2015 11 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of November 12, 2015


Officers Present:                                 Directors Present:                   Guests:

Chair:            Carole Elliott               Ally Chibana
Vice Chair:     Jeff Fleischer               Gordon Chibana
Secretary:        Don Chandler
CFO:              Brenda Chandler


Board Highlights:


  • Clubs may request boxes of past issues of KOI USA, not for resale, for free except for reimbursing shipping costs.
  • We need assistance with fundraising for the KHV/Scientific Committee. Anyone interested, please contact Jerry Kyle or Don Chandler!
  • Anyone interested and/or willing to make calls on behalf of AKCA to member clubs each month, please contact Don Chandler.


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Carole Elliott at 5:50 p.m.


MINUTES: Motion: To approve the minutes of October 8th with the following corrections: Agenda mistakenly listed Oct. 8th as next meeting date (rather than Nov 12th). Motion by Don, 2nd by Gordon. Approved.




FINANCIALS: We went over the Profit & Loss report (as well as the Profit & Loss Detail report) for October. We had a total income of $402.95 and total expenses of $1,366.83 for a net income of minus $963.88. Michael Pomerleau, our CPA, filed our 2014-2015 state and federal taxes based on Brenda’s QuickBooks reports.


SCIENTIFIC/KHA: We paid $180 for a one year lease (license) to get Adobe Acrobat for Sarah Garrison so that she can revise the tests to make them interactive and emailable; no more envelopes. This will help Julie out tremendously with paperwork. We have 3 new students for a total of 19 current students. New students are Herb Struss (Upper Midwest), Janice Brown (Dallas Koi Kichi) and Linda Pluth (Koi Club of San Diego).


PROJECT KHV: From Jerry’s report: The latest KHV report from OSU confirms they are well underway into the newest KHV Study Project. The latest determination is of a connection between KHV reactivation and O2 levels. At lower temperatures and O2 supplementation, reactivation was delayed by 2 days. However, O2 supplementation did not stop reactivation at higher temperatures. From our own experience, we learn that in caring for our koi, everything seems to depend on something else making important the having due diligence and learning causes and effects to make us better koi keepers. OSU continues to make us proud to support them as they laboriously continue to forge ahead towards finding answers to the KHV problem causes and effects. Word is that the Cascade club will be forwarding a donation towards our newest KHV grant with OSU. Hopefully other clubs will step up, too, for this vitally important project.


PUBLICATION: Don reported that our magazine boxes were shipped on the 27th and polybags on the 29th. Bob Payne finished up the final yearend report; everything is good. We have yet to start on the next issue. We have 20.83 pages of advertising projected (½ page up from the last issue) valued at $15,685 in advertising revenue. Ron hopes that he can add additional advertisers before we go to print.


MEMBERSHIP: Don stated that we have 77 member clubs. Ally & Gordon Chibana are moving to Texas and we will miss them; we have not yet reassigned their clubs.


JUDGING: No report. We will need to purchase more Tom Ayers Inspirational Awards for judges to hand out at AKCA affiliated koi shows.


RISK MANAGEMENT: Brenda reported no new enrollments; we currently have 24 clubs enrolled.


BOOKSTORE: Brenda’s AKCA/KOIUSA booth sold $290 at the Bakersfield show along with one KOI USA subscription. Total sales for the month were $621.


SPEAKER’S GRANT: Carole will be sending letters to the North East Iowa and Michigan K&PC Southeast clubs regarding receiving this year’s Speaker’s Grant Awards.


MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS: One club asked how they should deal with disruptive members who, because of their behavior, are chasing away members. Our response, which might be of some use to some other clubs was:

So sorry to hear your club is having this kind of trouble.  Not fun and not easy to solve.

AKCA sends out SAMPLE  BYLAWS to folks looking to form a club, which has this section in it:

Article II – Membership

Section A – Any person who has an interest in Koi culture shall be eligible for membership. Upon application and payment of dues as outlined in Article IV the application will be presented to the membership present at any regular or special meeting to which the membership of the Society has been given proper notice and upon majority vote the applicant will become a member of the Society in good standing. Any member may voluntarily withdraw or may be suspended or expelled by majority vote of the membership for violation of the bylaws, non-payment of dues or for conduct deemed detrimental to the Society.

Hopefully your club has a “conduct deemed detrimental to the Society” clause in its Bylaws.  If not, you can see why one is needed. In the meantime I’d suggest having one on one talks with the disruptive members.  Explain how their behavior is hurting the club’s mission.  Explain what the club will do to expel them if they continue their disruptive behavior. Unfortunately, some folks cannot be reached and their behavior cannot be modified, in which case they must be expelled for the greater good of the club. Let me know if this helps or if there is anything else we can do




2016 Seminar: The 2016 Cedar Falls, Iowa Seminar is progressing well. They have completed designing their sign-up page. Blue Z is changing it to interactive so that one can sign up and send it in – all on line. It will soon be posted on the AKCA website. Dinner selections include Prime Rib, Stuffed Pork Chop, Pecan Crusted Chicken and Vegetarian. Yum!


2017 Seminar: We have yet to get a confirmation from MAKC that they are interested in hosting; Jerry Kyle is working to confirm this.



  • Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.
  • If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine?



  • CFO pays 2nd estimated tax installment
  • AKCA Chair appoints Nominating Committee



  • ID Fold Out Brochure – Brenda would like permission to print if costs are reasonable. Motion: To print up ID Fold Out Brochures as long as costs are reasonable. Motion by Don, 2nd by Jeff.




Motion to adjourn at 6:19 p.m. Motion by Don, 2nd by Jeff. Approved.


Respectfully submitted by,

Don Chandler, Secretary




Written report submitted by Carole Elliott: Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they are having the last meeting of the year until February. Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said they will have their last meeting in November and then resume in February. Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said that this year’s Pond Tour Extravaganza was another big success, thanks to Margaret Gallardo and Team SKAPA and volunteers. Stephen Dumas, of North Texas WGS, said they are winding down from their busy year. The December club meeting and Holiday party will be held in Irving, TX at a club member’s home on Saturday, Dec. 5th. For more information about North Texas Water Garden Society and any upcoming events, please see their website at http://ntwgs.org/. Christine Wilkolaski, of Niagara Frontier K&PC, said that their speaker this month is Dr. Wayne Gail, Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social and Preventive Medicine Univ. of Buffalo. His topic is Dragon Flies, Stone Flies, Damsel Flies and other Pond Monsters. Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that they have pretty much started preparing their watergardens for the upcoming winter months. Jerry Behlau, of the Genesee Valley P&KC, said the Nov. 6th meeting was an important one for the club. Once again they faced the possibility of folding up their tents and calling it quits if they couldn’t get new blood into the Club’s Board positions. Fortunately…they’ve got new blood!   Christine Wilkolaski, VP of the Niagara Frontier K&PC, gave a presentation by showing photos and videos from two NFKPC pond tours (2015 & 2014). They are holding their Christmas Party on Dec. 4th. This year they will have a “Dish to Passed” celebration consisting of hor d’orves and desserts. Marilyn Strange, of Indiana K&WGC, said their club met at the home of Dale and Chris Billman in October. The election of officers for 2016 were held. The new officers are President, Phil Troyer; V. President, Mike Lewis; Secretary, Ken Lau; and Treasurer, Linda Lau. The club will be planning the 20th Anniversary tour in the coming months. Their club doesn’t meet in November, December, and January. Ken Houtman, of Great Ponds & KS of West Michigan, said that their last meeting was lively and they selected a fish and photo for the Koi of the Year. They are preparing for their Christmas Party and the last meeting of the year. They will have a dinner party with gift exchange along with the election of new officers for the next 2 years and Koi Person of the Year. The yearend break will be short because one of their first events next year will be hosting a booth at the Grand Rapids Home and Garden Show in early Spring. So Cal Koi Club will be having their annual Holiday Party at the Claim Jumper (Champagne Brunch) along with a Chinese Gift Exchange. This is always fun for the club. In addition, the Nishiki Koi Club will be joining them. Norm Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said they had the installation of their officers for 2016 (same officers will stay in place). Their next meeting is Nov. 7th. The OK&WS koi show for 2016 will be discussed. Vincent Smith, of Prairieland K&PS, said that he will be sending their newsletter to me in the future. Jerry Hames, of Olympic K,GF&WGC, said they will meet Dec. 4th for their Christmas party, gift exchange and dinner at Jan & George Bahr’s place. Their club takes December, January and February off as far as meetings go because, as you know, their fish are resting in the cold uncomfortable water. Their members have decided to not have any extra projects this next year, but will meet their normal 9 months. Their members take turns hosting the meetings, and the host will present a program discussing an article from KOI USA, or explaining a particular koi. They will pick a koi, explain the name, colors, and what a perfect fish of that breed would look like. The North Florida Koi Club is having a Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 15th at the home of Brett & Dominque Calderon in Jacksonville, Fl. The club provides the turkey with members bringing either a side dish or dessert. They just had a successful All Jacksonville koi show with members stepping up and doing an outstanding job. For their November meeting, they plan on finalizing nominations for next year’s club officers. Sheila Jackson, of San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club, reports the club has been having its regular monthly meetings at homes of some very nice ponds. We will be having our Christmas luncheon at the Newark Buffet on December 5th.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler: William Williams, of Bakersfield Koi & WGS, reports the club had its annual Koi Show and as set up began we wondered if we were going to have a Koi Show. Heavy rain created huge mudslides that closed all the major routes from Southern California to Bakersfield. With that being said we had our judges and exhibitors coming from the south and were wondering if they would pursue and make it to the show. With all these road diversions, everyone made it to the show.  To add to matters our show chairman broke his foot during setup but he prevailed.  “For the love of Koi!”  Bakersfield hospitality provided survival bags to exhibitors and judges that had items to snack on and occupy them during their stay.  Our guests and attendees were also treated to the now world famous “Dancing Koi” during the show Saturday which consisted of 4 Koi costumed kids dancing around the fairgrounds.  Feel free to check out our facebook page to see them.  We also had a koi grow out “buy in” on Saturday afternoon.  Many Kohaku’s were available for sale from Roger Spradlin’s young fish.  Darlene and Richard Woloweic did a beautiful job on setting up the banquet room for our show banquet that included Eric Jr. Lempinen playing the piano. One table at the banquet lit up the night by catching their raffle tickets on fire! At the banquet the winning exhibitors were excited over the awards painted by Lydia Liu and also awards donated by Ultra Balance.  Ultra Balance and Sumner Avenue Water Gardens were our major sponsors this year and the show was a true success. What is in store for next year … Plan on being there and joining us for some great Bakersfield hospitality! Check out the club’s web site at http://www.bkwgs.com/. Gia Lanigan, of Cascade Koi & GFC, reports after a remarkably hot and dry spring, summer and early autumn, we’re finally in the rain. It’s a shock to the system. In November we held our club elections with a surprising result! No change in officers. Due to seeming lack of interest, the club’s newsletter is being downsized to a monthly notice as to the next meeting location. In December, we will hold our End of Year Celebration at a Thai restaurant in Vancouver, WA. We’re planning a plant related stolen gift exchange and a silent auction. This promises to be great fun. Hope everyone, including their fishies, is staying warm. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cascadekoiandgoldfish.org. Sue Boydstun, of Idaho Koi & WGS, reports we have committed to hosting the 2016 PNKCA in Boise. We have our convention committee established; we have a site/hotel booked; and we are scrambling to line up seminar speakers for the program.  Our theme is “The Art of Koi”. We have our elections in November.  Usually we go dormant until February, but this year we are trying a Holiday Gathering in December. Check out their website at http://www.iwgks.org. Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports he’ll once again be serving as the club’s AKCA Dir/Rep. Our October meeting was held on the farm of Inland Koi Society Board of Director Randy McGarvey and his lovely wife, Pauline.  The McGarveys have a lovely rustic type yard with a number of animals, including goats, chickens, pheasants, and koi.  They have a nice koi pond with colorful koi, including two beautiful blue koi.  Wesley Gonzalez from Van Ness Water Gardens was supposed to be our guest speaker, but couldn’t attend to unforeseen circumstances.  But no problem, one of our most knowledgeable members Spike Cover, stepped up and gave an outstanding presentation on pond care. I started a new procedure that will have me going over the AKCA minutes with the entire club, at our monthly meetings, as opposed to just the Board of Directors, at the board meetings. Our November meeting will be our Thanksgiving feast at the home of Jerry and Pat Mall. The monthly meeting is set for this Sunday, November 22 at the Mall’s home.  The newsletter had the wrong date but the location is accurate. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org. Scotty Yee, of Koi Club of San Diego, reports the November meeting was held on the 8th at the home of Vito and Nathalee Adragna in Lakeside. Speaker was Dr. Galen Hansen who spoke on Judging Koi and which ones to take to the show. The meeting was a Pot Luck and the host provided refreshments. The Dec 13th meeting will be at the home of Bonnie McIlvaine in Vista with a Potluck luncheon and a Christmas Gift Exchange. Check out their website at https://www.koiclubofsandiego.org. John Rae, of Michigan Koi & Pond Club SE, reports the October MKPC event took place at an Italian restaurant and members wore autumn or koi colors and brought along a “White Fish” (White Elephant) gift. We had a fun time. Check out their website at http://www.mkpc-se.com. Judy Nicholson, of Santa Clarita Koi & WG Club, reports the 6:00 p.m. evening meeting was called to order at the home of a member showcasing the pond lighting. The member discussed the changes he has made to his pond watering system to comply with the current water conservation restrictions in the Santa Clarita Valley. A meeting host sign-up sheet was circulated for 2016. The Club’s annual Christmas Dinner at a local restaurant is scheduled for Sunday, December 6, and sign-ups and deposits are being accepted. An auction of donated pond equipment in good working condition was held with proceeds going to the club. The Member Forum included discussion of what to do during a local power shutdown that continues for several hours. The pros and cons of feeding koi during cold weather were reviewed including a discussion of wheat-based koi food that some recommend for feeding during the cold season. Member Mike Przewoznik reported on the Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Club’s October koi show and auction. The show is held in conjunction with the local Home and Garden Show with varied vendor booths and products. He suggested that this might be a potential club field trip for 2016. Nominations were solicited for President and Secretary for 2016 and 2017. There were no nominations from the floor. The incumbents are willing to serve for the two-year term. It was moved, seconded and carried that Doug Sudbury and Al Nicholson will serve as Co-Presidents and Mary Lou Sudbury and Judy Nicholson will serve as Co-Secretaries. This was the last meeting of 2015. The next regular meeting will be on January 24, 2016. Check out their website at http://www.scvkoiandwatergardenclub.com/SCV_Koi/Welcome.html. Nancy J. Moore, of Washington Koi & WGS, reports they held elections in October and elected the following officers for 2015: President, Jennifer Treiberg; Vice President, Doug Hertzog; Secretary, Nancy Moore; Treasurer, Lucy Macneil; Newsletter Editor, Helena Hileman; Membership Chair, Elizabeth Good; PNKCA Representatives, Ted Baughman and Karen Miller; AKCA Representative, Chris Charbonneau, Members-at-Large, Bob Sowell and Rob Kenny, and Program Chair, Monte McQuade. In November, the Board appointed Elizabeth Good as our 2016 Show Chair. We have been invited to hold our show again at Sky Nursery, in Shoreline, WA, on September 24-25, 2016. In November, the new and current board joined forces for a BBQ pulled pork and sides dinner, followed by the regular Board meeting. Nominations for AKCA Koi Person of the Year were held, and our candidates are Lorie Lyman and Rob Kenny; the election will be held in January. Our sole nominee for the PNKCA Ed Fujimoto Award, Ted Baughman, was thus elected by acclamation. We do not meet in December or send out a newsletter. The new Board will take office on January 1, 2016. Check their website at http://washingtonkoi.org. Dinh Nguyen, of ZNA NorCal, reports ZNA NorCal didn’t hold any events in October since a number of our members were in Japan on koi buying expeditions. However, in November we have a big event planned. On 11/29 the club will be hosting a year end celebration at our President David Tran’s pond located in Morgan Hill, CA.  David will be pulling all of his champion koi out of the pond for their annual measurement and checkup. Lunch will be served. All koi enthusiasts are invited, members or not, so this will be a great way to close out the year with a fun day and meet old friends and new. Please RSVP to ulysse96@hotmail.com and come to enjoy some ZNA NorCal hospitality. Check their website at https://www.facebook.com/…/ZNANorCalKoiClub/114370775244634


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler: Jerry Kyle, of Camellia Koi Club, reports this is the last club report to AKCA for the year. This month will see a Spaghetti Cook Off Contest and Feed at the Kyle Pond (over 5000 gal) in Lodi. Then the club will move down one city block to the Flockhart pond (over 8000 gal) for a Dessert Meeting and elect new officers for 2016. Beautiful upscale size 7 and 8 prize winning koi and upscale food will be enjoyed along with a “Garage Sale” where members who have excess or underutilized equipment will make it available at garage sale prices to members who need it. This month again demonstrates what the CKC is all about. Meetings held at superb ponds, superb koi, superb food, superb members helping new members. We will also get an update on the Koi Show CKC will have next spring. Fairgrounds have already been rented. That will be in next report to AKCA but, first, we will have our annual December Christmas Dinner Meeting. Again, more new members joined us last month. Will see what happens this month. Good koi, good ponds, good food, good Koi Show, good people grow a club. Check out their website at http://www.camelliakoi.org. Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club celebrated the holidays with a Champagne Brunch and Gift Exchange at the Claim Jumper restaurant (in a room decorated with all the Christmas touches – from the lit tree on down) held in conjunction with our sister SoCal Koi Club. The cost was $5 per person (an approximate $25 value) for a full-on buffet that covers the full spectrum, from breakfast through lunch and dinner! There was something for everyone – plus unlimited champagne! Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com. Claude Head, of North East Iowa Koi Association, reports our October trip to Koi Acres was once again a great experience. What could be better than a beautiful sunny day in Minnesota? Add to that, greeting familiar faces from Koi Shows over the summer, purchasing some Japanese Koi, or even becoming once more acquainted with the Koi you bid farewell to last year and then witness it being pulled from the mud pond this year? Check out the pictures posted on our website. You will hopefully enjoy a recap of our most memorable annual trip. Thanks to the Swanson family for their great hospitality! Happy Thanksgiving to all. Check out their website at http://www.neikakoiassoc.com/index.html. Laura Lunsford, of Rocky Mountain Koi Club, reports there was no meeting held in Oct due to the Koi Seminar. The Annual Christmas Party will be held on Sat Dec 5th at the home of David and Jill Pepper in Aurora. Members may participate in the gift exchange game if they choose to do so and should bring sides or desserts to go with the club provided drinks and main course. Check out their website at http://www.rmkc.net. Debby Young, of Southern Arizona Koi Association, reports they held their 36th Annual Koi Show on Nov 6-8 at the Oro Valley Marketplace. Congrats go to Brent VanKoevering, who not only served as Show Chairman but also won the Supreme Champion award for his beautiful showa! The Dec meeting will be held on the 13th at the home of Todd and Bea Paulus. Check out their website at http://www.sakoia.org. Phil Goulding, of Southern Colorado Koi Club, reports the Members Annual Party (and last event of the year) was held at the Phantom Canyon Brewery on Sat Nov 14th featuring a fantastic Buffet Dinner and cash Bar. Check out their website at http://www.socokoi.org. David Yee, of Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc., reports the Holiday Meeting will be held on Dec 20th. Location: Lucy Ross. Check their website at http://www.vskc.net. Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the Oct meeting was held at the home of Eric Howes with his Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme park atmosphere and his mothers lovingly prepared foods. The November meeting was held on the 14th at the home of Ronn and Virginia Boll in Camarillo, whose 5,500 gallon pond was built by them and features approximately 30 fish, including 2 hi fin sharks and a goldfish. Guest speaker was John Matthews whose topic was succulents (soil, watering, general care and repotting). Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.





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