2015 02 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of February 12, 2015

Officers Present:                             Directors Present:                       Guests:
Chair: Bob Finnegan                        Ally Cunningham                           Ally Chibana
Vice Chair: Don Chandler              Gordon Chibana
Secretary: Carole Elliott                 Jeff Fleischer
CFO: Brenda Chandler

Board Highlights:
AKCA Slate of Officers approved; ballot sent out!
AKCA Business Meeting, Banquet & Wet Lab date has been moved to June 19/20th due to hotels already booked for the original weekend in Sacramento.
Congratulations to the Bakersfield Koi Club and South Carolina K&WGS for each winning the $250 Speaker’s Grant
AKCA Annual dues will be sent out in March!

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Bob Finnegan, at 5:55 pm.

MINUTES: Motion: To approve the minutes of January 14th. Motion by Don, 2nd by Gordon. Approved.


FINANCIALS: For January we had a beginning AKCA checking account of $89,652.38 and an ending balance of $89,984.96 for a net profit of $332.58. For AKCA PayPal we had a profit of $578.48; including the KHV accounts we had a net profit of $912.75.

SCIENTIFIC/KHA: Don stated that Julie in in Texas for three months. As per Julie’s report: “The KHA classes are thriving despite computer problems of mine resulting in needing a new computer, learning a new program and losing all the tests that I had made up. The coming class is going to be a real winner. We have so many intelligent, diligent, and fun enthusiasts taking the classes. I do need to send a note out to all current KHAs to contact me so we can have some help for these students during this coming year. I hope to pair each up with a long distant current KHA to help supervise or answer questions over their first few pond visits. If you are willing, please contact me. This is the time for those working on becoming KHAs and those who might be interested in becoming a KHA to register for the Wet Lab and make your arrangements for Sacramento. I am hoping that several from the Sacramento Club can furnish microscopes as transporting those from a distance is usually a problem. If anyone can lend their microscopes or bring their microscopes to the wet lab, please let me know by emailing me with KHA in the subject line at jam1150@hotmail.com. I would also like to look at sharing the directorship and making it a co-director situation with someone who enjoys writing and will help work with me on getting the program stronger. It has grown so fast I am having trouble keeping up with it as well as keeping up with the current KHAs.”

PROJECT KHV: The 9 month Risk Free KHV CD rolled over in Feb. Jerry emailed Dr. Ling suggesting meeting together with Jerry driving up to Oregon. The purpose of the meeting would be to get to know her personally and better understand how Jerry and AKCA can help her continue what she has so successfully begun. Dr. Jin Ling reports: “At present, there is no method that could kill (or eliminate) KHV latent infection. The treatment can only prevent or stop the disease, but not removing KHV from the infected host. In order for us to get rid of the KHV latent infection, we need to get rid of the system the virus use to help them remain latent. Our research is to figure out what are the secret system the virus use. Our recent research is very close to find the secret mechanism the virus use to remain latent. Now, we can test if we get rid of the latent infection if we attack the secret system the virus use. Latent infect is extreme hard to get rid of. The virus hide in a very few cells and stay very quiet without many any virus that can be detected by the host. However, under stress condition, the latent virus will become active and multiply and make many infectious viruses and infect naïve fish. I would love to meet you and go to the AKCA meeting. I used to help the chair writing report for KOI USA. We could do that again. I can meet you any time after the holiday or when you are available. I will be around most of the time.” Jerry reports that the doctors are excited at the prospect of making serious advancements.

PUBLICATION: Don reported that the committee met prior to the AKCA meeting. Subscriptions were down slightly (14 subscriptions vs. the last issue). The drop for Jan/Feb was the lowest drop since 2007. In going over the A/R Aging Summary, Don reported that Ron Nugent collected $10,810 for the last issue with only 2 outstanding accounts. There were 19.6 pages of ads for that issue. For the 39.5 issue (Mar/Apr) there will be 24.8 pages of ads for $18,845 (an increase of $4,200).

MEMBERSHIP: Don received a check from the Monterey Bay K&PC; they sent a completed application with a list of their members. Motion: To accept the Monterey Bay K&PC club as an AKCA member club. Motion by Don, 2nd by Carole. Approved. Genesee Valley Koi Club has revitalized with 21 active member families in the Rochester, NY area and want to be reinstated. They will have to pay a $50 reinstatement fee over and above the $100 dues. They have members join who are interested in koi and they are planning a small koi show for 2016. Motion: To provisionally approve Genesee Valley Koi Club as an AKCA member club pending receipt of their check. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Gordon. Approved. Don also reported that the Dayton, Ohio club expressed interest in being reinstated as a member of AKCA.

JUDGING: Bob stated that he and Joan Finnegan declined an invitation to judge the NorCal Koi Show due to moving back into their home, which has been rebuilt after a house fire. Don talked to Tom Ayers who is in the hospital (Tom is our new Judging Committee Chair). Two clubs have requested an AKCA Koi of the Year trophies: ZNA NorCal and Valley of the Sun. Both approved as there will be an AKCA judge who will be judging.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Another club (Valley of the Sun) signed up for the Premium Liability Insurance for 23 clubs now signed up.

BOOKSTORE: Ron is doing a fabulous job. He sold $841 last month and $876 the previous month. He will be going to the NorCal, San Diego, and the Gardena shows in the upcoming month to man the AKCA/KOI USA bookstore booth. Brenda ordered 100 t-shirts. We are out of baseball caps so she ordered 48 of them as well.

SPEAKER’S GRANT: Don reported that two clubs submitted requests for the Speakers Grant: Bakersfield & South Carolina – both are eligible for a reimbursement of $250. The South Carolina request was submitted on time but got lost in the shuffle (which has been rectified).


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Carole announced the recommended Slate of Officers for 2015-2016 as proposed by the committee. The following is recommended: Chairperson – Carole Elliott; Vice-Chairperson – Jeff Fleischer; Secretary – Don Chandler; CFO – Brenda Chandler. Motion: To approve the slate of officers for 2015-2016. Motion by Gordon, 2nd by Don. Approved. Ballots will be sent out by March 1st and are due back to Carole no later than June 1st, 2015.


2015 Seminar: Nothing new; hotel is all set up and meal choices are being solidified.

2016 Seminar: Claude & Diane Head are heading the local committee; they found a hotel and we have signed the contract. To be held in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have arranged for Devin Swanson and Ellen Kloubec to be guest speakers. Discussion about the date. There is a chance that the Midwest Pond Society will be moving their koi show to the usual date when the Seminar is held. If this becomes the case, it was felt that we will need to move the Seminar one week earlier.

2017 Seminar: Julie Miller received an email from MAKC (Mid-Atlantic Club) who asked what is involved in holding a wet-lab/Business meeting. If was felt this would be a good location (mixing up west coast with east coast seminars).

Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.
If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine?

Ballot for AKCA slate of officers for 2015-16 sent out
Annual dues notice sent out.
Send out notices to clubs for Koi of the Year and Koi Person of the Year



Motion to adjourn at 7:01 p.m. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Brenda. Approved.

Respectfully submitted by,
Carole Elliott, Secretary


Written report submitted by Carole Elliott: Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said that they are on winter vacation; do not meet in Dec. or January. They will be getting together in February. Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said they don’t meet in December or January but will meet in February. Stephen Dumas, of the North Texas WGS, said they look forward to a new year with lots of fun projects and information. First off, come out February 28th to the Texas discovery garden in Fair Park at 9am for the Deep Clean. Watch for the NTWGS booth at the Dallas Home & Garden Show March 6th through 8th at Dallas Market Hall. They will also be doing their spring community project at the Dallas Zoo Stream on Saturday, March 21st. Also look for their annual Tour of Ponds coming June 13-14th. For more info about North Texas WGS and any upcoming events, please see their website at http://ntwgs.org/. Their monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Upcoming topics are: Ferns culture in relation to ponds; Mosquitos and West Nile; Frogs and Toads; and Pond Tour Orientation. Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said congratulations to Gayle Dollarhide for replacing Don Harrawood as Vice President. No meetings held while they are into hibernation until next month. Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said there is not much to report. Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that this past month they had three speakers from the Dayton Koi Club come and speak to the members. They are also gathering ponds for their private tour for this season. Atlanta Koi Club is getting ready for our April auction on the 18th of that month. Think I already mentioned that to you and I promised to take pictures and write an article. Diane Giangrande is trying to find an alternative site to hold the show, it has been in a pond supply warehouse for last two years and some want a change. Hard to find a site for a show. It will be the 21th show. Postponed march meeting a week so several of us can go to the Central Florida Koi show. Hard for us in Georgia to show as my fish are in 44 degree water and have not been fed for two months. Only two weeks to the show so my fish will definitely not be traveling. Will buy a couple there to enter something in the show. Last meeting I gave a lecture on coming out of winter and how to prepare your pond and the steps you take as water warms up. I was appalled at how many do no water changes in the winter at all. I don’t think many of them understand even now. Some just want to put salt in the water(don’t understand that either) and ignore till the warm water returns….oh well they will figure it out one day. Pond tour in July show in September. That’s about it for this month, can’t wait for our season to begin with the Florida Show……Later….Gary Elmore. Mary Ann Penix, of Piedmont Koi & WGS, states there isn’t much happening in our club at present. We will resume our monthly meetings at member’s homes starting in March. Our pond tour plans are progressing nicely. The tour is planned for June 21. I am sending you a picture of our pond with all the ice. This is the first time in 12 years the waterfall has frozen. It was 8 degrees here this morning. Our babies are huddled silently at the bottom. I cannot wait for spring and believe the babies will be happy too! Have a wonderful week-end. Carole tried but was unable to reach: Amarillo KS; Canada KC of British Columbia; Hawaii Goldfish & Carp; Niagara Frontier K&PC; Puget Sound KC; South Carolina K&WGS & WGC of South Texas.

Written report submitted by Joan Finnegan: So Cal Koi Club held their February
meeting at the home of Bob & Carol Karlin, of Santa Monica. They have an impressive
3 story home on two lots with an elevator and impressive kitchen with a rounded brick
ceiling in a herringbone design and 30’ high. Elections were held with Dr. Tom Gates
the new President and Bob Finnegan VP. The club is in the process of working on a
new web page that Cesar Yanez designed and Carole Elliott will maintain. The guest
speaker was Eric Castillo who spoke about heating one’s home/pond with solar power.
It was a very informative talk. The club won’t meet in March due to two local koi shows.
The club voted on Koi Person of the Year – Congratulations to Mallory Hartt. Norm
Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said they held their last meeting of this year with newly
elected officers. They held a discussion on their up and coming koi show with Galen
Hansen as Judge. The weather is good for a change as they have had a lot of rain this
last few weeks. Norm is doing a lot of remodeling on his motel. Joan was unable to
reach Northwest K&GFC-ZNA Northwest Chapter.

Written report submitted by Bob Finnegan: Mona Coleman, of Northern Nevada PC, said that not much is going on. David Muraoko, of Sierra KC, said there has been no meeting due to it being too cold. Bruce Lott, of Olympic GF&WGC, said their next meeting will be in March. Jon Floden, of Gulf Coast KS, said the club is active and meeting every month. Jon Lockerman, of North Florida KC, said the club is very active and everything is going great. Marilyn Strange, of Indiana K&WGC, said the club is very active. They have lots of new members. Their next meeting they will have three speakers and dinner. Their koi show and pond tour is set. Don Apol, of Great Pond & KS of West Michigan, said that everything is frozen.

Written report submitted by Don Chandler: William Williams, of Bakersfield Koi & WGS, reports the January meeting was at the Remax center. Malise Unruh was sworn in as President and William Williams was sworn in as AKCA rep. The club is having a booth at the Kern County Fair Grounds on February 20-22. Koi rescue fish will be sold along with soliciting for new members. Garden Fest is at the Bakersfield College on April 15th and the club will also have koi rescue fish for sale as well. Ron and Malise will be showing fish at the San Diego Koi Show in March. The club has trips planned and was just awarded a Speaker Grant from the AKCA. Looking forward to having a guest speaker at one of our meetings. ONLY 245 DAYS UNTIL THE BAKERSFIELD KOI SHOW! Check out their website at http://www.bkwgs.com/. Jerold Kyle, of Camellia KC, said they are going to have a busy 2015 year with most meeting locations and speaker topics already chosen for the year. Gus C. won the Chile Cook-Off Contest at January meeting. February meet will see the start of a Koi Grow Out Contest lasting until September. June will see CKC hosting the Annual AKCA Business Meeting and KHA Wet Lab, and Sam N. was chosen to chair a fall koi show and is already busy looking for potential locations. With a growing active membership, great koi and koi ponds to visit, terrific food, and a number of members actively getting involved with the KHA program, this is already looking like an exciting year. Guests are always welcome at meetings and can find us at www.camelliakoi.org . Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports the February 10th club meeting was held at the home of Seng & Rosimeri Tran. Rosimeri reviewed the upcoming koi shows and suggested road trips to go visit other club’s koi shows would be a great way to learn how other clubs put on a show and we could meet other hobbyists too. The Fresno Home & Garden show has donated us a booth and we will have an information booth there with literature and membership forms for our club; there was a signup sheet for volunteers. There was discussion on our September Koi Show along with our joint meeting this year in Fresno with our sister club the Bakersfield Koi and Watergarden Society. We discussed spring pond care and koi care and Rosimeri shared her story on how she saved one of her Showa that jumped out of the pond and was found not moving. Members were encouraged to sign up to host a club meeting. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com. James McAdams, of Deep South Koi & Pond Society, reports preparations for their upcoming 2nd Annual Koi Show are progressing well and they hope to meet and greet members from many other clubs. Check out their website at http://www.deepsouthkoi.org. Diana Lynn Rehn, of Inland Empire WG&KS, reports the club will be hosting the upcoming PNKCA Conference in June. Unfortunately it will be on the same date as the AKCA’s Annual Business Meeting, Banquet and Wet Lab so folks will not be able to attend both events. Check out their website at http://www.iewks.org. Debby Leverett, from Inland Koi Society, reports they are having a Koi and Used Equipment Sale on Saturday on May 30, 2015. It will take place at Milfelds’ Nursery – 2550 Adams Street – Riverside, CA 92504. Registration & Viewing: 9-10 a.m. Equipment Sale: 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Koi Auction: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Any questions, contact Nick Milfeld at (951) 780-7395. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org. Judy Nicholson, of Santa Clarita Koi & WG Club, reports the meeting was held at the home of Dale and Marsha McLean. The Club Annual Christmas Dinner on December 7 went well and was enjoyed by the 19 people attending. Photos are available on our website. The 2015 Club dues are due during the first quarter of this year. The 2015 meeting and event calendar was review and meeting hosts are needed for a couple of meetings. Mike Przewoznik, coordinator of the 2014 Koi Ponderosa, has suggested the possibility of hosting a similar event this October. He suggested holding the proposed Koi-A-Go-Go that month. Discussion followed on the possibility of staging this event. A Club raffle was held following the meeting. Check out their website at http://www.scvkoiandwatergardenclub.com. Steve Metzler, of St. Louis WGS, reports newly elected officers are: President – Dave Stahre; Steve Metzler – Vice President; Steve Harris – Treasurer; Sherry Nelms – Secretary. Their Pond-a-Rama will be held June 27-28. Nancy Moore, of Washington Koi & Water Garden Society, reports after electing officers in October 2014, by the time the new Executive Board took office, a few changes were made. Lorie Lyman has been appointed Show Chair for 2015, Roy Niznik has been appointed as our Vice President, and our former VP has been moved to one of the PNKCA Rep positions. President Karen Miller says we are still looking for a Program Chair. Our first show meeting will be February 8th. Lorie Lyman, Show Chair, reports that we will have a new venue, Sky Nursery, in Shoreline. Previously, 20 of our shows have been at Country Village, in Bothell, and 2 at Bellevue College in Bellevue. We are looking forward to having the show indoors in such a beautiful facility. At our January meeting, Dr. Adolf Maas spoke about quarantining and myths surrounding the process. This month, our speaker will be Dr. Joyce Tsuji, who will discuss building aesthetic waterfalls. We had a brainstorming session at our last membership meeting to come up with programs people wanted, and also field trips. We are holding a Beginners’ Wet Lab on May 16th, led by Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan of Oregon State University and the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, OR; again, it will take place at the Point Defiance Zoo facility in Tacoma, WA. The class is limited to 16 students. Check out the website at: http://washingtonkoi.org .

Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Ben Soedjono, of Dallas Koi Kichi Group, reports his article on the 2014 DKK Koi Show, featuring photos by Michael Hernandez, will be featured in the upcoming issue of KOI USA magazine. Check out their website at http://www.dallaskoikichi.org/ . Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club met at Gordon and Ally Chibana’s home. Don Chandler spoke at some length on the history of KHV, the AKCA’s grant programs accomplishments in new testing methodologies, locating where the virus hides while remaining latent and plans for the next generation grant to interrupt the cycle utilizing gene splicing techniques. Following the talk, members enjoyed a delicious Pot Luck luncheon and closed with the usual raffle. Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com. Claude Head, of North East Iowa Koi Association, reports it is January in Iowa. Minus temps, wind, and blizzards seem to be our way of life for a few months. Our decision to winter a few koi in our garage and spoil them seems to be working very good. We now have ‘Snowfish’!! We hosted our Christmas Party last month with a Sake toast to 2015. So we’ll take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all. Check out their website at http://www.neikakoiassoc.com/index.html . Vince Smith, of Prairieland Koi & Pond Society, reports Todd Bong has stepped down as President. Vincent Smith will be sending a new Club Info form with all the new officer and contact data. Check out their website at http://prairieland_pond.tripod.com. Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports their next meeting is Wednesday, February 4 – at the East Library, on Union between Vickers and Montebello. 5550 N UNION BLVD, CS, 8091. Time: Open for chit chat at 6:30, meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. We will talk about the koi buy from Kodama – and take any orders for them until Feb 17. You can renew your membership also if you like. Discussion topic will be KOI FOOD – Nutritional Content, and How Much to Buy for a Season through the club’s bulk purchase program. Hopefully I will have the new pricing by then and can take your food orders as well. I will have last year’s orders with me if you want to see those. All payments can be cash, check or credit card. Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org. David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the club held their Koi Show in Phoenix this month and details are available on their website. Check their website at http://www.vskc.net.

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