2014 06 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of June 13, 2014


Officers Present:                                 Directors Present:                               Guests:

Chair:  Bob Finnegan                          Ally Cunningham
Vice Chair:  Don Chandler                  Louie Hernandez
Secretary:  Carole Elliott
CFO:  Brenda Chandler


Board Highlights:

Congratulations!  The 2014-2015 Slate of Officers was voted on and approved!

AKCA Annual Meeting/Wet Lab in Houston, TX June 28-29th

Annual AKCA dues are due no later than June 30th!

The all new Koi ID poster is in stock; check it out at our Bookstore


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Bob Finnegan, at 6:09 pm


MINUTES:  Motion:  To approve the minutes of May 9th.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.




FINANCIALS:  Don went over Brenda’s Profit & Loss statement (she was counting ballots) for May.  Also went over the CFO report for May.  We closed out our investment account and are waiting to see whether we should reinvest it or just keep it in a savings account (depends on how the market will go).  We made $200.08 in May on our investment account before we cashed it out.  We have $30,547.71 in our Project KHV CD.  Don reported that Brenda and her son met with Jeremy Gonzales, of Merrill Edge; showed the monster application we have to fill out.  We haven’t yet received the contract part.  Pimco will also present us with a proposal; there is a 1% management fee for both.


SCIENTIFIC/KHA:  Jerry talked to Julie Miller.  She is excited about taking over the Chair position for the Scientific Committee; she will also be at the Houston Wet Lab/Business meeting.  She is pleased that Jerry will stay involved; they seem to be on the same page with ideas and the direction of the committee.  Julie would like every club to have at least one KHA to take our teachings back to local areas for everyone’s benefit.  Motion:  To thank Jerry Kyle for his years as Chairperson of the KHA program (2009-2014) and to appoint Julie Miller as the new Chair of the Scientific Committee.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.


PROJECT KHV:  Don stated that he & Brenda will take 1 Peter Enfield slate to the Houston Wet Lab/Business Meeting to be auctioned.  Their club has agreed that the proceeds go directly to KHV as the slates were donated for this purpose.  Louie picked up 6 slates from Jack in San Diego and left 2 there to be auctioned at their show.  The KHV investment account has rolled over.


PUBLICATION:  Don reported that Bob Payne completed the Koi ID poster; showed it to the Board.  It’s beautiful!  A big thanks to Brenda, Bob, & Louie – this poster went through 14 revisions before the final poster.  Bob Payne felt that it wouldn’t be a problem to also make this into a tri-fold.  Larry Isles will try to make the Houston Wet Lab but has a number of conflicts that weekend.  Discussion on accounts receivables as well as the CFO report. We will need to take out the ad for the old Koi ID poster and replace it with the new one as well as including an article to go with it.  It was felt that we don’t have enough counter sales in stores so we’re losing out on spontaneous sales.  Much discussion followed on the Accounts Receivable responsibilities, etc.


MEMBERSHIP:  Don reported that the Land of Lincoln WG & Koi club (Illinois) has expressed interest in joining AKCA.  46 clubs have paid their dues thus far; 29 have yet to pay.  If they fail to pay by June 30th, there will be a penalty fee.  Ally Cunningham was selected to serve as replacement for Phil; she will be the AKCA Local Board member for the Capital Area, Inland Empire and Shasta clubs.


JUDGING:  Any club not using an AKCA judge on their official koi show judging team will not be eligible for an AKCA Koi of the Year trophy.  It was stated that there are a lot of shows now using dealer’s and other professionals to judge.  Discussion followed on koi terms whose meanings have evolved over time (e.g., Hariwake vs. Kikusui).


SLATE OF OFFICERS – BALLOT:  36 ballots were returned; Brenda and Ally counted ballots.  33 votes for Bob Finnegan for Chairperson; 34 votes for Don Chandler for Vice Chairperson; 35 votes for Carole Elliott for Secretary; and 35 votes for Brenda Chandler for CFO.  Motion:  To accept the 2014-2015 Slate of Officers.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.


RISK MANAGEMENT:  Brenda stated that we have sold Premium Liability Insurance to 26 clubs this FY; 6 more have been pre-sold for 2014/2015.  Philadelphia Insurance premium was up $260.  Motion:  To absorb the increase and hold the rates the same at $125.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.  Our D&O policy is the same as last year ($2149).


BOOKSTORE:  Richelle had $21 in sales; she was 5 orders behind.  Brenda volunteered to take over and give her a chance to catch her breath; Brenda’s son Ron helped.  Richelle’s overloaded with personal/professional issues and needs to be placed on hiatus.  Her last report was in October; hasn’t received a commission since then.  Don will have to do her spread sheet for taxes this year.  There are people who want to buy Dr. Nick’s book so he’s shipping 30 of them to Houston for the Wet Lab.  Brenda contacted Kodama about pricing out his books (Koishi and Kokugyo II).  Need a minimum of 10 copies for wholesale price; decided to order 10 of each.  We also have to revise the order form.  Discussion about how many Koi ID posters to print.  Prices quoted for 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000.  It was decided to order 2,500; includes a $150 set up fee.  We also need to pay Bob Payne who put the poster together.  Don recommended that we pay him $500 as he had to go through 14 versions.  Motion:  To pay Bob $500 for putting together the Koi ID poster.  Motion by Don, 2nd by Louie.  Approved.  Don stated that t-shirts were ordered.  100 t-shirts in navy, red & Caribbean (plus 2 black and 2 charcoal for demos) for a total cost of $1,044.45.







2014 Seminar:  Don showed the roster with wet lab, lunch and banquet signups as well as method of payment.  42 people thus far have signed up; 29 for the wet lab; 32 for the lunch, and 32 for the banquet.  Brenda has been diligently working on getting prizes for the drawing.


2015 Seminar:  Jerry Kyle formally requested having the Camellia Koi Club host the 2015 Annual Business Meeting, Banquet and Wet Lab.  The last meeting in their area was held in 2002; felt this would be an advantage for all their newer members.  Motion:  To have the Camellia Koi Club host the 2015 AKCA event.  Motion by Brenda, 2nd by Carole.  Approved.



Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.

If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine?



Annual meeting report in Board meeting minutes

Include AKCA Year End financials

Ship Koi of the Year awards



Koi Person of the Year:  Ally stated that the awards were shipped out, however a few people have stated that they have not yet received them.  If that’s the case, contact Paul who will ship out the award.




Motion to adjourn at 8:21 p.m.  Motion by Carole, 2nd by Brenda.  Approved.


Respectfully submitted by,

Carole Elliott, Secretary





Written report submitted by Carole Elliott:  Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said they have a meeting this coming Saturday (6/14) at Jim & Esther Rehwalt’s.  They’ve kind of slowed down a bit in that it looks like another year that they won’t have a pond tour as there aren’t enough volunteers, but they continue to happily meet at members’ homes through the ponding season.   Bonnie Nakahara, of Hawaii Goldfish & Carp, said the club recently participated in Children’s Day at the Japanese Cultural Center.  They did a koi display and ran some koi and goldfish themed games for the kids.  Following that they participated in the Pet Expo at the local exhibition hall.  They did a koi display and 25 tanks of goldfish varieties in celebration of the Expo’s 25th anniversary.  Next weekend they will be participating in a community pet show with various animal clubs.  The club is keeping busy.  They are working on a possible pond tour and plans for their show.  Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier K&PC, said they are getting ready for their koi show June 21-22nd.  It will be held at Masterson’s Garden Center in East Aurora, NY.  Donations are coming in for their auction and basket raffles.  They will have the showing of various members koi.  Along with a Basket raffle, this year they teamed up with the Eastern Bonsai Society.  They will have a bonsai tree exhibit set up.  Small goldfish will be available with a packet of food to children who attend.  They hope to instill the love of fish keeping in the young.  Final plans for the South Towns Pond Tour set for July 26th are complete.  They will have 7 stops this year.  Starting at Elderwood assisted living facility and ending with a picnic at the last home.   Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said they had their pond club plant swap at the May meeting and it was quite exciting to see such a success plant swap.  This month they have a road trip planned to Brown County, Indiana and their meeting is off-site at a local nursery to discuss problems with the summer heat and their plants.  Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they recently held their May meeting at the home of Rose & Jim Milden.  The Mildens have a Railroad pond, which is always fun to go see.  Guest speaker was Master Gardener, Deb Walser, who showed them lots of pictures of new flowers for their landscapes.  The bright and beautiful pictures are always a lot of inspiration to their members.  The club is planning a membership reunion for the month of June which includes a picnic in the park.  Invitations went out to old and new members alike.  The July 13th Pond Tour is also in its planning stages.  The Northern Iowa P&KC met at the home of Maria and Scott Hermann.  Their beautiful, crystal clear pond is always a showplace for members to come and see.  Members enjoyed creating a succulent pot using plants that Marla propagated over the winter.  Their July 20th Pond Tour is also the main talk of the meetings and members are looking forward to that.  Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said they would like to thank Ken & Susie Austin for hosting their last meeting with their guest speaker Karen Pattist, of KOI, who discussed “Pond Retrofits.”  They are looking forward to their next meeting at the home of Gail Boone.  Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said they are just a week away from their 16th annual pond tour.  This year they are having a one day tour on June 14th rather than a weekend event.  One of the noted authors of gardening articles in the Greenville News wrote a great article with pictures to help them advertise their tour.  Mary Ann Penix, of Piedmont K&WGS, said their club’s pond tour is June 21st.  They have 9 ponds on tour and have obtained 10 sponsors.  They are hoping for a big crowd this year.  They helped a former member with a mud pond pull last Saturday.  They brought many fish back to Charlotte and had a fish sale Saturday.  She bought a beautiful Showa for her pond.  They continue to meet at different members houses for their monthly meetings.  Some new members have been hosting so they had new ponds to oooh and ahh over.  Steve Dumas, of North Texas WGS, said they just completed their 23rd annual Tour of Ponds this past weekend.  With over 35 ponds on this year’s tour, you probablyt could not get to see them all.  If you pick up their 2014 Tour book, you can still call half of the ponds for Special Appointment viewings until September 30th.  For more information about North Texas WGS and any upcoming events or meeting topics, please see their website at hgttp://www.ntwgs.org/  or check out their Facebook page.  They want to invite everyone to their monthly meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  This month’s meeting is on June 10th.  The meetings will be held at the Community Meeting Room inside the Half Price Books located on NW Highway just east of 75 in Dallas.  Plant exchange is allowed near the rear loading dock before and after each meeting.  The Atlanta Koi Club meets the 2nd Sunday of every month.  Koi Club of Middle Tennessee meets the 4th Sunday of the month.  The WGC of South Texas had a Plant and Fish Swap May 17th.  In July they are planning a trip to Nelson Gardens.  June 7th they visited the Austin Pond Tour via a chartered bus.  On June 20th, there will be Happy Hour and BBQ at David & PaTTI House with members bringing appetizers, side dish or dessert.  July 12th will be their regular monthly meeting with the topic of summer heat stress for fish.  There won’t be a meeting in August.


Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez:  Don Chamberlain, of ZNA NorCal, said that they held their first event for the 2014-15 season at the home of Nguyen Nguyen around his 5,000 gal. pond.  A delicious BBQ was served.  They had nearly 30 members present.  Following lunch, Duke Nguyen, Tom Lai, and Khuong Doan gave a presentation on Gosanke colors, shiroji, beni and sumi using several of Nguyen’s kohaku and a sanke and showa provided by Dr. David Tran.  Video available at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDq5gtoRtXk.  The Bakersfield KC May meeting was at the home of Brenda Woods.  It was a pleasure seeing a pond that the club has not seen.  Brenda had a small pond when she moved in and expanded it to 2,500 gallons.  Bucks Landscape did a wonderful job in creating her natural pond and waterfall.  Brenda also has a wonderful talent decorating and did a beautiful job in making her backyard very inviting.  They enjoyed her hospitality as well.  Several items were discussed about the busy month prior (McDonalds Nursery, Koi Ponderosa and Garden Fest).  Further discussions were made about the upcoming show.  Malise did a discussion on water quality and testing.  This created a host of questions and discussions.  The June meeting will be the annual joint meeting with their sister club from Fresno.  It will be at the home of Judy Domingos who also has a beautiful pond and backyard.  Randy McDonald, from McDonalds Nursery, will be a guest speaker and a raffle and lunch will be provided.  They hope to have a great turnout.  Ron & Malise, along with William Williams, made the trek to Mystic Koi’s grow out contest.  They enjoyed their day looking at all the koi and the fish that were being judged from last year.  They spent time promoting their Golden Empire Koi Show being held in October while they were there.  The club is looking forward to seeing many return faces and hopefully a lot of new faces at the show which is looking to be bigger and even better than last year.  The Koi Club of San Diego had their Steering Committee meeting at Boll Weevil again (awesome burghers) with John Svelan, Linda Pluth, Paul Atkiss, Matt Rhodes, Jerry Myers, Jack Chapman,  Mike Polynor, Shirley Elswick, Bill Thompson, Tamsie Pierce, Phyllis Spoor, John Spoor, Susi Woods, Lew Hileman and Scotty Yee.  Their Editor in Chief, Jerry Meyers, explained the progress on Vagabond Koi and the 2015 Koi Show technologies that are being revamped for this and other shows.  The section of pictures of members’ ponds should just reflect current members and all members are encouraged to submit a profile to their new VP of Program, Scott Yee for publication.  The Vagabond Koi Rescue has rescued over 45 koi from the Harmony Grove Spiritual Retreat.  42 of them are happily swimming in their temporary water home at the Koi Whisperer’s Lakeside Koi Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary now holds almost200 koi and they need donations for the Sanctuary to keep this wonderful new addition to their club going strong.  Great new T-shirts are available through info@koicsd.org.  Due to the efforts of Mike Polynor five of the six local TV stations showed up at their Harmony Fire Koi Rescue.  Many of the local fire fighters were extremely helpful in helping them with the effort.  KHA club member and Project KHV at AKCA Koi Jack Chapman is assisting a club member with several sick fish in his pond.  The koi the member got from their koi auction are doing well.  The original fish that the member had before the auction are sick and continue to be nurtured by Jack.  The 2015 Koi Show and Water Garden Expo with Chairman Jack Chapman who explained their early progress on the 2025 Koi Show and Water Garden Expo and gave them a heads up on everything “show.”  The General meeting at Marty and Lillian Smith’s in El Cajon gave them a second look at this years’ Grand Champion Kohaku.  Thanks in part to the AKCA grant they were able to secure Russell Peters who spoke on koi quality and how to buy the right baby for a possible grow out champion.  New club officers and appointments were voted and named with Tamsie Pierce installed as new President, Scottie Yee installed as new VP of Programs and Lew Hileman appointed as AKCA Representative.  Susie Woods, Phyllis Spoor, and Paul Atkiss retained their respective positions as VP of Venue, Secretary and Treasurer.  Special Guest Louis Hernandez, from the AKCA, was there as well to meet the new AKCA rep.  They had a vote on the Joint Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Society meeting on Saturday, September 13, 2014 and at least 10 members who were present decided to attend.  There was also some discussion on water tubs for photographs of the koi being benched at the show.  They had some discussion of doing the modification themselves rather than purchasing them.  Jerry Kyle, of the Camellia Koi Club, advised the CKC has unanimously voted to offer to host the 2015 Annual AKCA Business Dinner Meeting and the AKCA-KHA Wet Lab.  We have not seen a sanctioned KHA Wet Lab since the 2002 Lab in San Jose and with the Lab Class since being opened to all AKCA Club members to observe as well as KHA attending students the opportunity to host such an affair for the advantage of all our newer members is too much to pass up.  Please put us on the top of your list of active AKCA supportive clubs to consider.


Written report submitted by Joan FinneganSo Cal Koi Club had their annual BBQ/potluck/auction at Mallory Hartt’s in June.  The food was good and plentiful; great auction items with stealer prices – as usual, everyone had a great time.  Next month the club will meet at President Steve & Susie Brasch’s home in Long Beach.


Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan:  No report.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler:  Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the board of directors meeting was held at Sang and Rosimeri Tran’s home on May 27.  Treasurer’s reports states club has $5,438.88 in the bank account. June joint meeting will be in Bakersfield June14, 2014.. So far there will be about 8 members going.  The 2014 koi show pins came in. Very nice new design by Norman Call. Board discussed awards and trophies for koi show which will be similar to last year. Raffle items will be 1st prize flat screen TV; 2nd prize $200.00 VISA gift card; 3rd prize $100.00 gift card. Koi show dinner will be at Marie Callender’s on Shaw the same as the past few years.  Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.  Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports in May, we did not have our monthly membership meeting, but we did have our 2014 Koi Pond and Garden tour.  The pond tour went very well with around 240 people attending.  As a result of the tour we potentially have some new members.   I would like to personally thank Larry Leverett for coordinating the tour and for all the home owners who allowed us to place their homes on the pond tour.  I would also like to thank all the volunteers who, without their help, the pond tour could not have taken place.  At the June meeting we will be announcing the names of the student who received the Annual Inland Koi Society Scholarship award. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org/.   Don Chamberlain, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, reports don’t forget the June meeting is coming up Tuesday, 6/17 at 7:30 in the Willow Glen Library, 1157 Minnesota Av, San Jose, CA. This month we’ll be graced with a talk from Larry Gill on judging koi.  Larry is a long time enthusiast. In February he qualified as an Assistant Certified Judge by the ZNA at their international meeting in Tokyo.  It should be a very interesting talk. I hope all of you can make it.  Also, don’t forget the Pond Social for members only at Fred and Sharon Andres, 15255 Peach Hill Rd, Saratoga. The party starts at 1 PM Saturday, 6/21 and will go till 4 PM. Should be a great time and it looks like the weather will be great.  Also, dues are due. Still only $30 and covers the entire household. Our year ends at the end of June. Don’t forget your checkbook and Eve will get you signed up for another exciting year!  There are only a couple of spots still open to help out with the pond tour. Diane and Paul will be there to get you signed up for those.  Just more fun than you can shake a stick at this month.  Dick Hadley, of Upper Midwest Koi Club, reports the club had a spring koi auction again this year.  As in the past it was held at Bachman’s Garden Center the site of our show.  We auctioned off about 100 fish.  40 of them were small ones donated by Koi Acres but the rest were larger ones from several club members.  There were about 60 people attracted to the event, and we made over $2500 for the club.  Check their website at www.uppermidwestkoiclub.org.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:

Wendell Ford, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports we met at the home of Chris Deer on June 8. Chris gave a very informative presentation on water quality. Chris then passed out some water test kits, some nice water lilies and cat tails.  Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/.  Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, reports here are the videos of the June meeting yesterday. Ray Jordan gave a presentation of “How to pick koi for the show”. Enjoy!





Check out their website at http://www.dallaskoikichi.org/.  Mike Lane, of High Desert Koi Fanciers, reports the June meeting will be our Summer Evening Under the Stars and Pot Luck event, we will have Eric Triplett as our speaker and I am looking forward to learning all he has to teach us. Eric is a pond builder that has done some unbelievable ponds or I should say lakes, he is located in Upland and is good enough to make the drive out to speak to us. The Pot Luck is always a great way to spend time socializing and getting to know each other a little better. Please contact me to RSVP and let me know what you are planning to bring, even though I love Desert we don’t want only Deserts. LOL See you Under the Stars.  Karen Hofstetter, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports Club President, Todd Bong, called the June 14, 2014, meeting to order at 10:00 am at the home of Don and Marianne Brubaker. About 35 members were present.  Speakers Larry Zehr, club member and fish expert, reminded members that they probably lost fish this past winter because we failed to get out on the ice and shovel off the snow! Snow blocks the light from entering your pond, therefore no algae is allowed to survive. Without the algae, the fish can be starved. For show-and-tell, Larry showed us one of the Japanese trap door snails he purchased to eat his string algae. Sad to say, but these snails are no longer available to Illinois residents for purchase as they are a non-native species. Show-and-tell continued with pictures of several varieties of koi. Particularly desirable are those koi with large metallic, but fewer scales than the more common varieties. Larry recommends moving to a separate pond any fish eggs your fish may have laid. You may wish to treat the eggs with a broad spectrum disinfectant to treat and prevent fungus and various other diseases. He shared that his yard is home to a number of Eastern green tree frogs. They are blotchy gray like the bark of oak trees where they live. The orange on them is visible only when the frog stretches out. Thanks, Larry, for sharing your knowledge and love of fish. The duo of Vince Smith and Allen Kruger shared the work they have done on preparing a Trouble Shooting Section 4 addition to the PKPS Membership Handbook. But first, Vince gave us the “commercial” for the kneeling pad he relies on when working in his yard. It is actually sold as a hunter’s seat pad for $6 at Menards. He also demonstrated the use of the rolling seat he also found to save from overtaxing his back while doing many projects in and around his home. He noted, “These have nothing to do with Section 4, but I thought they were pretty cool and thought some other club members might like them as well.” In Section 4, readers will learn how to determine the volume of their ponds as well as the size pump their pond needs. This section also helps one determine how to locate leaks in a pond. Vince gave the warning, “If you put up a fence to keep your dog from falling through the ice in the winter, don’t stick rebar through the pond liner.  This is only asking for trouble.” (He learned this one too late!) Thank you Vince and Allen for the time and effort you put into preparing the new addition to our membership guide and for sharing it at the meeting. Don and Marianne are longtime members of PKPS.At one time their backyard was home to a lovely fish pond. As they are currently doing more traveling, they preferred to convert their pond into a pondless system.  Don discussed the process of converting their pond into a pondless system. They have a waterfall and a fountain where the pond once was. This still affords them the relaxing waterfall sounds and welcomes the birds to their yard without the maintenance of a fish pond. Thanks, Don and Marianne, for hosting the meeting. Club Business Lori Kruger reminded everyone the deadline for signing up for the August 2nd bus trip to Missouri Botanical Gardens was June 14. Only enough to fill half the bus had signed up. She has decided to open up the trip to the public or to rent 15-passenger vans to make the trip. Reminder: This year, on August 23, the LUAU will be hosted by the Swansons.  Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com/. Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports their annual Koi Rehoming Auction is this Saturday, June 14. Viewing at 11, auction starts at noon.  Phelan Gardens, 4955 Austin Bluffs Parkway, 80918.  We have LOTS of koi this year – probably 60 or 70.  Some of our members are having to shut down their ponds, and are bringing some very nice koi this year.  If you are looking, you should really plan to come.  Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org.  Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the club will be holding their annul BBQ on Saturday, June 14th, 2014 at 4 p.m. at the home of Rick and Janet Shaw.  About the Shaw pond… We introduced 11 Koi into our new pond (four large koi: two male and 2 female , 7-8 years and seven koi 1-2 years old).  By Christmas 2005 the pond was swarming with koi.  We now have over 200, there have been three major systems additions to filtration.  As for feeding, they are eating us out of “house and home”.  Completed in March 2005, our 7,500 gallon stone and liner pond has 3 sets of waterfalls (5’ high total).  There is a stone deck up to a vertical rock in the deep end (approx. 36 in.); a rock ledge with 2 caves separates the shallows (approx. 14 in.) which are where the falls spill into the pond.  There are ledger wall seating areas and a fire pit next to the pond on the north side and an outdoor dining area on the south side.  President’s Message… Peter Fleurat and Lalo Barajas outdid themselves with their meeting last month at their Montecito home.  This time they even had live musical entertainment!  It was wonderful to hear our friend, Dave Ackerman.  Dave is a remarkable gifted musician and singer able to perform most any song for the asking.  Bob Mayo again did a great job barbequing and Lalo’s sister-in-law, Debbie, provided a marvelous dessert table complete with a chocolate fountain!  I want to thank Mark Davis of Santa Barbara Koi for speaking to us and answering questions.  Mark makes even the dullest of topics entertaining with his casual laid back, and humorous manner.  I want to especially thank our host and their helpers for the best ever afternoon!  All the hard work and preparations lavished on the occasion are truly appreciated.  Those of you who visited Peter and Lalo for the first time now know why we all jump at the chance to visit them.  Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.

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