2013 05 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of May 10, 2013

Officers Present                               Directors Present                 Guests

Chair:  Kristine Peterson                    Bob Finnegan                          Paul Cunningham

Vice Chair:  Don Chandler                  Brenda Chandler

Secretary:  Carole Elliott                     Louie Hernandez

CFO:  Joan Finnegan                          Ally Cunningham

2013 AKCA Banquet – Wet Lab – Judging Seminar

June 29-30th in Hawaii

KHAs are encouraged to attend (free) to refresh their knowledge!

For travel from the mainland – we recommend going through

Pleasant Holidays Package (airfare/hotel) – Staying at the Miramar @ Waikiki

Board Highlights:

  • Congratulations to Bob Finnegan, Don Chandler, Carole Elliott, and Brenda Chandler who were elected AKCA Executive Officers for the 2013-2014 term.
  • We are still seeking a site for the 2014 AKCA Wet Lab/Business Meeting.
  • AKCA Koi of the Year plaques for your koi show can be requested from Kristine Peterson at email4koi@gmail.com.
  • KOI USA needs material from you and your club members.  Please consider helping by sharing stories and photos with our readers!


The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairperson Don Chandler at 6:07 p.m. (Kristine arrived at 6:30 p.m. and took over the meeting at that time.)


MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of April 12, 2013.  Motion by Bob, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved.


APRIL  FINANCIAL STATEMENT:  Joan reported that total checks and payments for April was $1,326.45 and deposits were $650.60 for a register balance of $9,723.61 and ending balance of $9,418.93.  Kristine discussed overlapping officers in both AKCA and KOI USA and the need to diversify membership.  Kristine discussed the loan to KOI USA from AKCA.  It was questioned whether in kind donations in the form of ads in KOI USA for AKCA Bookstore and Annual Business Meeting could be used as offsets?  Discussion on Bartering Exchange IRS rules and reporting.  Kristine will check with our CPA.  Kristine presented the board with a proposed KOI USA loan repayment schedule beginning the end of May.  Motion:  To make a $2250 monthly repayment starting by the end of May with no late fee.  Motion by Louie, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved, 1 no (Carole).



v Scientific/KHA:   Don gave Jerold Kyle’s report:  There has not been an AKCA-KHA Certification Class last year and this year.  The Director has received inquiries from newer members to our hobby which demonstrates an interest within our organizational community in having another class.  Much of the interest is a result of efforts of KOI US to broaden its scope of Koi Care Articles.  The KHA study material put together over the years has been used by others and parts of it can be found on different sites in various piecemeal fashion.  Just as the Judging Program may be copied so may the KHA and it is a tribute to us to be so emulated.  That our material is copied is proof of our value that others perceive.  What KHA has offered in the past was the best available information in one location outside of a Veterinarian School.  We need to reconstruct that material again in one place for the next generation.

It is in keeping with our AKCA mandates that we not only learn to appreciate the best in our Koi but, to teach and promote the knowledge and skill of good koi husbandry required to produce the best in our Jewels of the garden.  Neither aspect of our hobby can survive without the input of the other.  We are a family dedicated to a high standard of quality koi and to learning a high standard of caring for them.  One begets the other and cannot survive without the benefit of the other.

The KHA started with the wealth of information put together with out first generation of instructors.  That information is enhanced by the publication by one of our instructors of “Advanced Koi Care for Veterinarians and Professional Koi Keepers” by Nicholas Saint-Erne, DVM which we use as a teaching tool and reference guide.  As an outreach organization does.  We reach out to share our knowledge so others can benefit.  With veterinarians like Dr. Saint-Erne on our team we are in the best position to promote good koi husbandry.  Much of our progress is as a result of consulting with veterinarians who focus of koi.

The KHA study material is being reviewed to update as needed and add information gained by qualified koi keepers and veterinarians to be current with our teachings.  The goal is to streamline the class to make it easier to learn as well as to administer.  This work in progress is intended to be presented to the new Board of Directors selected in June for their input and leadership in determining where we go with the KHA program in the 2013-2014 year.  We will need to find more qualified individuals to help in the administration of our program.  There is interest and a need to develop the next generation of students.  It is what we were designed to do.

v AKCA-PROJECT KHV:  Kristine is working with Jack Chapman.  They took photos of 8 Peter Enfield’s slates which were posted by Cesar on the AKCA website.  There are plans in progress to do an auction to benefit KHV program.  Kristine will do a write up on the auction.  They will also pay KOI USA to run a 2 page flyer on the auction.  Louie suggested a mass mailing to all clubs.  No other details were available on the auction.  Jack will also submit an article for KOI USA based upon OSU’s final grant report.


v PUBLICATION:  Don reported that we have 62 pages of editorial; waiting for the advertising side to catch up.  Don reported that a hacker got into the AKCA website; Google recommended purchasing an SSL.  Kristine did that and this is currently being fixed by Caesar, who will protect KOI USA’s website, too.  Caesar’s rates for KOI USA have dropped from $70/mo. to $50/mo.  Larry has sent in a couple of pictures on “Who’s Reading KOI USA” as well as an article from Tamsie Pierce.  The editorial content was uploaded a week ago.  Debye, who is now handling accounts receivable, sold over $800 in bookstore sales and handed out over 60 magazines at the NorCal show.  She has been billing advertisers and sending insertion orders to be signed.  She is also collecting money for the dealer listings; only 3 have paid so far but more are coming in.  Michael Hernandez will provide pictures of all of the classifications for our new Koi ID poster (as well as new ones not included in our old poster).  The board approved the arrangement with Mike.

v MEMBERSHIP:  Don reported we currently have 86 clubs.  The Pioneer Valley club has asked to be reinstated.  Discussion.  Motion:  To reinstate the Pioneer Valley club for FY 2013/2014 conditional upon their payment of $100 dues and the $50 reinstatement fee.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.  Land of Lincoln WGC inquired about joining the AKCA; they’re very interested in our liability insurance coverage.  Don talked to their President at some length and explained the rules and regulations re: joining the AKCA.

v MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS FROM CLUBS:  Joan was asked if she’d contacted Dr. Nick yet re: Pet Co stocking KOI USA?  Joan said she will.


v JUDGING:  Bob briefed the Board about development in the Judging Committee.  Tom Ayers is working with the Fresno club to provide an AKCA Judge.

v GUIDES:  No report.


v INSURANCE/RISK MANAGEMENT:   Brenda stated that 19 clubs have subscribed to our Premium Liability Insurance program.  Philly has not


v BOOKSTORE COMMITTEE:   Brenda reported that Richele sold $827 and Debye sold $672 (with $288 in KOI USA subscriptions) for a total of $1499.


v By-Laws:  With Kristine’s term as AKCA Chair soon to expire, so too will her ex-officio membership on the By-Laws Committee.  Motion:  To appoint Kristine Peterson as a member of, as well as the Chair of, the By-Laws Committee in her own right.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Joan.  Approved.




v 2013 Seminar:   Carole reported the restaurant that was scheduled for the Saturday night banquet lost their lease.  Bonnie is working on a replacement site.  Carole has been getting donations for the auction/raffle at the Saturday night banquet.  At this point, it looks as though the judging seminar might not take place; if it does, it will be a small one as Taro Kodama would still love to have the judges come.


v 2014 SeminarHouston, Texas is interested in hosting the wet lab.  If there is any club interested in hosting the Wet lab/AKCA Annual Business Meeting, please contact either Carole Elliott or Don Chandler.




  • Is anyone in your club interested in writing an article for KOI USA?
  • Is your club interested in hosting an Annual Business Meeting/Banquet/Wet Lab in 2014?
  • Is anyone in your club planning on attending the AKCA Annual meeting/Wet lab in Hawaii?


Upcoming AKCA Annual Calendar Events for JUNE:


  • Select Seminar host for 2014.
  • Submit year end expense reports.




Count and Validate Slate of AKCA Officers for 2013-2014:  Paul and Ally Cunningham opened and counted the ballots turned in for the 2013-2014 Slate of Officers.  40 ballots were mailed in with 4 not voting at all.  Of the 36 ballots with at least one vote indicated on them: Bob Finnegan received 34 votes and 1 write-in (for Louie Hernandez) for Chairperson; Don Chandler received 35 votes for Vice Chairperson;  Carole Elliott received 36 votes for Secretary; Brenda Chandler received 35 ballots for CFO.  Congratulations to the new Board of executive officers!


New Business


E-mail:  Don received an e-mail from ZNA Potomac’s Mike Frady informing us that Tom McKenzie had died; Tom was the son of Chuck and Doris Poppe.  Don will make sure that an In Memoriam is placed in the upcoming KOI USA magazine.

Website Bookstore:  Don stated it was found that the website bookstore had been charging sales tax on out of state sales.  Cesar has fixed this.

Gary Chinn:  Koi of the Year and Champion of Champions are in the process of being placed back on the website, both for this FY and for prior years.  Kristine and Caesar are working with Gary.



Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Stephen Dumas, of North Texas WGS, said they have over 30 ponds on their annual Tour of Ponds coming June 8 & 9th.  They would love to see you.  For more information about North Texas WGS and any upcoming events or meeting topics, please see their website at http://ntwgs.org/.  They want to remind everyone of the meeting location: their monthly meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The meetings will be held at the Community Meeting room inside the Half Price Books in Dallas.  Plant exchange is allowed near the rear loading dock before and after each meeting.  Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier K&PC, said the club is getting ready for the koi show next month on June 22-23rd at Masterson’s Garden Center in East Aurora.  A group of members will be opening the Fair and Reinstein Woods ponds this weekend.  The weather there has them a little behind in opening ponds.  They are also working on the Pond Tour set in later July.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they hold 2 meetings a month and have been busy getting their ponds finally cleaned and prepping for Spring.  They recently hosted guest speaker, Kevin Bailey, with Prairie Creek Landscaping.  He talked to the club about “Opening our Ponds for Spring.”  They also hosted a potluck for Indiana K&WGC that was visiting their area.  Bickal Koi Farm provided all the meat.  It was great to meet other koi enthusiast.  Jackie gave a power point on Fish Health and demonstrated how to put fish to sleep.  A great meal was enjoyed by all.  You can find EIPS at www.EIPS.org.  Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa K&WGA, said they met at the home of Marla and Scott Hermann.  They are in the beginning stages of planning their pond tour for 2013.  The club is also planning a pond tour trip to the Chicago area and everyone is pretty excited about that.  The group all made small potted succulent gardens.  Marla has a small greenhouse and had grown all the succulents plus provided all the dirt and pots that we used.  It was a great “hands on” project for them.  The Hermanns have a beautiful pond, koi, and surrounding gardens that were also enjoyed.  Clark Shea, of Canada KC of British Columbia, said they have ended a successful 2012 with their annual Christmas dinner.  This year, as in the past few years, they held the event in January.  The meal at this time has proven to be very acceptable to the members since it avoids the normal Christmas Season rush and the hotels are much more approachable.  A good turnout (around 50) were treated to a great meal but the highlight of the evening, just prior to the gift exchange, was the contest surrounding one of the door prizes.  Everyone present had to guess what a device was that was passed around the room.  It was plastic, about 3” high, a little under 4” in diameter and the “stem” part was about 3” long and had an inside thread.  The cap had small holes around its edge about ½” apart.  No one guessed what it was although they all could see that it would fit on a garden hose.  It turned out that it was a gizmo invented by one of their members to clean out 4” piping that runs from your pond to your vortex.  He couldn’t find one on the market so he made this on a 3D scanner.  They were floored!  When asked about it, Randy Dahlgren said he and his dad made a series of drawings, put them in the special printer he bought and after hundreds of passes the object emerged.  A fascinating part of a great evening!  Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said they want to thank Debbie Hartmann for hosting their last meeting with guest speakers Nathan Andrews and Sherri Taylor of WABI SABI Aquascapes.  Their next meeting will be at the home of Ken and Susie Austin with guest speaker Karen Pattist, founding member of Koi Organisation International.  Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that on May 18th the club has set a trip to the Wade Gatton Hosta Farm.  This month they have Marvin Duren talking at the club meetig on the 22nd.  Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said they had their 2nd meeting of the year on a lovely spring day at the home of Dan & Patti Wilson.  It was a lovely drive in the countryside; of course, she found out later that it depended on the road one took.  Lots of raffles and door prizes were handed out.  They have a couple of plant/yard sales given by members this month and the next.  Rebecca Lee, of Atlanta KC, said their club held its annual Spring Koi Auction April 20th.  Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said they had their March meeting at the home of Jack & Marsha Solder and their guest speaker was Dr. Katie DePalma, a Koi vet in their local area.  They are working on their June Pond Tour with 10-12 ponds for the 2 day tour.  Their Koi & Goldfish Show committee is moving forward with getting numerous vendors lined up for the show the 1st weekend in October. Bonnie Nakahara, of Hawaii GF&CA, said that it has been a busy month and a half full of club activities; they have their meeting this Sunday.  They also had their first “Potting Day.”  This was mainly for potting of water plants for the club to sell at various events.  Members donated plants from around their yard and potting supplies.  It was a good opportunity to their transplanting that they had been putting off doing.  With teamwork, they had everything potted in no time and it was a great time for some camaraderie.  The following week they had a club Garage Sale fundraiser.  They sold koi, goldfish, tropicals, plants and household goods.  The funds raised help support their yearly events.  This past weekend they participated in the annual Pet Expo at a local Exhibition Hall.  They had koi and goldfish displays, a photo display of their club ponds and some Q&A info on koi to share with the public.  Members were on hand to answer questions.  They were able to sell some of their plants they had potted earlier.  At this coming Sunday’s meeting, Bonnie will be updating the members on the Wet Lab and encouraging members to sign up for both lab and banquet.  They would like to encourage members from other AKCA clubs to come join them in Hawaii.  Upcoming Event:  In June they will participate with other pet clubs at the Ewa Bird Show sponsored by a local homing pigeon club.  This is their third event at a local elementary school.  Their theme is to get children off the computer/electronics and back into the backyard.  Carole tried but was unable to reach:  Amarillo KS; Central Alabama K&WGS; KC of Middle Tennessee; Midwest P&KS; Puget Sound KC; WGC of South Texas; East Tennessee KC; Middle Georgia KS; and Piedmont K&WGS.


Written report submitted by Phil Hunter:  Vi Conn, of the Capital Area K&WGC, reports that the April meeting was a big success.  Rosemary Risdale, outgoing VP presented a technical proposal to redesign the club’s website.  Rosemary led the discussion about the format, content and details of the new website.  Club members overwhelmingly agreed to the new design and were asked to contribute “content” ideas for the new site.  After Rosemary’s presentation, Chad Dilts demonstrated his unique homemade pond vacuum.  Chad constructed his vacuum out of PVC piping and a pool skimmer leaf basket.  The vacuum is attached to an ordinary garden hose which creates the necessary vacuum to power the device.  The May meeting will be held at the DeWitt Charter Township Community Center.  Guest speaker, Bob Callard, from Looking Glass Nursery, will be speaking on bog and perennial plants.  Diana Lynn Rehn, of the Inland Empire WG&KS, reports that the club has jumped into the New Year with a bang and hot weather to match!  The club participated in Japan Week and was invited to have a booth at the Spokane Community College Flower Show which was a success.  The club is also selling water plants at the Garden Expo, with 20,000 people in attendance and 350 vendors each year.  In addition, the club has the Japanese Garden clean out in June and the pond tour in July.  Pat Ware, of the Springfield WGS, reports that at the April meeting Katie Steinhoff was the guest speaker.  Katie shared a slide show of the gardens around the area that she has visited since moving to the area from Georgia.  She has several other places on her radar with future trips planned.  The plant sale, also in April, was a success despite the pouring rain.  Fortunately, the booth was positioned under the roof on the patio.  Every single plant was sold!  The May meeting will be at Wickman Gardens.  The proprietors will give a tour of their facility and discuss the new plants for 2013.  Members will have an opportunity to shop after the meeting.  Also, in June, the club will have its first public pond tour since 2010.  The tour will be a single day event and will feature the ponds of:  Ken & Mimi Grozinger, Mark & Debbie Putman, Bob & Monika Feeney, Bob & Donna Simpson, Janet Wreath, Pat Johnson, Jim Silzell, J.J. Averett and Jim & Carol Lersch.  Also on the tour will be the Japanese Stroll Garden at the Botanical Gardens.  A nominal admission will be charged with half of the proceeds going to the club and the other half going to the Friends of the Garden.  There will be an after tour party to honor the hosts which will also be offered to the public.  He was unable to contact the Dayton KC and the Shasta K&WGC.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Jennifer Rush, of Cascade Koi & Goldfish Club, reports the club held their Annual Banquet on April 13th at High Rocks.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cascadekoiandgoldfish.org/news.php.  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports that instead of a club meeting in Apr, a number of members met in San Jose for the ZNA koi show.  The Joint Meeting with our sister club, Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Society, will be held on Sat, Jun 15th at 11:00 a.m. at Tony and Nancy Palazzo’s home located at 41071 Adobe Way, in Madera.  The club will be providing tri-tip and beverages and we ask the members attending to bring a side dish of their choice: i.e., Salad, Rolls, Desert, Pasta, Veggie Tray or whatever you can provide.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.  James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports their 2013 Pond Tour was held on Saturday and Sunday – May 18 and 19.  Dozens of lovely private ponds were open throughout the Baton Rouge Area.  There were two beneficiaries of the 2013 Tour of Ponds.  Brave Heart Children in Need. This is a Baton Rouge organization was founded in July, 2004. They focus on improving quality of life for children who endure the emotional trauma of being removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect.  Yelp! This organization provides shelter and adoption services for dogs.  Founded in 2009, Yelp! is committed to ending euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.  Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/.  Doug Stuber, of the First Coast Koi Club, reports Legacy Koi has invited our club, the North FL club and the Rainbow River club to tour their facilities and purchase fish if so desired. The trip was scheduled for April 20th.  Doug has also arranged for us to have a grow out of Kohaku that Legacy Koi is receiving from Japan.  We have also discussed the possibility of having one of the fish as an auction fish at a meeting.   On April 14th we scheduled our annual trek to see the ‘Dutchman’ and his wife at Seven Trees Nursery in Black Hammock. For those of you who have not been there, your ‘green thumb’ is in for a treat. These folks grow all sorts of cacti, succulents, exotic ferns, and some aquatic plants (primarily juncus). Unusual plants are their specialty and all are available at extremely reasonable prices.  Check out their website at http://www.firstcoastkoiclub.com/.  Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports the April meeting held at Ed and Linda Kushner’s in Corona.  No meeting was scheduled for May.  The Auction will be held Jun 1; see website for details.  Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org .  Dennis Long, of Metro-Detroit Pond & Garden Club, reports the Apr meeting was at D & C Miller’s; topic was Pond Opening.  The May meeting was at M. Conrad’s in Northville; topic was rock making.  The Jun meeting will be at Barsons Greenhouse in Westland.  Check out their newly revised website at http://metrodetroitpondandgardenclub.org/ .  Philip Gray, of Mid-Atlantic Koi Club, reports they will be holding a Seminar on The Development of Quality Koi on Sunday May 19, 2013 at the home of Philip Gray in Freeport.  Check out their website at http://www.makc.com.  Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers,reports CONGRATULATIONS to NIKK members – our club is now officially a new ZNA Friendship Club as of May 2013.  The May meeting will be pondside at the Olson’s home with Rich Squires who just returned from working in Japan!  Check out their website at http://www.northidahokoikeepers.com/id8.html Don Chamberlain, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, reports the Apr meeting was well attended with 20 members showing up for an interesting presentation of undersea life and photography.  We opened the meeting with a discussion of pond problems: A member with a 10,000 gal pond containing 17 koi had suddenly encountered an algae problem that had him stumped when his pond suddenly turned cloudy. Discussion and offers of assistance.  We voted on the SCVKWG Koi of the Year and the winner was a 21″ Ochiba Shigure named “Hirohito” owned by Don Chamberlain.  Again this year, SCVKWG hosted a koi display at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival.  The Festival was held Saturday and Sunday, 4/27-28. The weather was gorgeous and there was a large turnout.  Our display is part of Japanese cultural displays including bonsai, ikebana, wood-block printing, origami and musical and dance performances. We had nine koi on display, tosai to sansai, representing kohaku, sanke, shusui and gin matsuba varieties.  Large crowds surrounded the 6′ diameter pond most of both days.  Our information table provided information about our upcoming pond tour on July 20th, the AKCA Banquet/KHA Seminar, the ZNA NorCal Show going on the same weekend and KOI USA.  Check out their website at http://www.sckoi.com/.  Lois Rosmarin, of Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club, sent an insightful email about the relationship between their club, PNKCA and AKCA which will be shared with the AKCA Board at their next meeting.  Check out their website at http://www.siskiyoukoiclub.com.  Philip Gray, of Tri-State ZNA Koi Club, reports they will be holding a Seminar on The Development of Quality Koi on Sunday May 19, 2013 at the home of Philip Gray in Freeport.  Check out their website at http://www.tristateznakoiclub.com/tristateznakoiclub/Home.html.  Michelle Gravenish Reilly, of Upper Midwest Koi Club,reports our next koi show has been scheduled for Aug 2nd-4th at Bachman’s Garden Center in Mpls, MN.  Last month the club met at the Southdale Library to discuss Pond Filtration and Pond Design.  The presentation was given by Bryant Bechtholdt of Koi and Pond Systems.  We’ve selected a new treasurer: Michael Chang.  Our new website is www.uppermidwestkoiclub.org .  Dave Peebler, of Koi Club of Kansas, reports the club is not currently meeting.  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond:  Central Coast KC, Macon WG&KC, Moto-Kara KoiKai ZNA Chapter KC, Nashville PS, Northern Midwest ZNA KC, Rhode Island & Massachusetts KC.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:  Johnna Hansen, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports the Jun meeting will be on the 10th at Kathy and Trish’s; the topic will be water plants for your pond and we’ll be having a plant swap.  Robert Lewis will present a health tip, too.  Our 10th Annual Pond and Water Garden Tour is just around the corner on Sat, May 11. Come tour over 20 ponds within our surrounding Charleston suburbs. Our tour is self-guided from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with raffle prizes at our members’ ponds.  Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/.  Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, reports the club meets once each quarter and the next meeting will be in June. Check out their website at http://www.dallaskoikichi.org/.  Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports President Mike Przewoznik appointed Karla Haggai as Media Director to High Desert Koi Fanciers and she graciously accepted. Karla will now handle the newsletter, the club website and a new Facebook page that will be set up. Karla has done a wonderful job on her Facebook page and she is the perfect person for this position. Congratulations Karla on your appointment – we are looking forward to your new position and ideas. The Jun meeting will be held at the home of David & Tee Miller in Lancaster on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10 a.m. Joe Estrada will speak about koi breeding. There will be an open discussion on any issues members may be having with their ponds.  Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com.  Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club is not currently meeting but they’ve paid their 2013/2014 dues!  Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com.  Todd Bong, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports the meeting on Apr 13 was held at Kullscape.  It is hard to believe that that we are into April already. I know that most of you have your ponds up and running; we are planning to drain and clean/refill our pond next weekend. Don’t forget that we are scheduled to clean the zoo pond following the meeting on the 13th; of course the weather will help decide if we will be able to get it done as scheduled. We also have a few of the rescued koi still available; if you are in need of some fish give me a call as I would like to empty the 100 gallon tank in my basement. Jeannie once again provided an article for this month’s newsletter; the subject is the use of cold water bacteria and as always it is an interesting piece. Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/.   Sonja Kahkola, of Rainbow River Koi Club, reports they had their meeting at Jeanette & Andy’s home. Two new couples joined our club and I’d like to welcome Chris & Megan and Dennis & Carol. After eating the tasty treats Jeanette had out for us we went pond side to enjoy the fish and get to know our new people. The meeting was held indoors since it was getting a bit warm outside and we started our discussion on UV sterilizers then moved on to everyone relating their personal experiences with their ponds. A lot of good ‘dos & don’ts’ came out of these stories. Check out their website at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainbow-River-Koi-Club/374036155457.  Laura Lunsford, of Rocky Mountain Koi Club, reports in Apr they met at the Ed and Doreen Painz’ pond and had a discussion about koi health and treating common health problems. The Annual Koi Auction (on Sat, Jun 1st at Koi Boy Pond Supplies in Brighton, CO) is the only fundraising activity for the club. The club will have approximately 40 koi for auction. Members can also bring fish to the auction and split the selling price 50/50 with the club. Bid numbers are $5. We will take cash, check and credit card for payment.  Check out their website at http://www.rmkc.net/.  Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports the May meeting was scheduled for the 1st at Rockrimmon Library; topics to include Spring Startup and more on pH and KH.  The Tosai Pickup was scheduled for May 18th at 1 p.m. at Sarah Garrison’s home and the Annual Koi Re-homing Auction is scheduled for Sat, Jun 15th at Phelan Gardens.  Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org.  David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the next meeting was scheduled for May 19 at Joe & Catherine Berardi’s home in Glendale.  Check their website at http://www.vskc.net.  Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports at the Apr meeting a record breaking crowd turned out to celebrate the completion of the David Luna and Jim Rivera pond.  We were treated to a first class catered luncheon at their beautiful and  immaculately maintained home.  Every plant was groomed and waiting to have its picture taken.  The colorful assortment of many varieties of koi was happily swimming about their home of deep clear water without a care in the world. Ultra Balance Aquaculture Feed manager Iva Gaglione and Territory Sales Manager Robin Hoeflinger were with us to speak about the Ultra Balance line of koi food.  Iva gave a most informative talk on koi nutrition and I learned a number of things pertaining to my koi.  The May 5th meeting was held at the home of Phillip & Evelyn Jimenez in Oxnard, who returned to the club after an extended absence. They built their koi pond in1982 and at that time they learned much from koi members on how to build their pond. Their filter is an up-flow gravel filter that holds everything from fist-sized rocks to pea gravel – and the wood used to hold the hundreds of pounds of rocks and gravel is still in the filter today after 31 years!  Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.  The following clubs were contacted but did not respond: North East Iowa KA, Inc.

Written report submitted by Ally Cunningham:  So Cal Koi Club had a great April meeting and will have a field trip May 19th at Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve to see the lions, tigers, etc. along with the koi that Carole has brought them from rescues.  This is a magical place where you feel you’re in a different world.  Carole will provide a picnic for members attending.  In June, the club will have their annual BBQ/White Elephant Auction which is always fun.


Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan:  Norm Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said they are having a show committee meeting each Saturday.  Their show is June 8-9, 2013.  Larry Gill is Head Judge.  Norm has listed his hotel for sale; it is in a beautiful location as Bob & Joan have been there several times.  Great Fishing!  Joan was unable to reach Larry Christensen, of Northwest K&GFC-ZNA Northwest Chapter.


Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:   Bruce Lott, of Olympic KGF&WGC, said that everything is OK.  Chuck Poppe, of ZNA Potomac Chapter KC, said that May is the month the club has its Young Koi Auction and June they will take a bus trip to Quality Koi Farm.  Jon Floden, of Gulf Coast KS, said that there is a meeting every month; everything OK.  Dr. Ken Lau, of Indiana K&WGC, said that the club will have their koi show June 23rd.  They also will have a field trip to another koi club in Eastern Iowa.  Rich Eitel, of North Carolina K&WGS, said that he met Bob in Florida a few years ago and Bob is looking forward to corresponding with their club in the future.  Mona Coleman, of Northern Nevada PC, said that on July 13 they will be having their pond tour.  On May 17th, they will have a field trip to Sacramento to see a koi farm.  Jon Lockerman, of North Florida KC Inc., said that this month they have a Hi Utsuri koi sale.  Each koi has a number you’re not allowed to see.  You buy your ticket and it has the koi’s number on it.  That is your koi!  Sounds like fun.  Bob tried but was unable to reach Great Ponds & KS of West Michigan.


Written report submitted by Kristine Peterson:  Judith Henderson, of Mountain View KC, reports our first meeting of the year was held Apr 14th. All members were welcomed and a discussion on how all their ponds came thru the winter. Apparently it was a bad winter for some as several members lost fish. During the winter one of our members’ fish (a 22 inch Asagi) developed a large tumor on the side. One of our members who is a Vet agreed to remove the tumor. While the operation was going on it was filmed with an explanation as to what was being done. The surgery took 27 minutes and all went well. After not eating for 3 weeks the Asagi is doing well now and seems to be on the road to recovery. It was a great success for our two members and a very interesting film to watch.
Spring pond maintenance was discussed and an information sheet was handed to all our members on how to prepare and refresh your ponds after the winter. Our next meeting will take place in June and we’re hoping to have it at a garden center as a way of letting more people know about our club and all about koi.  Judy Nicholson, of Santa Clarita K&WGC, reports their Apr meeting was held at the home of a new member who built the pond herself, including digging the hole. Our attendance was good and three guests also attended. Member Jim Thirkettle, who is also a koi breeder, previewed the type of young koi that will be raffled off to members for the koi growth contest beginning at the May 19 meeting. This is definitely our most popular club meeting. Our Co-President challenged our members to take a look at the AKCA Koi ID poster showing the various types of koi to see if they could identify their koi. The descriptions used by koi judges and breeders can be confusing. We auctioned off two more very colorful koi tiles/plaques.  Kristine Peterson, of Koi Club of San Diego, held the annual Friends of Koi Auction on Saturday May 4th at California Koi Farms with many high quality and pond koi going to new homes. The annual auction is a fundraiser event for our annual koi show and we’d like to thank all those who supported our event as a buyer, seller or volunteer. The Jun general meeting will be on the 6th with the election of club officers and a presentation by Lew Hileman on Rain Harvesting. Due to the club’s webmaster needing time off due to medical reasons, the website may not be current with upcoming events. Please contact John Svelan if you need information on an upcoming event or would like to attend a meeting.


Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez:   Dinh Nguyen, of ZNA NorCal, reported that they had their show which Jim Reilly, US District Chairperson who was part of their ZNA NorCal judging team, said was the “Show of the Year.”  The NorCal show is the most memorable judging outside of Japan for the head judge for the quality of koi and hospitality of the club members, said Mr. Hayashi.  Jimmy Tan was a judge from Singapore, who wishes to come back for future NorCal shows and Yuko Shirako left her heart in San Francisco.  Dinh, the showchair, thanks to all members for their dedication, thanks to vendors, exhibitors, judges, and volunteers for helping to create “The Koi Show of the Year in America.”  Long Vo won the AKCA Koi of the Year.  Glen Hubenthal, of Austin PS, said a large group of their members rebuilt two garden ponds at Down Home Ranch in Elgin, Texas.  Koi will be introduced to the ponds in the first week of May.  Darrin Bayhil was elected Koi Person of the Year.  Jerold Kyle, of the Camellia KC, said they marked their calendars for Sunday, May 19, for their Young Koi Show.  Size limited only up to 15 inches and only for CKC members.  It is not surprising they have members joining.  This is a wonderful opportunity for novices who are new to their hobby.  Even last minute entry cost is only $15 and members can bring multiple koi for that simple entry fee.  A one day show with koi displayed in clear bags instead of tanks is a new experience for most of them.  Membership information at www.camelliakoi.org and show contact at info@koienterprise.com and johng1002@gmail.com.  The closer they get the more they realize how much fun this hobby can be.  Ron Unruh, of Bakersfield K&WGS, said their April meeting had a great turnout.  The club added a new member.  Tod Weringer ran the meeting discussing ALL of the activities that are planned and went over each one and asked members to sign up for activities they would like to attend.  Tod turned over the meeting to Mike Przewoznik of Sumner Avenue Water Gardens who spoke about pond building, the advantages of both liner and concrete ponds.  He also gave a few tips/secrets he uses when building ponds.  Next months meeting is a trip to McDonalds Nursery in Reseda and a lunch at Grand Panda restaurant.  ZNA So.Ca Chapter’s April meeting was held at the home of Pam Spindola.  Pam is a respected koi judge and an avid hobbyist.  Her back yard looks like a tropical setting with great koi ponds.  Their speaker was Tom Holder, the President of “Koi Kennel Care;” his talk was about prevention and health.  Tom always has a great program and products.  Doug Wright was selected as the club’s Koi Person of the Year.  Paul Moss, of Lone Star KC, said their April meeting was held at the home of Robert and Denise Wall, a nice 1920’s house that Robert & Denise had completely remodeled and restored with impeccable craftsmanship over several years of hard work.  His pond was completely covered by a wood pergola which made this a perfect meeting site on a beautiful day.  Other than the regular business of the club, a lively discussion was held on the subject of koi food, what was best and what was not so beneficial when it came to the listed content of the food?  As to be expected, similar to asking 10 members what is the optimum temperature to stop feeding over winter, you’ll get 12 different answers.  Food and feeding schedules were no different in this case.  May will be the Pond Tour held in conjunction with the Houston Pond Society over the weekend of May 4th and 5th.  Charles Phelps, of Greater Louisville K&GFS, said they had their meeting last night.  They talked about their upcoming show; Troy Head did a presentation on selecting koi.  Neal Friedman, of the Washington K&WGS, said they will be holding an outreach event at one of their local nurseries, Sky Nursery on June 1st, hoping to recruit more people to the koi and pond hobbies.  At their April club meeting, their speaker was Curt Black, from Bats Northwest.  Curt, a former WKWGS member from years ago works in the fields of hydrology and geochemistry and is very involved in environmental education.  He also teaches a class at the UW in nature sound recording.  Curt gave an enthralling introduction to an animal that most of us encounter only from substantial distances:  BATS!  Some myths debunked:  bats do not fly into people’s hair.  They are not rodents.  One brown bat is known to have lived at least 37 years.  They have the same bones as humans, just in different proportions.  At the recent NorCal Show, club member Bill Tullis won Young Champion, best in size 5 Kohaku, Best in Size 1 Sanke, the show chairman’s Award for his Sanke Size 4, and two friendship awards, one from World Wide Koi Club and one from Northern Midwest ZNA.  Their club is recruiting more team members to participate in the PNKCA Cup.  Sue Boydstun, of Idaho WG&KS, Inc., reports in April we had a meeting with14 members present.  I gave a presentation on basic koi health, how to “herd” a koi into a bowl as opposed to chasing it with a net, testing water parameters, how to dress a wound, provided some handouts and gave a list of websites.  We were hoping for a wet lab, but were unable to find a presenter available for that weekend.  For our May meeting we will be doing our annual clean up at the Boise Depot ponds from 1pm to 5 pm.  This includes going into the ponds and separating out plants.  Excess plant starts including named lilies are then offered to club member at reduced prices — bare root lilies, pickerel rush, other bog type plants @ $3. Any large plants available are individually priced.


Motion:  To adjourn at. 8:51 p.m.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Joan.   Approved.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole Elliott

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