2016 05 AKCA Minutes

AKCA Minutes of May 12, 2016


Officers Present:                                 Directors Present:                   Guests:

Chair:            Carole Elliott
Vice Chair:     Jeff Fleischer
Secretary:        Don Chandler
CFO:              Brenda Chandler


Board Highlights:


  • Koi of the Year Forms have been sent to all Dir/Reps. Please participate and return to Garry Chin by June 22nd.
  • AKCA Board election ballots will be counted at the June meeting on the 9th. Please don’t delay mailing them back if you haven’t already done so.
  • AKCA Annual dues are due by July 1st, 2016. Please ensure your club has renewed.
  • KOI USA subscription fees go up July 1st but members still have time to lock in a new subscription at the current rates.


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Carole Elliott at 5:59 p.m.


MINUTES: Motion: To approve the minutes of April 7th. Motion by Don; 2nd by Brenda. Approved.




FINANCIALS: We went over the Accounts Summary (AKCA, PayPal & KHV) for April: beginning balance of $91,160.22; total net income of $1,839.63. For the AKCA checking account for April, we had a beginning balance of $73,682.24; total net income of $3,317.33.


WEBSITE: No report.


KHA: Julie is working on getting all of the students current.


PROJECT KHV: KHV Committee Report to AKCA by Jerold Kyle, Chair: This month Dr. Ling Jin had a short report that stated, “I am on sabbatical at OHSU to learn how to put KHV genome into a bacterium chromosome vector (BAC) to make mutation in the KHV genome. This is an alternative method that I could use to make mutant of KHV for vaccine and recombinant viruses.  I will spent about 3 month at OHSU and hopefully learn enough strategy to make KHV BAC.” The message that AKCA should get from this is that OSU and it’s people are definitely focused on solving what has become one of the world’s biggest problems for Koi hobbyists and how important it is for AKCA to continue to support this effort.  The AKCA BoD needs to determine ways to raise money to be in position to continue to help fund the OSU Lab for this effort when current grant funds run out in another year.  Ideas welcome.

PUBLICATION: Boxes of the magazine arrived this week; poly bags went out yesterday. It was a slow month for revenue. The latest issue has 25 pages for a total of $19,627 advertising income. We are down 2 ½ pages and lost one advertiser for the next issue. However, there will be one new ad for the next issue.

MEMBERSHIP: 30 clubs out of 78 have sent in their annual membership dues, which are due no later than July 1st!


JUDGING: No report.


RISK MANAGEMENT: We have 2 new enrollments in our Premium Liability coverage. Four clubs have already paid for 2016-17 Premium Liability coverage.


BOOKSTORE: Bookstore sales last month, including the ZNA NorCal koi show, were $2,057.




KOI PERSON OF THE YEAR: Go to the AKCA website to download the Koi Person of the Year form. Forward to Ally Chibana who is taking care of this. There has been a slight snag on certificates as Ally has been in the hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.


KOI OF THE YEAR: The following changes to the program were made:


  1. All AKCA clubs have a grace period until June 22, 2016 to belatedly submit photo entries they haven’t already submitted (for whatever reason) for the 2013_2014, 2014_2015 and 2015_2016 AKCA Koi of the Year photo contests.
  2. Forms for your use for each year’s contest will be emailed to all club Dir/Reps along with lists of which clubs submitted for the first two year’s contests.
  3. The photo contests will be held separately every other month (Jul, Sep, Nov) with voting to be conducted on the AKCA website with one vote per IP address during that month, then closed.
  4. Voting for the 2016_14 contest will begin on July 1st.
  5. The results will be both posted online and printed in the subsequent issue of KOIUSA magazine.
  6. The Grand and Reserve Grand Champions for each year will receive trophies much like the ones currently given out at AKCA Koi Shows to Koi of the Year winners.


SLATE OF OFFICERS FOR 2016-17: 39 of 78 ballots mailed have been returned (50%) so far.







2016 Seminar: It was reported that 46 people have signed up so far for the Iowa event. A Peter Enfield slate will be auctioned off and 100% of proceeds will go to Project KHV.


2017 Seminar: Carole stated that MAKC is interested in hosting the Seminar. JoAnn Mead contacted Quality Koi to see about having the Wet Lab at their facility. She hasn’t heard back from them so far.



  • Please send any pictures of club members, or others, reading KOI USA magazine.
  • If your club has recently held a pond tour or koi show, has it been submitted for an article in KOI USA magazine?



  • AKCA Board counts and validates votes for next term Officers
  • Dues from clubs should have been sent in (July 1st is deadline).





  • None


Motion to adjourn at 6:30 p.m. Motion by Don; 2nd by Carole. Approved.


Respectfully submitted by,

Don Chandler, Secretary





Written report submitted by Carole Elliott: Jackie Allsup, of Eastern Iowa PS, said they met at the home of Stephanie and Bob Geer. The club’s July pond tour was discussed. They are sending out feelers again in hopes that they can find enough volunteers to be able to host a tour. The city arborist spoke to the group about the Emerald Ash borer and the city tree management program. It was a very informative talk that everyone enjoyed. A nice pot luck was enjoyed by everyone. Jackie Allsup, of Northern Iowa P&KC, said they hosted a large meeting at the Cedar River Milling Store, where guest speaker, Pat, talked about feeding the birds. They talked about their upcoming pond tour to be held July 16th and 17th. They welcomed several new members to the club. Also discussed was the annual koi sale to be held at the next meeting in May. The June AKCA meeting in Cedar Falls was also talked about. Everyone is super happy that Spring is finally here. So Cal Koi Club did not hold a meeting in May due to the meeting date falling on Mother’s Day. In June, the club will have its annual BBQ/potluck and auction. Jerry Woodbury, of Miami Valley WGS, said that this month is their annual plant swap to help new members to get their ponds stocked with some new plants and swap out some with other members whom might need to fill in a needed plant area.   Mel Barutha, of South Carolina K&WGS, said that six of their members attended the 2nd annual ZNA Carolina Seminar hosted by East Coast Koi near Raleigh, NC on April 30th and May 1st. There were approximately 35 attendees from various areas of the Southeastern part of the US. It was two days packed full of learning to identify and judge the best in Kohaku, Sanke and Showa. There was great comradery throughout the weekend with the gaining of many new friends. They are moving forward with their pond tour and have enlisted 13 ponds for the tour. Advertising is set for 2 different papers, a live TV spot, and many posters throughout the greater Greenville, SC area. They are set for June 11th. Another outing is set for those interested to Mr. Maple. They are growers of all types of trees but specialize in Japanese maples. The trip is set for May 30th.  Ralph Smith, of Southwest K&PA, said they would like to thank members, guest and friends to welcome their guest speaker, Karen Pattist, of Koi Organisational International at the home of Ken and Susie Austin, and welcome new members Mary Lou and Brannon Rasberry. Bee Keepers who will be their speakers at their next meeting at the home of Bob & Joy Anderson. Jan Jordan, of Mid-Columbia K&PC, said they met 2 weeks ago at the Hamilton Pond, after a quick meeting they enjoyed the lovely day and potluck. In June they meet at another member’s pond; the Aiello’s. June 18th the club has purchased booth space at the Master Gardener Summer Solstice taking place in their Demonstration Garden. Members will promote the club and are free to sell any plants or fish they’d like to bring. Jan Jordan is chairing the booth, Maggi Nielson & Phyliss Hirschel have volunteered to help out. Vincent Smith, of Prairieland K&PS, said they will start forwarding their newsletter each month. Jan Brown, of North Florida KC, said they are having a koi rescue May 21st. Their meeting will be May 22nd. They will be having a pond tour in the fall. The All Jacksonville Koi Show will not be held until Spring 2017. The growout koi will not be distributed until June.   Genesee Valley Pond & KC, stated that no auction was planned for June Lily Fest event due to lack of member support. Guest speaker, Mike Gannon, gave them his background and topics discussed were maintaining clear water, general pond design, winterizing pond plants, treating sick fish, etc. Next month, they will discuss opening their ponds for the season. David Muraoka, of Sierra KC, said they are dormant right now with no planned activities. Ken Houtman, of Great Ponds & KS of West Michigan, said their club had the first meeting of the year and it included an auction of many donations brought in by the membership. There were a lot of water plants. They should have a great collection of member pond gardens to visit throughout the year. Their display at the Grand Rapids Home & Garden show brought in a few new members and was deemed to be successful. Membership dues were collected and their club is off to a good start for the New Year. Their next meeting is going to include discussion of some of the finer points of a few different classification of koi. Gary Floyd, of Amarillo Koi Society, said they are just getting into spring and beyond freezing. They have been blessed to not have the storms like the rest of the state so far. He is trying to get a small group of the club together to brainstorm how to get new members in. He was out at botanical gardens this weekend and had another visit with the director to see about being a guest at some of the other club meeting to see if any of the members of those clubs are interested in ponds and koi. Jeff Schwartz, of Tri-State ZNA, said they have been quite active. In March they kicked off their Grow Out 2016 at Quality Koi. They are now working on their 5th Annual Koi & Bonsai Show. (Yes, your show will be listed in the magazine). Norm Call, of Oregon K&WGS, said they just had a membership drive on May 7th. Now they are preparing for their 15th Annual Koi Show on June 11-12th at Sherm’s Thunderbird Market in Roseburg, OR. Show contact; Normal Call 541-496-3403.   Glen Hubenthal, of Austin PS, said that for their May monthly meeting, there will be Tabletop presentations from many of their club sponsors – Pond Tour June 4th & 5th. Their Koi Person of the Year is Steven Monfrini. JoAnn Mead, of Mid-Atlantic KC, said they had to cancel their monthly magazine as of December 2015 due to lack of advertising revenue. However, they started a monthly newsletter that will run during the Northeast Pond months. Their first issue was April 2016. Their elections are going to be held in June, 2016 for their Executive Board. Ken Lau, of Indiana K&WGC, said at their March meeting, Gary Hater, of the Goldfish club, gave a very interesting talk on the varieties, raising and breeding of goldfish. Their next meeting will have Ken speaking on koi and their diseases. They had a very good Flower and Patio Show. They had a lot of interest in the club. The Genesee Valley Pond and Koi Club, is sponsoring an info booth during “Lily Fest,” on June 4-5th, held at Bergen Water Gardens in Churchill, NY. Carole tried but was unable to reach: Canada KC of British Columbia; Atlanta KC; Central Alabama K&WGS; Hawaii Goldfish & Carp; Puget Sound KC; WGC of South Texas; Central Alabama K&WGS; ZNA Potomac Chapter KC; Gulf Coast KS; Northern Nevada PC; Land of Lincoln WG&KS; Sierra KC; Macon WG&KC; Piedmont K&WGC; Olympic K,GF&WGC; Northwest K&GFC0-ZNA Northwest; North Idaho Koi Keepers; and San Francisco Bay Area KC.


Written report submitted by Don Chandler: Rosimeri Tran, of Central California Koi Society, reports our koi show plans are booming right now with the help of our new show chair, Richele Kleiser; she has created a magnificent show flyer, which I have circulated on Facebook. Our head judge this year will be returning AKCA/ZNA Judge Larry Gill and we are awaiting a candidate judge to assist him. Our banquet facility will be held at the University Square Hotel, Ambassador Room (Shaw/Cedar); they will have a buffet dinner for us and it will be a great social time for all to attend; the banquet will cost $40.00 each and more final details will be given as it arises. Already I am being contacted by outside vendors and exhibitors and since this will be our 38th Annual Show, it will be a big one. Check out the club’s web site at http://www.cencalkoi.com.   Mac McClain, from Inland Koi Society, reports they had a wonderful turnout on April 24 at Francine’s with 46 attendees, and a wonderful yard to explore. Speaker Iva Gaglione, national manager for aquatic foods from Ultra Balance/Star Milling, “did it the way it should be done. A nice technical report.” She gave the club four boxes of bagged koi foods to be used in our raffles for the next few months.   They confirmed meeting plans for most of the rest of the year: May 22 at the Kushners; June at Broomfields; July at Milfelds; August at the Nyiradys. Considering bus trip to Barstow Koi in October. Check out their website at http://www.inlandkoisociety.org. Scotty Yee, of Koi Club of San Diego, reports the May monthly meeting was at Bonnie McIlvaine’s home in Vista on May 15th. Speaker was Judy MacKenzie, Master Gardener, who designed Bonnie’s extensive gardens. The Friends of Koi Auction on May 21st featured great koi at great prices and some gently used but fully operational pond equipment. The June 12th meeting will be at Underwater Environment’s new location in Encinitas; social hour at 12:30 and meeting at 1:30. Check out their website at https://www.koiclubofsandiego.org. Eve Bretzke, of Santa Clara Valley K&WGC, reports the club’s pond tour is scheduled for July 16th, 2016 from 9 AM to 4 PM.  We are in need of volunteers to help with our biggest event of the year.  Save the date and plan on helping out. All volunteers get complementary admission for the tour and are invited to a special BBQ event hosted by the club.  Also, we are still accepting nominations for pond tour ponds for another week or so.  If you have a pond you think would be good for the tour please let our Pond Tour chairman know or send an email to scvkwg@sckoi.com.  Our next general meeting will be May 17th at 7:30 PM at the Willow Glen Public Library, 1157 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA 95125.  Our topic will be “Koi Breeding 101 – What Every Pond Keeper Should Know”.  We plan to have a video and a discussion on this topic. Check out their website at http://www.sckoi.com. Rick Jokerst, of St. Louis Water Gardening Society, reports that Pond-O-Rama 2016 is progressing well. Ticket booklets were distributed before Mother’s Day. This year we have 47 ponds and it promises to be one of the best years ever. Check out their website at http://www.saintlouiswatergardeningsociety.org. Don Chamberlain, of ZNA NorCal, reports The ZNA NorCal Koi Show at the beginning of April was a big success. We had another crop of outstanding koi in competition. All of the koi clubs in the area (Monterey Bay, Santa Clara Valley, SF Bay and Camellia Koi Club) provided volunteers that performed essential duties. This cooperation did much to ensure the success of the show. We had visitors from New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois, Hawaii, Colorado, Texas and Washington. A group of young koi breeders from Japan came with some of their young koi adding another dimension to the show. Planning has started for next year’s show. We hope to use what we learned to make the next show even better. At the end of May our President, David Tran hosted a celebration/appreciation party for all enthusiasts in the area. We had between 35-40 attendees in attendance enjoying BBQ and friendship with fellow koi keepers. In May we are seeking volunteers for a new slate of officers. A Young Koi Show is scheduled for June 5th. More details are available at our website, http://znanorcal.info along with photos of all of the recent show winners and a photo tour of the show. https://www.facebook.com/…/ZNANorCalKoiClub/114370775244634. Jeff Fleischer, of ZNA SoCal Chapter, reports the April meeting was at Jane Morrison’s in Costa Mesa where members viewed her new pond. Jane did a lot of research and members enjoyed seeing the plan she came up with. The May meeting was cancelled due to a conflict with the host’s availability.


Written report submitted by Brenda Chandler:   Jerry Kyle, of Camellia Koi Club, reports he and his wife Phyllis will be travelling all the way to the AKCA Wet Lab in Cedar Falls, IA in June. They hope to come home with some updated information to share with club members. Check out their website at http://www.camelliakoi.org. Brenda Chandler, of Nishiki Koi Club, reports the club has not been meeting. Check out their website at http://www.nishikikoiclub.com. Claude Head, of North East Iowa Koi Association, reports final arrangements are being made to host the 2016 AKCA Wet Lab in June. 50+ reservations have already been made for the Saturday night Banquet and Auction donations are starting to arrive in the mail. Check out their website at http://www.neikakoiassoc.com/index.html. Mary Oxman, of Ventura County Koi Society, reports the May meeting was at the home of Jeff Graver and Valerie Pike in Ventura on the 14th. Jeff and Valerie bought their home this past January of 2016. They purchased their Spanish Style house from former Ventura Koi Society members Chuck and Kay McLaughlin. The house came with a 5,000 gallon pond stocked with 14 koi fish. It has a waterfall about five feet high that serves as the filter. An adjacent 1000 gallon pond hosts water plants and receives water from the koi pond via a gravity fed conduit. Thanks to Chuck McLaughlin’s quality engineering, the pond system requires only a few minutes of maintenance per day. The Annual Barbeque will be held on June 18th (the revised date) at Rick and Janet Shaw’s home in Woodland Hills at 4 PM. Check their website at http://users.vcnet.com/rrenshaw/vcks.html.

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