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Koi Health Adviser Program

KHAThe Koi Health Adviser program is a hobbyist to hobbyist support group. It puts more experienced Koi keepers in touch with those learning about the hobby.

We’ve all been there before, starting out or relatively new and totally frustrated by a sick Koi in our pond. Who do you call, where do you go for answers? Most pet shops don’t normally deal with ponds and many of the ones that do just say “buy this”, most Veterinarians don’t treat fish or ponds, the agricultural extensions are geared toward farming….. Out of this frustration was born the KHA program, taking from AKCA member club’s “help lines”.

Hobbyist learn the basic core principals of proper pond design, filtration and water quality. Along with this they learn disease prevention, good nutrition and health basics to become better Koi keepers. Once we are better Koi keepers ourselves we can now help others.

The KHA program is not intended to replace the professional veterinarian, but to put a “fellow Koi keeper” out there to help. Is the problem water quality issues or is there a serious health problem? If the pond needs the attention of a Veterinary Professional then the KHA can help the owner get in touch with those vets that deal with ponds or give the open minded local vet a vet contact who does deal with ponds for professional information.


We are in a holding pattern waiting for the Annual Meeting and KHA Lab Course presentation the end of this month. Articles have been published in KOI USA magazine with such questions as “Where do we go from here?” It is accepted there needs to be a rethinking of our process of certifying KHAs. Some original teachers have moved on and while most of their information is fine, the material needs to be reviewed for possible updating. With new things constantly being discovered what was the latest and greatest ten years ago may not be the latest technology today. While no firm decisions have been made, it is being considered that the Certification Program may skip a Certification Class Year to better review and update all material and teaching protocols in an effort to streamline and improve our original mission statement, Our hobby still needs a reliable non-profit source of information with a proven certification program that can be trusted to honestly and accurately teach and promote good Koi Husbandry.

Respectfully submitted by Jerold Kyle

KHA Program Director and AKCA Scientific Committee Chairperson

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