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INSURANCE UPDATE (effective 7/1/2021): Included with your club’s AKCA annual dues is automatic General Liability Insurance for all AKCA clubs in the US and its territories. It covers member clubs’ monthly meetings including breakfast meetings, luncheons, dinners, dinner dances, lectures, and speakers at meetings up to $2,000,000.00 per each occurrence. This basic insurance coverage excludes club special events.

OVERVIEW: AKCA is aware that there may be other types of insurance coverage an individual club may wish to have. It is suggested that each club review their own specific insurance needs and obtain the additional coverage as deemed appropriate in their own area. Most frequently asked question is regarding a member club’s personal property. Many clubs have a sizeable investment in show tanks, pumps, blowers, microscopes, etc. Whether to insure these items for fire, theft, etc. is an individual club decision.

As a general rule, the AKCA insurance carrier will provide a certificate of insurance for club events adding the venue as an additional insured when requested.

QUESTIONS: For any questions regarding this explanation, please have your club’s AKCA DIR/REP contact:

Brenda Chandler
AKCA Risk Manager
P.O. Box 10879
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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