2014 04 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of April 11, 2014

Officers Present:                                 Directors Present:                        Guests:
Chair: Bob Finnegan                         Ally Cunningham
Vice Chair: Don Chandler
Secretary: Carole Elliott
CFO: Brenda Chandler

Board Highlights:
Please send in your Koi Person of the Year, Koi of the Year and Champion of Champions entries. All are due before May 1st. The proper forms were sent with last month’s minutes; replacement forms can be downloaded from AKCA.org
AKCA Annual Meeting/Wet Lab in Houston, TX this June 28-29th ; hosted by the Lone Star Koi Club
Invoices for annual dues will be sent out with these minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Bob Finnegan, at 6:00 pm

MINUTES: Motion: To approve the minutes of March 21st. Motion by Don, 2nd by Brenda. Approved.


FINANCIALS: Brenda went over the CFO report as well as the Profit & Loss statement for March. We had a loss of $1,700 for the month. Major expenditures included Bookstore and Wet Lab advertisements in the May/Jun KOI USA issue. There was much discussion on our investment account which lost over $1,000 this past year. It was decided to move it from the investment account into our checking account until we figure out where we want to invest it.

SCIENTIFIC/KHA: We still need a volunteer to replace Jerry, who wants to retire but who will be attending the Wet Lab in Houston.

PROJECT KHV: We received an overpayment check from the University of Florida for $676.48 from the KHA grant they had several years ago. Bob Finnegan will contact Jack Chapman for a program update re: the OSU grants.

PUBLICATION: Bob Payne stated that the last issue went out in a timely schedule. He went through the Google ad online campaigns. Don stated that Caesar has posted a lot of club events; look good! There is a new “Heartbleed” virus that is affecting 60% of websites; Caesar will check and advise. We received an email from Steve Dumas, from the No. Texas club who questioned why their club hadn’t been paid for their Pond Tour booklet last year? Don found that Steve has sent this to Doug Dahl instead of to our new P.O. Box. Don requested that Steve send him a booklet from last year to verify their ad and we will then mail them a $100 check. Their club also wants to put AKCA/KOI USA in this year’s booklet for another $100 and we’re always happy to support our club’s activities. Don stated that subscription revenue was $3,667 for March, which is slightly below average. He hopes to upload the rough May/June issue to Blue Z soon! Debye Payne went over her insertion and AR reports. She will be sending out insertion orders for FY 2014/2015 (as well as invoices) for Dealer’s Listings; she gave us a list of those dealers. Mike P., re: the Santa Clarita club’s Koi Ponderosa, requested 120 magazines to hand out to attendees. For every subscription sold at the event, he will contribute $5 with the club member paying the remaining $20. We will be sending him the magazines. Mike has been a GREAT friend of KOI USA!
MEMBERSHIP: Cascade sent in their $100 dues months ago but they still haven’t sent in the required $50 reinstatement fee. Don is holding their check until we know what they plan on doing. 6 clubs have already paid their 2014-15 dues. 2014/2015 invoices will go out with these minutes. Since Phil resigned his duties, Phil‘s clubs (Capital Area, Inland Empire & Shasta) will need to be reassigned to a new local Board member contact. In the interim, Don will be responsible for obtaining club reports.

JUDGING: Barb & John Flowers, of Rocky Mountain Club in Colorado, contacted us to obtain a list of AKCA Judges; Norm Call will be their Head Judge and Pam Spindola their Assistant Judge. Chuck Poppe, a long time AKCA judge, recently passed away. Bob and Don will coordinate to get background info on Chuck and a picture to put in the upcoming KOI USA magazine.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Brenda stated that we have 23 clubs that have paid for premium level liability insurance this FY.

BOOKSTORE: Brenda stated that Debye Payne sold $242.95 at the San Diego Show and $178.47 at the Gardena show. She also logged 2 KOI USA subscriptions at the San Diego show. Brenda will be ordering more AKCA t-shirts to fill gaps in the larger sizes and to add additional colors to our inventory.

We received a request from an AKCA club asking if they could use the AKCA logo on a flyer they give out at events. Don stated that any AKCA club can use our logo on their website, minutes, stationary, flyers, etc. – and they don’t need to ask our permission prior.
We received a request from a club President who hadn’t received his ballot from his club’s Dir/Rep. Clubs that didn’t receive their ballot, or who misplaced it, can contact Carole Elliott for a provisional (replacement) ballot.


2014 Seminar: Brenda reported that the Lone Star Koi Club, our Business Meeting/Wet Lab hosts, sent her the menu for Saturday night’s banquet which will feature a number of appetizers, salads, entrees, and deserts to choose from. It will be a Southwestern Style Buffet and the cost is $50 per person. There was some concern about the parking lot being under construction; Brenda will check into this. You can go on the AKCA.org website and download the registration form. Dates for the Wet Lab are June 28th & 29th.

2015 Seminar: We need clubs to notify us if they are interested in hosting the Annual Business Meeting and Wet Lab in 2015.

Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.
If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine yet?
Is your club interested in hosting the 2015 AKCA Annual Business Meeting and Wet Lab?

Koi of the Year, Champion of Champions and Koi Person of the Year nominations are due by May 1st!
Notify Bookstore of materials to ship to Seminar
Send out AKCA dues notices

KOI ID Poster: Mike Hernandez has sent us pictures from the All Japan Koi Show for the Koi ID poster. Some issues remain to be resolved on the names of a few of the koi. We hope to have a new poster to debut at the Wet Lab in Houston the end of June. Louie will coordinate.


Motion to adjourn at 6:58 p.m. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Brenda. Approved.

Respectfully submitted by,
Carole Elliott, Secretary


Written report submitted by Carole Elliott: Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said that they hosted guest speaker Keith Kovarik from K&K Gardens. Keith gave a great power point with all sorts of colorful pictures of various water plants they carry. He gave members care instructions and answered multiple questions. Members talked about a club bus trip in June or July and began to discuss whether to have a pond tour or not this year. Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said that Spring has FINALLY sprung. Well, at least the snow and ice are gone. Temps still remain on the cool side, but at least members can see their fish. They recently hosted guest speakers Ellen & Myron Kloubec. They spoke to the club about their recent trip to Japan and invited them out to their Koi Farm to host the April meeting. Members have begun to plan for their 2014 annual pond tour. www.EIPS.org. Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said they will be having their first meeting of the year this Saturday at President Treah’s house. Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said they would like to thank Don & Nell Harrawood for hosting their last meeting with SKAPA’s home vet Dr. Tom McCabe, DVM as their guest speaker, and looking forward to their next meeting at the home of Carlo & Claudia Herrera. Monte McQuade, of Puget Sound KC, said they are hosting an informational booth at the Puyallup Spring Fair (thefair.com I believe) this coming weekend April 10-13. This has been an annual event for their club which is attended by 60,000 – 100,000 people each year depending on the weather. It is an indoor event at the state fair grounds but the weather is still a factor if people want to get out and go somewhere or stay at home. Their “young” koi show will be held the 2nd weekend in August. They only have the date at this time. The location will probably be the same as past shows and judges have not been selected yet. They were trying to present a new face for the koi show but that may have to wait until next year. Keith Heise, of WGC of South Texas, said that they have a new president, Sandy Harper, and will have a new rep. They will contact me with the info. They have been having their monthly meetings with several speakers; one from the local water gardening shop. They will also have a booth at a koi sale coming up this month. The will also have a plant and fish swap soon. Steve Dumas, of The North Texas Water Garden Society, reports the club is looking forward to their annual Tour of Ponds coming up June 7th & 8th. For more information about the North Texas Water Garden Society and any upcoming events or meeting topics, please see our website at http://www.ntwgs.org or check out our Facebook page. The North Texas Water Garden Society wants to remind everyone of the meeting location: Our monthly meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The meetings will be held at the Community Meeting Room inside the Half Price Books located on NW Highway (loop 12) just east of 75 in Dallas. Plant exchange is allowed near the rear loading dock before and after each meeting. Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, reports the April meeting is this Saturday, the 19th. It will be at one of our favorite places to meet, the Halls home. There is lots of room to visit and eat and have our meeting. They are great hosts. And, once again the Halls will make homemade ice cream. It has become a tradition when we have our meeting at their home. We will have a presentation about making Hypertufa containers for plants. We are moving forward with our annual pond tour. It is set for Saturday, June 14th. We are only doing one day this year since Sunday is Father’s Day. We will have 10 or 11 ponds this year. Don Richardson, of the Middle Tennessee Koi Club, reports it held its first meeting of 2014 in March. We will have monthly meetings through October; most are at member’s ponds. Visit our web page or Facebook page for locations. Visitors are welcome, so join us to learn more about a wonderful hobby. Gary & Becky Lee, of the Atlanta Koi Club, had nothing to report for now. Carole tried but was unable to reach Amarillo KS; Canada KC of British Columbia; Hawaii GF&C; Niagara Frontier K&PC; and Piedmont K&WGS.

Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez: Debby Young, of Southern Arizona KA, reports that they held their election of officers. President remains Bob Panter and Treasurer will be Debby Young. Several members made it to Gardena for ZNA SoCal’s 40th Koi Show. They have submitted their Koi Person of the Year – Duane Kenny – to Paul Cunningham. Donnie Hansen, of the Bakersfield K&WGS, said they met at his home. The club discussed upcoming events and held a raffle. Next meeting is a trip to Santa Clarita for a lunch at Grand Panda and a trip to McDonalds Aquatic Nursery. Upcoming events include Garden Fest at the college and Koi Ponderosa in Fillmore. Dinh Nguyen, of ZNA NorCal Chapter, reports our 7th annual show was a huge success with plenty of foot traffic. GC was a large and worthy kohaku owned by Long Vo and purchased from Andrews Koi International in Anaheim, CA. The show was held at the Matrix 8 casino in San Jose. The banquet MC was Larry Gill (who was also the Show Chair). Larry asked for a moment of silence for fellow long time judge Chuck Poppe who recently passed away; he will be missed by many. Larry had planned to see Bob & Joan Finnegan at the show & banquet but that was not to be this year. Larry had in mind to honor the many years of service to the hobby the Finnegan’s have given of themselves. Many thanks to all the vendors, members and fellow koi keepers that shared their koi with us and the public. See you all next year. Linda Pluth, of Koi Club of San Diego, reports on March 1st and 2nd KCSD held its 27th Annual Koi Show which was a huge success thanks to Show Chair Matt Rhoades and our wonderful club members that worked so hard. The show was well attended by both entrants and vendors alike. Marde Smith took top honors with his Kohaku Grand Champion and Hikari Muji Non-Gosanke Champ (both size 7). The awards banquet was held at Tony Jackal’s in Solana Beach. The next meeting will be on April 13th at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, which will be a full-on potluck. Our guest speaker will be Ben Plonski of Laguna Koi Ponds talking about purchasing Fish from Japan. Ben is a dynamic speaker, a knowledgeable professional and a good friend of the Club who has been in the business over 20 years. The next date will be the Spring Festival on May 3rd from 9am to 4pm, at Cuyamaca College in the El Cajon/Spring Valley area. We will be manning a booth as part of our community outreach program, dispensing information on koi and pond keeping. Our Friends of Koi Auction will take place on Saturday, May 10th, at California Koi Farm in Fallbrook. Sunday, May 18th, will be the regular meeting delayed a week so we can all celebrate with our mothers. The May meeting will be at the home of Kay and Clark Corbin and held jointly with the Water Garden Society. Another potluck amid the blooming landscaping of the Corbins’ home and a chance to see their new front pond and Kay’s hot house (created by Clark) where she had tropical water lilies blooming all winter. Our own Tamsie Pierce will be our guest speaker who will discuss Pond Plants and Fish. Candidates for the June election will be announced. June 8th we will meet at the home of Marde and Lillian Smith in El Cajon. June is the month for elections. Linda Pluth is the chair of the Nomination Committee so please contact Linda if you are interested in becoming more involved with the Club. Chris Charbonneau, of Washington Koi&WGS, reports the club is in full swing planning our show for the weekend of September 6-7. At our last meeting, it was announced that our raffle for a donation to KHV research yielded $2000 which we sent to the Oregon Hatfield Marine Science Center. Nancy Moore read us the gracious thank you note from Dr Tim Miller-Morgan in response. To leverage our effectiveness, the Club resolved to ask the collective of clubs in the Pacific Northwest to match us by raising another $2000 together. If they succeed, we agree to put on an unparalleled PNKCA convention in 2016. Our sunbird Members Robert and Maureen Rutgen shared the proceedings of the Central Florida Koi Show which intrigued us as the show is put on by 5 clubs. Sharon Collman, an Entomologist with Washington State University spoke about Preventing “Plant and Pest Problems” near our ponds, since walloping plants with chemicals around our lovely ponds and wet pets is a non-starter. Cliff notes version: Removing standing water is a better deterrent to mosquito nesting than gallons of pesticides. Sharon reviewed the roles of beneficial bugs that are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem. Jerry Kyle, of Camellia Koi Club, reports this month’s meeting location will remind members what joining an AKCA Club is about. In the beginning Gus and Leslie invited Jerry who was one of the club’s Certified KHAs to visit their pond. After continued research by Gus aided by picking Jerry’s brain, joining the CKC, and visiting other member’s ponds to learn from example, Gus and Leslie have one of the most beautiful ponds there is. Despite being held to just under 5000 gallons for zoning regulations they were not held back in artistic creativity. The Japanese refer to koi as the “jewels of the garden.” There are many beautiful “jewels” in many ponds but, when also combined with gardening skills to best display the jewels, the entire experience rises to a higher level. It is about the entire setting from being just off the living area to be seen from inside as well as out. It is about the koi but, not just about the koi. It is about the beauty and serenity our koi can bring us. It is about learning and sharing beauty. It is why we have koi clubs.
Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan: So Cal Koi Club did not meet in March due to 2 koi shows that month. In April, they will be meeting at member Ed Rambo’s home; the topic will be “How to Protect Your Koi from Predators.” Ed has an interesting pond that was built on each side of his back door steps and has been joined to run under his steps for the larger koi. Norm Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said their club is gearing up for their koi show June 14-15. The weekend prior, June 6, 7 & 8th. is the PNKCA show held on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Northwest K&GF ZNA club will be hosting. Joan tried but was unable to reach ZNA Northwest Chapter and St. Louis WGS.

Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan: Don Stump, of Great Ponds & Koi Soc. Of West Michigan said the weather is still too cold; not much going on. Dr. Ken Lau, of Indiana K&WGC, said their club has around 45 active members. They are planning their Annual Pond Tour & Koi Show. They will also have a new “T” shirt this year. Jon Lockerman, of North Florida KC, said they will have their annual koi auction of rescued koi April 12th. It is a nice money maker. David Muraoka, of Sierra KC, said that at 5,000 ft. it is still very cold. It is with great sadness that ZNA Potomac Chapter KC announced that Chuck Poppe, their founder, passed away March 31st. For more info, check the club’s website. We have known Doris & Chuck forever. Chuck will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in either June or July. Bob tried but was unable to reach Olympic K&GF&WGS and Northern Nevada PC.

Written report submitted by Don Chandler: Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the club held their April 12th meeting at the home of Bob & Nina Garrison. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help and volunteer at our booth at the March home and garden show. We discussed the upcoming koi show in September; Judges have been selected, with one from AKCA and one from the Shinkokai organization. Our koi pin is being designed by Norman Call and is in production. Vendors are signing up and all is progressing on schedule. Rosimeri was voted as AKCA Koi Person of the Year. There was a discussion on koi nutrition and Rosimeri handed out a printout with some handy tips on how, when and what to feed the koi. After the meeting, everyone went down to Bob’s tanks to see the koi he had for sale. Our next meeting will be held on May 17th at 2 p.m. at the home of Nancy and Tony Palazzo and our guest speaker will be Dr. Jessie Sanders of the Aquatic Vet Services of Northern California. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com. James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports the club held its inaugural koi show on March 29th and it was a great success. People came from 4 surrounding states for the show. We’re already planning next year’s show, so keep your eyes and ears open! Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/. Doug Stuber, of the First Coast Koi Club, reports our club koi auction to be held at Trads Nursery on Saturday, April 5th. Our upcoming club Grow-Out Competition will be with fish to be purchased and selected this Spring. The club’s Annual Pond Tour will be held on May 10th. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, May 17th at 5 p.m. at the home of Doug and Darla Stuber on Amelia Island. Check out their website at http://www.firstcoastkoiclub.com/. Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports our March meeting was held at this writer’s home. The weather was great and 65 people attended the meeting. We potentially recruited three families as new members of our club. Our pond is a 4000 gallon rubber liner pond with 30 koi and one turtle. We discussed our upcoming Pond Tour on June 1, in Riverside, California. We also will be taking applications for the Inland Koi Society’s annual $500.00 scholarship for children of IKS members attending college. In addition, the IKS awarded their friendship award to “Koi Jack” Chapman for one of his fish that was entered in the last San Diego Koi Club Show. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org/. Philip Gray, of Mid-Atlantic Koi Club, did not file a report. However, from the MAKC’s On-Line Notice Board: MAKC webmaster position open and still looking . . . As of 18 April 2014, no member has come forward, therefore, I will shut down the MAKC.com website on 1 May 2014! Any questions should be sent to Philip Gray and see if he will respond to you . . . Check out their website at http://www.makc.com. Vern Gilkes, of Mountain View Koi Club, reports the newly elected club officers for 2014-2016: Club President Verne Gilkes; Club Secretary Christine Morris; Club Treasurer Paula Gilkes; Club First Vice Jean Paul Lupien; Club Second Vice Pat Hardisty; Club Librarian Karin Mode; Club Photographer and Graphics Person Paula Gilkes; Photo Coordinator Verne Gilkes; Club Web Person Ben Martin Honorary Member. Congrats! Check their website at http://www.mountainviewkoiclub.com/. Carole Boozer, of Nashville Pond Society, reports YESTERDAY… was a mission accomplished. The Nashville Pond Society had 2 fish rescues (All Koi). The 1st one started at 7:06 a.m. and the second started at 1:00 p.m. The koi that I rescued went to 2 homes that will be on our Pond Tour (which will be in August). More information on the Pond Tour coming up soon. BACK…to yesterday…New members, Brian & Valerie Poile, and Glenda Terry and her teenagers, all did their “first” fish rescue by themselves. They did a wonderful, careful and successful rescue. They took their fish home and all fish are safe and happy in their new ponds. Check out their website at http://www.nashvillepondsociety.org. Marc and Tamara Skaggs, of Northern Midwest ZNA Koi Club, report their 13th Annual Northern Midwest ZNA Koi Show & Pond Expo will be held June 7th& 8th at the Carmel City Center in Carmel, IN. Check out their website at http://www.nmzna.net/index.html. Phyllis Anderson, of North Idaho Koi Keepers, reports the club is hosting their first ZNA Koi Show to be held July 26-27 at Hoshi Koi in Tacoma, Washington. Our Saturday evening banquet will be held at Charlie’s Restaurant in Puyallup. Please see our Koi Show Poster on our website at: http://www.northidahokoikeepers.com/id8.html. Lynn Eaton, of Pioneer Valley Water Garden and Koi Club, reports the April meeting was held at the home of Ted & Darlene Curtin in Chicopee, MA. The speaker was Douglas Taylor of the Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield who spoke on the topic of “The Ancient Asian Art of Bonsai” followed by a 50*50 raffle and a Pot Luck Social. Check out their website at http://www.pioneervalleypondclub.com/meetings.html. Don Chamberlain, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, reports they held their Mar meeting on a lovely late winter’s evening and 19 hardy koi enthusiasts made it out for another exciting meeting. We had five guests and I believe we got two new members. We certainly offered a warm welcome to them. The pond tour is starting to shape up. Frank put together 5,000 business card sized ads for the tour and these were distributed to club members to hand out over the next couple of months. We now have nine candidates for the tour. We’ll be contacting each of them in the coming weeks to get photos, pond details and a final commitment, but it looks like we should be able to get six ponds out of this group. We hope to finalize selection at the next Steering Committee meeting which will be on April 7 at 7:30 at Frank’s house, 5705 Begonia Dr, San Jose, 95124. Everyone is encouraged to attend to help us over the hump with planning and implementation of the tour. The 2013 Pond Tour is featured in the March/April edition of Koi USA. Be sure to check that out. Check out their website at http://www.sckoi.com/. Judy Nicholson, of Santa Clarita Koi & WG Club, reports their March 23 meeting was held at the home of a member that has removed his old pond and his construction of the new pond has reached the stage of positioning the pond liner. His presentation included charts comparing the old and new ponds. He discussed the new construction, filtration system and other aspects of completing the pond. This was a lively presentation with member interest and feedback. A call was made for some members to pay their 2014 dues. Annual dues are due by the end of first quarter. The club is considering a future field trip to the Shambala Reserve in our area. This is based on a KOI USA feature article on the animal rescue reserve. To date, 120 tickets have been purchased for the Koi Ponderosa. Coordination of local advertising was reviewed. It was announced that our member who is the owner of Ketl Koi Farm, the site for our Koi Ponderosa on May 3, will have back surgery in the next few weeks. Other Club members will be able to help him get ready for the event. Sign-up sheets passed around for additional volunteers. Sumner Avenue Water Gardens, a sponsor of this event, will pay for the band fee as a gift to the club. Greatly appreciated by the club. The club annual Koi Growth Contest has been scheduled for July 27. This is hosted also hosted by Jim Thirkettle of the Ketl Koi Farm in Piru. Club members will assist him in photographing the contest koi in their ponds for the final photos to complete the “before and after photos” for koi the growth contest. Check out their website at http://www.scvkoiandwatergardenclub.com/SCV_Koi/Welcome.html. Lois Rosmarin, of Siskiyou Koi & Pond Club, reports the Jackson County Spring Garden Fair will be on May 3 and 4. We will have the same booth this year but with a new look. Mark your calendar: Please come see our video display and stop in to say “Hello.” Check out their website at http://www.siskiyoukoiclub.com. Dick Hadley, of Upper Midwest Koi Club, reports the April meeting was held at the home of Michelle Gravenish in Bloomington, MN. The presentation topic was “Opening Your Pond.” Check their website at www.uppermidwestkoiclub.org . The following clubs did not provide reports: Low Country Koi Club, Macon Water Garden & Koi Club, Metro-Detroit Pond & Garden Club, Michigan Koi & Pond Club SE, Moto-Kara KoiKai ZNA Chapter Koi Club, Rhode Island & Massachusetts Koi Club.

Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Wendell Ford, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports in Feb we met at the house of Greg Nichols and Barbara Borg. It was a great meeting and a good time was had by all. We discussed the upcoming Koi of the Year contest entries. Robert Lewis gave some good tips on capturing the perfect picture. Our March meeting was held at the Orlando Koi Show. Congratulations go to Grant and Penny Patton for winning yet another award at Orlando: Reserve Grand Champion. Mac McGreevy from Port Arthur, TX, won our Friendship Award for the best potential showa. Visit our website to see the photos from the Orlando show. Our May meeting has been moved to the Sunday after Mothers Day, May 18th. Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/. Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, reports the club will be holding its 20th Annual Spring Fish Sale on April 11/13 in Marion. The Fish Auction will be May 3rd at Whiz-Q Stone starting at 1 p.m. in Fort Worth. Check out their website at http://www.dallaskoikichi.org/. Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports they are looking forward to their April meeting at the Mark’s: Mark Flores and Mark Gilbert are opening their home to host our meeting and they wanted to have a Hot Dog BBQ. This will give us a chance to mingle and get to know each other a little better, swap stories about our ponds and fish and enjoy their lovely yard and pond. So far it looks like the weather will cooperate so it should be a great meeting. I hope you will all attend. Check out their website at http://www.hdkoifanciers.com. Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club met at Caesar and Bettina Yanez’ home in Diamond Bar. Caesar not only does the Nishiki website; he also does the AKCA and KOI USA websites, too. After an overview of the operation of their 7,500 gallon koi pond, the club got down to conducting business. Craig and Randee Chambers were elected club Koi Persons of the year. Volunteers were solicited to assist Gordon Chibana for the Koi Rescue booth he’ll be running at the Monterrey Park Cherry Blossom Festival on the 26th & 27th. The May meeting will be at Lisa Barnett’s home. Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com. Claude Head, of North East Iowa Koi Association, reports some of their members are looking forward to attending the AKCA KHA Wet Lab in Houston this coming June. Check out their website at http://www.neikakoiassoc.com/index.html. Todd Bong, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports their last meeting was on April 12th at Kullscape in Peoria. After the meeting they went to the Peoria Zoo to clean their pond. Their bus trip on Ag 2nd will be to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Get your RSVPs in today! Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/. Sonja Kahkola, of Rainbow River Koi Club, reports they’re behind in reporting but December was our 6th Anniversary Meeting/Christmas Party held and Bob and Cathy Young’s home. We had a short meeting, lots of socializing and eating yummy food [we had a laugh over the anniversary cake because the bakery misunderstood what a koi pond was and had a man in a boat fishing for a bass on it]. Then the Chinese Gift Exchange was on. It started slowly and very friendly, but got rolling in the end with gifts making more moves than anyone could count. The Jan meeting was also at the Young’s. The water testing that was scheduled to be our learning demonstration was postponed. Check out their website at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainbow-River-Koi-Club/374036155457. Laura Lunsford, of Rocky Mountain Koi Club, reports the April meeting was held at the Calvert’s in Littleton, CO. Colorado Koi Judge Jan Thompson will be joining us to discuss koi judging and how to choose a young koi. Check out their website at http://www.rmkc.net/. Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports the Apr meeting was held at the East Library. Topics included Spring Startup, Feeding Koi, Group Tosai Buy and Group Food Buy. The May meeting will be on the 7th and the Koi Buy Pick Up Party will be on the 14th. The re-homing auction will be held Jun 14. Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org. David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the Apr meeting was at the Yee Fung Toy Building. Check their website at http://www.vskc.net. Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports last month Kathryn Melton and Joe May treated us to another delightful afternoon at their Reseda home. No one else I know has a thousand gallons of water per koi. I am sure many of us went home wishing we could have such spacious accommodations for our koi. The April meeting will be held at McDonalds Nursery in Reseda. They’ve been in operation for over 35 years and are located in a residential section of town. They grow every aquatic plant that will survive in SoCal weather climates and they sell wholesale to nurseries and garden centers. Francisco, the owner, will offer plants for ½ retail price and will give a guided tour of the facility while answering club member’s questions. Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.

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