About AKCA & Benefits

by Doug Dahl, CFO of AKCA and KOI USA Magazine

Occasionally we get a question asking about the benefits of a club belonging to AKCA. Our response is likely much more than you realize. Here is a list of the benefits from belonging to AKCA.

1. Free $2M liability insurance for regular club meetings and for info booths at garden centers, fairgrounds, etc. (to pass out literature and recruit new members).  $2M liability insurance for all club Special Events (such as pond tours, koi shows and seminars) is available for a low $125 per year fee; includes additional insured coverage for your venue for the duration of your event, when requested ($500-$1000 value if the club purchased this insurance on their own).

2. Free club listing in KOI USA Member Clubs listing and on the www.akca.org and www.koiusa.com websites so that people can find your club contact information and your website.

3. Free club news and Upcoming Club Events listed in KOI USA and posted in our online calendar to tell the other clubs what you are planning.

4. KOI USA will purchase an ad in a club Koi Show or Pond Tour booklet for the going rate each year up to $100 per advertisement.

5. $25 rate available only to AKCA club members for KOI USA magazine subscriptions (a $4.95 annual savings).

6. Free KHA training and Certification for club members who want to take the class and pass the tests.

7. Koi Judge Certification Program training and Koi Judges for your club Koi Show.

8. Free club Koi Show or Pond Tour article in KOI USA.

9. 5 free copies of each new guide the AKCA produces (currently Pond Guide, Filter Guide, Nutrition Guide and Koi Health Guides are published).

10. Entry into the Speaker Grant lottery for up to $250 reimbursement for two Speaker Grants awarded each year.

11. Free AKCA Koi Person of the Year Certificate for your club and photo in KOI

USA magazine (if the winner attends the seminar banquet group photo).

12. Free AKCA Koi of the Year Plaque if you have a koi show.  Free Koi of the Year 8×10 photo and entry into the AKCA Koi of the Year contest.  Free photo of the koi in KOI USA magazine.

13. Free entry into Champion of Champions contest for the Grand Champion of your Koi Show and trophy to the winner plus koi photo on the cover of KOI USA magazine and 8×10 photo of your entry sent to the koi owner. Photos of all koi entered into the contest will be featured in a KOI USA magazine article.

14. Your club AKCA Dir/Rep is a voting member of the AKCA Board and is contacted by a local AKCA Board member every month to exchange AKCA and club news and to get your club’s opinion on issues affecting AKCA. Your club AKCA Dir/Rep will also be emailed the AKCA Board meeting minutes each month. This communication is a means for your club to be an active part of the AKCA decision process and direction. Your club may authorize this local AKCA Board member by written proxy to allow him/her to place motions before the AKCA Board and to vote on motions on behalf of your club. Even without the proxy form, the local AKCA Board member can discuss your club’s position on an issue before the AKCA Board, but not vote.

15. AKCA sponsors informative Web sites at www.akca.org and www.koiusa.com.

16. Many speakers for club meetings are supplied through AKCA and its various training programs.

17. AKCA sponsors the annual AKCA seminar and trade show with no costs to the host club, yet we share the profit with the host club for their support.

18. AKCA provides the Club Kit to all new clubs and/or potential clubs (and annual updates) with guidance and suggestions on how to organize a club, create their by-laws, raise funds for clubs, and how to market their clubs to the public.

For the $100 AKCA dues your club can receive:

$500-$1000 value club special event public liability insurance, if purchased by club

$100 for KOI USA ad placed in your club pond tour or koi show booklet

$50 in value for AKCA Koi of Year Plaque if you hold a koi show

$20 in value for AKCA Club Person of the Year certificate

$20 in value for AKCA Club Champion of Champion ($50 value for winner’s trophy)

$250 in value for club contact listing, club news and event listings in KOI USA for

6 issues annually

Total = $1000-$1500 in benefits available to your club annually plus all the other AKCA benefits available only to member clubs

We try to make it as easy as possible for your club to take advantage of all these opportunities and to receive the largest possible return on your AKCA association dues. We sincerely hope you will utilize these significant resources available to our membership to build on your club’s current success. In return we ask that you please help us continue to help your local club. Since the vast majority of our income and the reason we can offer so many benefits for such a modest amount of dues is our AKCA magazine KOI USA please ask your local members to subscribe to KOI USA at the reduced club member rate of $20 per year.

Also we appreciate your support of koi/pond vendors that advertise in KOI USA. Continued and hopefully increased support of KOI USA magazine will allow us to support to the fullest extent possible all of your local AKCA clubs. Please consider placing a KOI USA subscription form in your club newsletter for free. (Downloadable ads are available at www.koiusa.com ). And please submit club Pond Tour, Koi Show and other articles to KOI USA for publication.

Please share this information with your club members at the next club meeting.

Doug Dahl
CFO, AKCA and KOI USA Magazine

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