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Included with your club’s AKCA annual dues of $100.00 is automatic Liability Insurance which now covers all clubs in the US and Canada.  It covers all member clubs’ monthly meetings including breakfast meetings, luncheons, dinners or dinner dances, lectures and speakers at regular meetings up to $2,000,000.00 each occurrence.  This insurance coverage excludes club special events.  For an annual enrollment fee of $125, clubs may choose to enroll in the AKCA’s Premium Level General Liability Insurance program.  Enrollment will cover all of a club’s Special Events during the year such as koi shows, pond tours, koi auctions, seminars and any other events that might require a certificate of insurance.  Questions concerning the basic insurance and clubs wanting to obtain Special Event insurance should contact:

AKCA Risk Manager
Brenda Chandler
2642 Westminster Place
Costa Mesa, CA  92627


HISTORY:  During the early 90’s AKCA did not offer liability insurance as part of its membership.  Any koi club that needed liability insurance to protect the club or enable it to have a koi show or exhibit at a garden show had to obtain their own insurance through Maryland Casualty.  At that time the annual premium was a minimum of $137.00.  Without this liability policy the clubs were unable to hold a public function as most owners of the venue demanded a liability policy endorsement naming that particular property owner as an additional insured for the specific function.  Around 1992 Maryland Casualty withdrew from this particular line of insurance and sent notices of non-renewal to all koi clubs that they would not renew their liability policies when they expired the following year.  AKCA then started a search for a replacement insurance carrier.

INTENT:  AKCA wanted to obtain a liability insurance policy that would protect all the AKCA member clubs and every individual member of every member club against liability claims by the public, and to facilitate clubs being able to have regular club meetings that are protected.  This is what has been accomplished for club meetings only and is a part of the AKCA dues.   Special events like koi shows and pond tours, etc are not covered any longer by the basic AKCA insurance.  For that coverage, clubs must enroll in the AKCA’s Premium Level General Liability Insurance program.

WHAT IS COVERED:  As stated above this is a liability policy that protects the insured.  By definition all member clubs and their members are insured.  If somebody files a claim against a club and/or club member this policy will defend that individual or club and either settle the claim or defend a lawsuit and pay whatever award (within the policy limits).    One other coverage is not a liability coverage, it is MEDICAL PAYMENTS, which basically says the insurer will pay for all REASONABLE and NECESSARY medical expenses WITHOUT REGARD TO LIABILITY for any person (NOT INSURED) that was injured at this public function, up to the limits of the MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE.  This coverage would apply at a regular club meeting to any GUESTS at the meeting.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED:  If a club member sues a club or one of its members for some alleged negligent act, this policy does not afford coverage as this would in essence be one insured suing another insured.  And the PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE do not allow an insurance carrier to write a liability policy that allows an insured to sue themselves as this would lead to many instances of fraudulent insurance claims.  Additionally this policy does not afford coverage to the property owned by any member club.  MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE is also excluded for insureds.    The basic AKCA insurance does not cover club koi shows, pond tours or other special events.

OVERVIEW:  AKCA is aware that there may be other insurance coverage an individual club may wish to have.  It is suggested that each club review their own specific insurance needs and obtain the additional coverage as is deemed appropriate in their own area.  Most frequently asked question is in regards to a member club’s personal property.  Many clubs have a sizeable investment in their show tanks, pumps, blowers, microscopes, etc. and whether to insure these items for fire, etc. is an individual club decision.

QUESTIONS:  For any questions regarding this explanation, please have the AKCA REP of your club contact Brenda Chandler at 949-650-5225 or e-mail


As a general rule, the AKCA insurance carrier will provide certificates of insurance for club special events adding the venue as an additional insured only if your club is enrolled in the AKCA’s Premium Level General Liability Insurance program.  On the other hand, if your club is holding regular meetings at a church, for example, and they request a certificate of insurance we’ll be happy to oblige.


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