2015 01 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of January 14, 2015

Officers Present:                                   Directors Present:                           Guests:
Chair: Bob Finnegan                                     Ally Cunningham
Vice Chair: Don Chandler
Secretary: Carole Elliott
CFO: (Brenda recently had surgery)

Board Highlights:
AKCA has established a Koi Rescue Chairperson and a Koi Rescue Registry that have been listed on our AKCA.org website.
Our 2015 AKCA Business Meeting, Banquet and Wet Lab date has been moved to June 19/20th due to hotels in the area having already been booked for a national event on our regular weekend.

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Bob Finnegan, at 5:50 pm.

MINUTES: Motion: To approve the minutes of November 14. Motion by Don, 2nd by Ally. Approved.


FINANCIALS: For December 2014, we had a beginning balance of $92,255.65; deposits were $1,356.98; miscellaneous expenses of $3,960.25 for an ending balance of $89,652.38. We also made $492.56 on PayPal income from the Bookstore.

SCIENTIFIC/KHA: There was no report from Julie Miller this month as she has been out of town. 15-20 have signed up for the KHA class the last we heard.

PROJECT KHV: Jerry received correspondence last month from Oregon State University. They haven’t quite finished their testing; a 4 month extension was requested & authorized. They are looking at two items still: Can the koi herpes virus be detected in koi fecal droppings? And, can they detect it in the slime coat. Yes to both questions appears to be the answer!

PUBLICATION: Don reported that the committee met prior to the AKCA meeting. The 39.4 issue has been sent out. He went over the next issue (39.5) for March/April. Hopefully, this magazine will go out on time, too. He went over the PCS report; subscription revenues were up, however, he has found errors with their reports the last two months. Ron has been doing a great job with advertising. The issue now mailing had 19.1 pages of advertising; for the March/April issue he expects 24.8 pages of advertising. A contract with Ingram Periodicals was approved by the board; they will place magazines on news racks throughout the U.S. if finalized. This will cost about $1,000 initially. However, the benefit to us is that the magazine will be out there nationwide; great for advertisers as well as for drawing in more advertisers.

MEMBERSHIP: Don stated that Dayton, Ohio called and wants to come back. They will have to pay a reinstatement fee along with the $100 membership fee (& will probably join in July since dues are not prorated).

JUDGING: Bob Finnegan stated that he and Joan were asked to judge the ZNA NorCal Koi Show. Tom Ayers has been selected to head the AKCA Judging Committee; Don will contact Tom and give him the good news! Any club having a koi show in the future should contact Tom re: judges. In February, Tom & Larry Christensen will be judging the Valley of the Sun Koi Show.

RISK MANAGEMENT: 22 clubs have paid their insurance for a total of $2750.

BOOKSTORE: Ron sold $823 in November and $875 in December. The Koi Club of San Diego stated that we could have a booth (free) at their show in March if they don’t sell out the booths.

SPEAKER’S GRANT: Only one club has applied for a Speaker’s Grant thus far; this from the Bakersfield Koi club. Therefore, they will be the only club to receive a Speaker’s Grant this year.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Bob appointed Ally, Don, and Carole to serve; they need to present a proposed slate of officers at the February meeting for approval by the Board.


2015 Seminar: Don showed the board the flyer that is already on our website and will be in KOI USA magazine promoting/advertising the seminar to be held in Sacramento, CA. Jerry is considering having a guest speaker, however, that speaker cannot overlap with the Wet Lab being put on by Dr. Nick Saint-Erne. Don suggested the possibility of having the speaker at a member’s pond on Sunday afternoon (after the Wet Lab) for folks who don’t have out of town flights to make.

2016 Seminar: Claude & Diane Head are heading the local committee; they found a suitable hotel and we have signed the contract. To be held in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Details to follow.

Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.
If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine?

Nominating Committee submits slate of names for the next term to the AKCA Board.
AKCA Board votes to validate the next slate of nominees.
AKCA Officer nominee ballots sent to member clubs by March 1st.

Email: We received an email from Debby Young stating that the new AKCA Koi of the Year Plaque designed by Mike Przewoznik is the best one yet!


Motion to adjourn at 6:51 p.m. Motion by Don, 2nd by Ally. Approved.

Respectfully submitted by,
Carole Elliott, Secretary


Written report submitted by Carole Elliott: Gary and Becky Lee, of Atlanta KC, said they just had elections. Their new AKCA rep will be Gary Elmore. Gary & Debbie Floyd, of Amarillo KS, said they aren’t meeting in the winter but he is trying to get the club interested again and looking for new members who are new pond owners and want to learn. His koi pond is doing great with the greenhouse cove and central heating; even the lilies are still blooming. He added a 60 CFM blower to the interior layer of the two layers on the greenhouse cover. This makes the two layers blow up like a balloon and this has lowered his energy use by a lot. He had never done this since he has been covering the pond even though he has known you could but wished he had done this many years ago. Live and learn. Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier K&PC, said that due to the weather, their meeting is cancelled for January. They will have elections and a guest speaker on Fairy Gardens in February. Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said that they are on Winter vacation; do not meet in Dec. or January. They will be getting together in February. Right now their weather is 6 below with wind chills temps at 26 below zero and 5 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Got to love Iowa winters!! Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said they don’t meet in December or January but will meet in February. Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said in upstate South Carolina they saw a low of 9 degrees on January 8th. This was the first year that he covered his pond and glad that he did so. So far the water is staying in the upper 40’s. The pond water had been in the low 50’s with the framed covering until this cold snap. He was reminded from his relatives in Wisconsin and Minnesota that their weather is not cold. After now living in the South over 20 years his blood has thinned and to him it is cold! Their club is having their second annual “After Christmas Party” on Saturday, January 17th, with their Chinese Gift exchange after the dinner. This has turned out to be popular because it comes at a time when they normally are not engaged in any club activities in January. The board will meet in January to start the ball rolling on their annual Pond Tour in June and the Koi Show targeted for the first weekend in October. A lot of early discussions and committee leaders have been established. More to follow as the days will be flying by. Bonnie Nakahara, of Hawaii GF&CA, said they had a great Christmas Party. This year they tried a new location. The party was held at a Japanese tea house. The tables were nicely decorated with beautiful donated center pieces made by one of their members who is a floral designer. Everyone received a cute reindeer party favor. It was a fast paced night with many events happening that night. They had a delicious Japanese dinner, a slide show of events they did in 2014, presentation of Koi Person of the Year, door prizes for everyone, over 60 raffle items (something for everyone to try their luck on), a live fish auction, and team games that kept the night lively. Their Christmas party is usually the highlight of the year! They just held their first meeting of 2015 this past Sunday. Suggestions were taken about possible topics for this year. They are planning a pond tour and lunch possibly next month. Their learning topic for this month was a talk about pH with discussion and Q&A. Clark Shea, of Canada KC of British Columbia, said they have a new AKCA Rep: Teresa Zagar. On Nov. 9th, the club held its final meeting of the year. The official windup occurs in early January every year when they have their “Christmas Dinner.” Always a big event the timing is much more convenient for club members and as well banquet space is much easier to deal with. Along with the usual friendly chatter about fish and ponds, they discussed the volunteers who will be caring for the fish pond at the new Ronald McDonald House, a facility providing care and accommodation for the families of sick children in the Province. The election of officers was held and the old slate is back in. One change is that the President and Vice President will share the duties of running the monthly meetings. Carole tried but was unable to reach: Miami Valley WGS; Mid-Columbia K&PC; Puget Sound KC; WGC of South Texas; and Piedmont K&WGS, and Southwest K&PA.

Written report submitted by Louie Hernandez: The Bakersfield K&WGS had their meeting indoors at Remax. Thanks again Glen Porter for allowing us to have the meeting at his facility. The club had elections for President and Treasurer and Malise Unruh and Tod Weringer agreed to continue their positions on the board since no nominations were given to cause a vote. Donnie Hansen stepped down as AKCA rep and William Williams agreed to take that position. Malise and Ron updated the club on the show results and the club was very pleased with the results. Everyone that helped with the event was thanked and the club is looking forward to an even bigger show for next year. The annual Holiday Party will be at the home of Eric and Christi Lafortune. They have a beautiful home and it is a perfect place for this event with lots of space for everyone to mingle and be comfortable. The next meeting will be indoors again at the Remax where the club will discuss the events for 2015 and discuss the show for next year.The Idaho WG&KS goes dormant along with their koi for November, December, and January. Things begin to stir sometime the later part of February with our kick off banquet.

Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan: So Cal Koi Club held their January
meeting at the home of Tom Holder. He gave a very informative talk on basic koi health
with emphasis upon not using salt in one’s pond. Next month the club will meet at the
home of Carol Karlin in Santa Monica. Their guest speaker will be Eric Castillo who will talk about the benefits of solar heating around your home and pond. The club won’t have a meeting in March as they want to support two local koi shows that month (San Diego & Gardena). Joan was unable to make contact with her other clubs due to illness.

Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan: Bob stated that he was unable to contact his clubs due to illness (he picked up Joan’s bug).

Written report submitted by Don Chandler: Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports their annual Holiday Party was held on Dec 13th at the home of Dale & Sandy Winn in Clovis. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com. James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports their Jan meeting was held on the 18th at the home of Howard & Mary Lou Kennedy in Baton Rouge. Work progresses on putting together their upcoming 2nd Annual Koi Show. Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org/. Renee Ottsman, of Shasta K&WGC, reports the club’s Christmas Celebration was held on Dec 20th in the atrium at the Marie Callender Restaurant in Redding. Their new officers are: John Watkins, Club President; Bob Hart, Vice-President; Abby King, Treasurer; Karen Wing, Member-at-Large; Jon Laubin, Web Master; and Renee Ottsman, Newsletter Editor. The club still needs a secretary. Without the secretary, the club will be in limbo. Someone needs to please step forward and complete the 2015 board. Become a part of taking the club where it needs to go. Check out their website at http://www.shastakoiclub.com.

Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Wendell Ford, of Charleston Showa Koi Club, reports the club held their annual Dec meeting and discussed next year’s events to include several field trips, Koi of the Year and Person of the Year. Gifts from members were donated to the Low Country Orphans Relief. Check out their website at http://www.charlestonshowakoiclub.org/. Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the small met at the home of Gordon and Ally Chibana in Cypress. Turn out was small but enthusiasm was high. Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com. Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports their next meeting is Wed, Feb 4 at the East Library; chit chat at 6:30 p.m. and meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. We will talk about the koi buy from Kodama – and willtake any orders for them until Feb 17. You can renew your membership also if you like. Discussion topic will be KOI FOOD – Nutritional Content, and How Much to Buy for a Season through the club’s bulk purchase program. Then our Annual Antifreeze Party is set for Sat, Feb 21 – 6 p.m. at Southside Johnny’s. Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org. David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the club’s upcoming 2015 Greater Phoenix Koi Show will be held Feb 13 -15 in conjunction with the Chinese Cultural Festival at the Margaret T. Hance Park. Check their website at http://www.vskc.net. Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the Jan meeting was cancelled. The Feb meeting will be on the 8th at 2 p.m. and will be held at the home of Steve and Evy Schultz in Thousand Oaks. The Mar meeting will be on the 21st at the home of Bob and Marilyn Constable.



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