Viewing of auction koi will begin at 9:00 with the auction to start at 10:00. A bidding card is required of all buyers to ensure that buyers are aware of the conditions of the auction. The bidding ticket includes lunch provided by the club during the 30 minute lunch break. Auctioned koi will be available to the buyer after final payment at the conclusion of the auction. Auction Chairman, Paul Atkiss can be reached at 858-442-5824 to answer any questions. The club honored Vice President-Venue, Bob Welsh (who will be moving) for all his years of service to the club. Bob was one of the original club members when the club was formed. Susi Wooks will take over the duties as the VP-Venue until elections. The next few general meetings will include programs by Jack Chapman on Spring Cleaning; Iva Gaglione of Ultra Balance on nutrition; Lew Hileman on Rain Harvesting. Due to the club’s webmaster needing time off due to medical reasons, the website may not be current with upcoming events. Please contact John Svelan if you need help and can’t find it on the website. Tamsie Pierce will once again coordinate the booth at the Cuyamaca College Spring Garden Show on April 27th. The booth will promote the club to those interested in koi and water gardens. Linda Pluth reported on the successful event held at the Japanese Friendship Garden; the 8th Annual cherry Blossom Festival. The event featured cultural performances, authentic Japanese food and fun activities all in the setting of over 150 cherry trees and the beautiful gardens featuring the 10,000 gallon koi pond.  Verne Gilkes of the Mountain View Koi Club reported that the heavy snow this past winter was good for their area in order to recover from the severe drought last summer. In February Verne and Paula’s yard was buried in roughly 4-5 feet of snow. Verne is working on an article for an upcoming issue of Koi USA on the reconstruction of their dream pond which was completed over a year ago. Verne also submitted a photo for the section “Who’s Reading KoiUSA” of his wife Paula and friends Leigh and Karin Mode which will be printed in an upcoming issue. The Santa Clarita Koi Club’s March 24 meeting was held at the home of the Co-President.  We hoped to be able to tour the koi pond and garden area at Long Beach State in April.   Unfortunately, they offer no weekend tours during this time of year as they are heavily booked for weddings, etc.  So our April meeting will be held at the home of a new member.  We are collecting our $20 per household 2013 dues which is a boost to the treasury.  Our club has not held raffles in the recent years due mainly to a lack of “samples” from koi and pond supply dealers.  One of our new members is a dealer of such goods and brings a few items for a raffle.  Proceeds are donated to the club treasury.  This has helped to increase interest in our meetings.  Our next meeting is April 28.


Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez:   Jerold Kyle, of Camilla KC, reports they are sending in their official notice to AKCA that they have chosen Georgia Vonk as their newest Koi Person of the Year.  Once in a while there is someone in a club that is so well thought of for all their unselfish work and support that the decision is unanimous.  Georgia, who is a long time member and current Treasurer, is one of those rare choices.  Charles Phelps, of Greater Louisville, said that at their club meeting last week they had a program on bonsai trees.  Troy Head showed a film on his recent trip to Japan.  They did not vote on a Koi Person of the Year.  Troy said they will do it electronically.  He will let us know in a few days whom it will be.  He will find the form and send it in as well as last years Koi Person of the Year that they didn’t get.  It was decided not to vote on the AKCA ballot.  Paul Moss, of Lone Star KC, said that Taro Kodama made his annual trip to Houston on April 6th with one of their members and brought quite a selection of higher quality koi from breeders like Dainichi, Isa, etc.  The event was well attended.  April’s meeting will be held on the 21st at Robert & Denise Wall’s home.  Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the 2013 Annual Pond Tour they hold in cooperation with the Houston Pond Society.  This is a two day event on the weekend of May 4-th.  Details are available for those interested at their website www.lonestarkoi.com.  Dinh Nguyen, of ZNA NorCal, reported that they held the last preparation meeting at the show site yesterday.  The show committee gave thumbs up for the big day in 2 weeks.  Looking forward to seeing all koi kichies around the world at the show on April 27-28, 2013.  Neal Friedman, of Washington K&WGS, reports that their club continues to work on preparing for their annual show in September.  At their club meeting last month, their speaker was Bill Putnam, from SkagiTek, Inc.  Bill spoke about pond filtration, various filtering techniques and equipment.  Club member Bob Sowell has organized an Omosako grow out competition with Pan Intercorp.  The fish pickup date in May 11th and a few fish are still available.  Debbie Young, of Southern Arizona KA, reports that they are holding a Pond Photo contest.  The winner’s photo will be the cover of their club’s pamphlet which will be distributed around the Tucson AZ area at Home Improvement Store, Landscaper yards and Nursery’s.  The pamphlet is an invitation for interested parties to attend a couple of their Club’s educational meeting free of charge.  Louie, of ZNA So Cal, said their show in March started and ended with beautiful weather.  There were over 200 koi entered with lots of big fish over 26” (30 entered).  The quality was excellent in all sizes.  GC was a showa owned by Ann Le, her first time entering a koi show.  This showa is 34” and a fine one it is.  They feel that their 40th show will be one to remember in 2014.  Thanks to all the members that helped and the team of David & Debby Young from Arizona for their help on the computer.  Friendship goes a long way and we thank all for their support.  Ron Unruh, of Bakersfield K&WGS, said their March club meeting was held at the home of Ken & Tamera Down’s with guest speaker Neal Cutsinger from Novartis Aqua, makers of the Cavoy KHV vaccine for koi.  The April meeting will be at Walter McKinney’s home and the topic will be pond construction with guest speakers Mike Przewoznik from Sumner Ave. Water Gardens and Michal Prestridge from Buck’s Landscape Materials and Pond Shop.  The Bakersfield College Garden Fest is April 20th, each year their club sets up a booth for the sale of rescued koi and distribute club information.  The koi rescue team of William Williams and Ron & Malise Unruh were very busy with 6 koi rescues collecting over 80 koi for the garden fest sale.  The club plans on making a day trip to the Nor Cal Koi Show April 27th and visiting Champion Koi afterwards.  The Idaho WGKS sponsored a free seminar at a local commercial member’s place of business in March.  The seminar covered: Pond basics – what you need to know; pond design, i.e. for plants, for fish, a koi pond only, and retrofitting ponds; aquatic plants; koi in the pond from pond fish to grand champion.  We had a free hourly raffle (1 ticket per person and had to be present to win) and a super raffle ($1.00 per ticket for a PondMaster pump and bio filter).  We had 24 people attend.


Motion:  To adjourn at. 8:25 p.m.  Motion by Joan, 2nd by Bob.   Approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elliott

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